T Residence is a tiny residential unit with an area of only 46.2m2. An open plan layout is adopted using multi-functional barriers to define required spatial functionalities while remaining the fluidity of circulation between each space.

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Project name: T Residence
Architect’ Firm: Atelier Boter
Contact e-mail: atelierboter@gmail.com
Lead Architects: Chung-Kai Hsieh, Wen Shan Foo
Project location: Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (22.604463, 120.416260)
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area: 46.2m2

T Residence by Atelier Boter - Sheet1The central open shelf plays a crucial role in the general space. Combined with a study desk and a half height TV back panel, the T shaped open shelf structuralizes the adjacency between the living area, study area and bedroom while creating a walkway that offsets the bathroom from the other functionalities.

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T Residence by Atelier Boter - Sheet3A curtain is used as a soft boundary between the bedroom and the living area to bring desired level of privacy in both spaces; it also acts as a partition for efficient air conditioning and lighting. The curved railing of the curtain resonates with the curved edges of the T shaped structure as an approach to soften partition edges.

T Residence by Atelier Boter - Sheet5The storage space of the unit is organized in two main areas – open storage on the T shaped open shelf and enclosed storage in the full height wardrobe. The 2.8m high wardrobe is constructed deeper than the standard wardrobe depth in order to broaden the range of storage.

T Residence by Atelier Boter - Sheet7The open plan with adjustable division of spaces works well with the client’s occasional need to accommodate multiple guests as it provides versatility to both privacy and togetherness.

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Atelier Boter

Atelier Boter is founded by Chung Kai Hsieh (Kai) and Wen Shan Foo (Wen) in Pingtung, south of Taiwan. Kai and Wen met as classmates during their study at the Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalunya (IaaC) in Barcelona. Born and raised in different countries, Kai and Wen enjoy their difference in spatial concepts and have been attempting to utilize different perspectives to explore various approaches to achieve well balanced spaces.

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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022