The client, a young doctor who spent most of her time away from home, had clear goals: she wanted a home that would bring her tranquility after an exhausting day at work, and that same space to receive friends informally.

Project Name: Spader Apartment
Studio Name: Atelier Aberto Arquitetura and Sbardelotto Arquitetura
Arquitetural Team: Renata Beck, Gustavo Sbardelotto
Project size: 100 m2
Site size: 100 m2
Completion date: 2020
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Photography: Marcelo Donadussi

©Marcelo Donadussi

The challenge in organizing this 100 m² apartment was, therefore, in the combination of intimacy with sociability.

©Marcelo Donadussi

Then, the apartment is divided into 3 sectors: social area, intimate area and services. The living sets up the living room connected to the dining room and the kitchen; the intimate area, bedrooms and bathrooms; and services, only laundry.

©Marcelo Donadussi

As the intention was to receive friends in the most comfortable and welcoming way, without losing intimacy, we sought to mimic the doors that connect living with the other areas of the apartment. Thus making the guests, in the living area, feel as if the limits of the house are all within reach of their eyes.


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