Technologicaly advancements have facilitated work, both directly and indirectly. This has changed the lifestyle of the people, especially the millennial generation in Jakarta. Not a few generations often changing jobs, which are not closed in the current generation according to their individual needs.

Project Name: Tebet Inter-Creative Studio
By: Kristel Karina

©Kristel Karina

Millennial generation approved balance as one of the things seen in the agreement of life. Inter-Creative Studio is a space that provides a more interactive, creative and flexible work space in the creative economy in the multimedia sub-sector to enhance creativity and economy.

©Kristel Karina

Inter-Creative Studio is designed with the aim of providing a place to work independently for the millennial generation by paying attention to the life balance of workers. Through trans-programming that combines creative work and entertainment programs as a whole in the design creates the same space with the integration of changing usage times.

©Kristel Karina

The existence of the facade concept gives expression to architecture with a combination of melody and rhythm and the concept of height differences in design as creativity and spatial space in architecture with lighting, materials to building form.


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