Joyce Wang is a Hong-Kong-based interior designer and architect. She heads the Joyce Wang Studio which was established in 2011. A branch of Joyce Wang Studio is also situated in London. Wang is well known for her detailed and versatile approach to luxury interiors and product design, and the Studio has won awards for the design of Mott 32. 

The Studio specializes in creating comfortable environments rooted in context and history. They have worked on residential and hospitality interiors and bespoke furniture and lighting elements, and have recently rolled out a collection of material-based accessories. 

Here are 10 Products by Joyce Wang Studio:

1. Spiral Staircase Chandelier, Ammo | Joyce Wang

Three feature-designed spiral staircase chandeliers hang at the entrance of Ammo, a museum café. The chandeliers were custom-built for the project to ensure that there was a sense of originality to the area. 

The spiral staircase is created from copper tubing and bulbs, with welded copper rods that act as supports for the fabric that form the membranous banisters. Joyce Wang Studios worked closely with fabricators and lighting consultants to create a design that was functional and aesthetically pleasing.
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2. Zodiac Chandelier, Jin Gui

The Zodiac Chandelier was designed by Joyce Wang Studio for the Jin Gui Restaurant in the Tortue Hotel. It is the feature element of one of the private dining rooms of the restaurant and was intended to extend the visual language of detailing and designs. 

The chandelier features a radiating copper disc that is reminiscent of sunbeams, and a series of radiating copper tubes drops from the center. These tubes are connected to crackled glass bulbs that reflect on the metal to produce a warm, vibrant space. 

The lights are inspired by the planetary system and serve as a playful reference to the alignment of the stars.
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3. The Rare Table Collection

The Rare Table Collection was a limited-edition series that served as a celebration of the natural beauty of marble. Joyce Wang Studio cut thirty-three pieces of red marble from two blocks. 

The designs were inspired by the similarity between meat and the red, veined marble. The marble slices were hand-molded and polished by artisans into various forms that were then placed within a corten steel base the way jewels are held, to commemorate the rarity and beauty of the material. 

A rose gold base reflects the minimalistic geometry of the product to allow a greater appreciation of the different aspects of the design.

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4. Flint Table Collection

As part of their constant exploration of new materials, Joyce Wang Studio created a series of terrazzo tables, part of their Flint Collection of interior elements. Three different tables are available – a wide circular coffee table and two nesting tables that can be used as a pair, or individually as side tables. 

All the tables are created with clean lines that accentuate the aesthetics of the terrazzo material, with metal accents embedded to highlight the simplistic beauty of the tables. The edges are beveled to create a more fluid effect.
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5. Flint Accessories | Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang Studios continued their exploration of terrazzo with a series of objects and forms that push the boundaries of the material. The Flint Collection contains a variety of dynamic shapes that elevate terrazzo into a multipurpose material. 

The collection is designed to interact with each other to enhance the effect playfully. The Sphere and Hourglass are manifestations of geometric exploration. They are made of curving terrazzo accentuated by brass rings and straight planes respectively.

The Dish, Vessel, Basin, and Vase are fluid, simplistic containers that are elegant and versatile. Brass inserts transform these from everyday objects into sophisticated decorative elements.

6. Oculus, Swarovski

Swarovski commissioned Joyce Wang Studio to create a light installation for Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 that would highlight their crystal. The oculus of Roman architecture, which is a circular window made to allow light into the area, was the inspiration for the structure that Wang conceptualized. 

60 crystal spikes and 300 crystal Chaton beads were arranged in an intricate network that formed an egg-shaped structure angled to produce a kaleidoscope of light. The structure was carefully designed to support the heavy Swarovski crystals while still giving a sense of weightlessness.

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7. Cabinet of Delights, Entertainment Suite LMHK

The Entertainment Suite of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental is intended as a luxury recreation space, and therefore contains many bespoke features meant to create an extravagant experience. 

The “Cabinet of Delights”, designed by Joyce Wang Studio for this suite, is a series of compartments made from hand-poured liquid metal that run along the main wall of the suite and contains boutique wines, Cigars, a crystal vitrine containing different delicacies, and a popcorn machine. 

The compartments are finished with marble and wood, with highlights of brass. When closed, a pattern of branches runs across the hand-poured liquid metal panels and unifies the compartments into a cohesive whole. Sketch of Living Room Showing Cabinets ©Joyce Wang Studio
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8. Chain Chandelier, Mott 32 

The Chain Chandelier hangs at the entrance to all the newer Mott 32 Restaurants and is used as a reference to Hong Kong’s past as a fishing village. Joyce Wang Studio initially created an installation along the staircase of the Hong Kong branch that was composed of mirror panels and chains with hanging bulbs, to create a surreal experience as guests descended into the restaurant space. 

They later refined this into a chandelier to be hung at the entrances of different branches, as a signature element of the brand. Hundreds of metal chains with rippled glass shades create an intimate radiance to the room.

9. Ingredient Table, ICHU Peru

Joyce Wang Studio intended the ingredient table of the ICHU Peru Restaurant to serve as a highlight element of the Peruvian-style restaurant. They thus designed it as both a functional and sculptural feature. 

Two species of granite are fused with marble to enhance the textural quality, and the resulting veins and geometry bring to mind the landscape of the famous Nazca lines. Fluted metal finishes the fossilized stone and marble blend that forms the leg. 

Guests are presented with samples of the rarest and finest ingredients in embedded metal dishes of varying sizes, serving as a precursor to their dining experience.

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10. Privacy Screen, Xintiandi Penthouse | Joyce Wang

The Xintiandi Penthouse was envisaged as a ‘celebration of metal’. As a result, the interior features creative use of sheet metal, weathered metal, and metal cabling. The clearest example of this is the custom-designed staircase that fluidly sweeps around the dining space. 

To create a sense of privacy and segregation without cutting it off, Joyce Wang Studios created a bespoke privacy screen. To do so, they stitched together and hand-wove about 5 kilometers of metal cables between the balustrades and the baseline of the staircase to create a screen that would help to envelop the space and create a sense of privacy, while still retaining the dynamic nature of the staircase.Sketch of Metal Staircase ©Joyce Wang Studio

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