This is a complete refurbishment of an office building attached to a large industrial warehouse that is proposed with a double objective: to reorganize the work spaces and modernize the corporate image.

Design Team: Jacobo Gomis / Patricia Gonzalez/Fernando Amutio/Nuria Ruiz
Area: Building Reform
Year: 2018
Location: Ambrosero, Cantabria
Photography Credits: MOAH ARQUITECTOS
Other Credits:–
Ambrosero Industrial Park
Barcena de Cicero. Cantabria

M. Serrano Office Refurbishment by Moah Architects - Sheet5

In order to relate the different offices departments, a triple height is created linked to the staircase that introduces overhead light into the heart of the building and offers visuals towards the factory.

M. Serrano Office Refurbishment by Moah Architects - Sheet7

Most of the public workspaces of the building are opened to the staircase, while the private offices and meeting rooms open to the outside. The front of the stairs which separates the offices from the warehouse is dressed in backlit die-cut sheet metal, highlighting the industrial character of the office. The workspaces are paneled with a bamboo flexible panel to add a touch of warmth.

M. Serrano Office Refurbishment by Moah Architects - Sheet9

The entrance hall is designed as an exhibition space in which to display the products and processes that are carried out in the company. In a large backlit showcase, the pieces that are made in the factory are displayed like jewels. The laboratory, which is one of the most differentiating elements of the company, is shown to the visitor from the lobby through a large window.


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