It is a mid-twentieth century apartment in the city centre of Madrid, which was originally very compartmentalised and dark. Our project focused on offering a flexible distribution through big custom-made furniture pieces which hide sliding doors.

Project Name: House P82
Architect Name: Lucas y Hernández – Gil

House P82 By Lucas y Hernández – Gil - Sheet4This way, sunlight reaches every corner of the object. During the refurbishment, we discovered a unique structure made of concrete, which we have let shine through to create a contrast with the delicate, custom-designed furniture. A perfect example is the Kresta Design shelving lacquered in coral colour.

House P82 By Lucas y Hernández – Gil - Sheet6

“Genuine” shelf:
It is a light, handmade shelving made of 1mm thick sheet metal and a 10mm hollow tube with baked enamel finish.
Made to be light and firm.

House P82 By Lucas y Hernández – Gil - Sheet12

It is custom-made, from an architectural pattern that is shaped to fit the client’s site.
The rigidity is provided by diagrammatic elements with different angles that create a score, a stave where books and objects are collected as musical notes.
It aims to be a simple and delicate design, a functional yet expressive object, a calligraphy in the air inspired by Paul Klee’s Angels.

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