The project involves the renovation of an early twentieth  century apartment in the center of Turin for a couple who loves arts and reading.

Project Name: Casa Teatro
Architect Name: Bodà Architetti –
Photo: Barbara Corsico Photograpy –

Theater House BY Bodà Architetti - Sheet2The place, characterized by very high ceilings and a system of lowered beams that evoke the systems of movement of the scenic towers, provide the suggestion of the theatre which, together with the love of the owners for the arts, has become the starting point for the development of the project.

Theater House BY Bodà Architetti - Sheet5In a context where the apartment becomes the theatre and the inhabitants the actors, the project provided the sets by inserting in the spaces furnishings and architectural elements different in shape, materials, finishes and colours.

Theater House BY Bodà Architetti - Sheet7

A semicircular column with a white marble heart, an antique pink pleated volume, a sage green wall furniture, a canary yellow  zigzag wall and a large semicircular mirror divide the rooms creating an alternation of colours, shapes and visual and tactile perceptions.

Theater House BY Bodà Architetti - Sheet9

The result is a dynamic space, in which different views and perspectives follow each other in a balance of materials and colours that contribute to creating a joyful and stimulating atmosphere halfway between the domestic and the contemplative.


Bodà-architetti is an architectural firm based in Turin, active since 2006. The character of the studio stems from the collaboration of Daniel Antonini and Federico Bertoli.

Bodà-architects understands the project as a research opportunity, to imagine always different solutions, paying particular attention to the theme of recovery, reuse and improvement of the existing.

The studio develops projects, at different scales, without imposing models or styles. Imagine the context as a contaminable, editable and improved landscape. We are interested in the change and the relationship between memory and novelty.

Bodà architects works in different sectors – from private to public, from residential to commercial – and takes part in competitions, winning awards and prizes. Over the years it has developed projects for new buildings, recovery of historic buildings, refurbishment, interior design and museum displays, multimedia environments and visual communication for events and exhibitions.


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