The apartment recently delivered by the construction company underwent renovation. The clients, young couple with 3 small children, the oldest being 5 years old and twins aged 2 years, did not want many structural changes, they wanted a welcoming, contemporary, elegant and practical home to enjoy with their young children. They asked for clear, sober materials with Scandinavian characteristics.

Project Name: Apartment H1085
Studio Name: Estúdio Pluri
Size: 270m²
Location: Rua Harmonia – Vila Madalena – São Paulo
Year of Completion: 2022
Construction time: 6 months
Photographer: Evelyn Müller
Landscape: Madre flo

Apartment H1085 by Estúdio Pluri-Sheet2
©Evelyn Müller

Th main focus was to develop a functional carpentry to warm up the social area that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very functional. The office created a large bookshelf around the entire perimeter that transforms into different programs, sectoring the integrated spaces of the social area, sometimes functioning as a home, sometimes as an office, as niches to decorate and humanize the room, as cabinets for crockery and a sideboard in the living room. dining room and wine cellar to receive the wines they love so much.

Apartment H1085 by Estúdio Pluri-Sheet3
©Evelyn Müller
Apartment H1085 by Estúdio Pluri-Sheet56
©Evelyn Müller

Contemporary decoration that stands out for its neutral color palette and timeless style. Characterized by a soft aesthetic and a Scandinavian touch, it values ​​details as key elements that make environments elegant and comfortable. Details play a fundamental role, as they represent the personality of the residents and the uniqueness of the space. Each piece of decoration was chosen with care, contributing to the contemporary and distinct atmosphere of the room. The neutral color palette offered a versatile base that allowed the incorporation of points of color and textures in a harmonious way. This flexibility made the decoration suitable to represent the clients’ lifestyle, adapting to individual preferences and being able to transform easily over time.

Apartment H1085 by Estúdio Pluri-Sheet8
©Evelyn Müller

What stands out most about the apartment is the stunning view, as it is on a high floor at the top of Vila Madalena. It’s really something mesmerizing. Pluri created a huge stone bench with planters to highlight the view and serve as an invitation to admire it.

Apartment H1085 by Estúdio Pluri-Sheet9
©Evelyn Müller

The kitchen made by Kitchens gained light joinery and white quartz countertops to make it wider and brighter since the window is only in the service area.


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