This Victorian terrace in London already had a split section. The owners thought the steps down to the original kitchen were a negative aspect of the property but MW Architects immediately saw the potential to connect the three key living spaces, opening it up into a dramatic but functional family space.

Project Name: Mackeson Road
Studio Name: MW Architects
Project Budget:
Completion date: 2015
Building levels: 5
Location: London, United Kingdom
Photography: French + Tye

©French + Tye

The side return was filled at the lower level to create a spacious kitchen and dining area that opened onto the garden through a beautiful steel framed screen.

©French + Tye

The beautiful plywood kitchen by Uncommon Projects climb up through the void and becomes storage for the study. The rest of the house was fully refurbished too, including a new basement under the living space (just half a flight of stairs down from the kitchen), and a new master suite on the first floor.

©French + Tye

The void in the centre of the house allowed the stair down to the kitchen to be made generously wide. This stair connected the living rooms to both the kitchen below and spatially to the study above. These simple moves transformed three dark and pokey rooms into a dramatic, bright, and dynamic centre to a family home.


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