The architectural studio environment has witnessed each student’s unique experiences, sleepless nights, and concerns. Every individual who takes the road to architecture will certainly pass from the studios where the projects are constantly developing and need to be worked on during those hours when the nights are mixed with the day. These are the years of studio years that have taught us to take risks, to plan the time correctly, and to sleep a little bit no matter what happens on this road, which became even more beautiful and absorbed later on, although the first years were tougher. 

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First Production 

The first semester, which I consider to be the most striking period of the faculty, was filled with memories that really did not come out of my memory. It was the period when the experiences accomplished as a process of entering and getting used to the architectural atmosphere were the most intense, although it was mild compared to what will be experienced after what happened through. For the development of critical view and detail, one must first be shaken and broken. The first project was the work of our initial enthusiasm and first production. Maybe we were proud, maybe we were standing atremble in front of the teachers. It was the first time everyone was working till the morning, hands were injured for the first time for a model, eyes were red, stomachs were generally empty, and tension in the air was at an even higher level. Everyone was rushing in a separate hurry. Be sure that if you stop someone in that studio and ask what time it is, what is her name, what day it is today, and simple to answer questions, you will not get an answer. Because what their names are or the date of that day is never more important than the artificial trees to be added to the model, and whether the line thickness should be 2 mm or 3 mm, than the fonts on the sheet. One of our teachers would say that the project is like a human baby, it really takes everyone’s personal nine months to complete. Even though the project’s debut was not nine months, I bet everyone saw their first project as their baby. That is why, perhaps, every time we receive a new criticism, we are hurt at first, as if someone did not love our child, although it is aimed to improve us. However, sometimes the best idea is not the first thing that comes to mind and must keep up with development and progress. This does not mean that you give up your work, your baby, it should not be forgotten that this work may be just a draft of your best production.  

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Learning not to Give Up

As offensive as the feared critical perspectives may sound, they are actually based on improving the way of thinking and to push you forward. It can be said the more criticism received, the better you are developed. Sometimes, you will witness that the models that have been worked on for many nights are smashed and the sheets are scratched. Even if sometimes it may be your model, there will be moments when you forget to cry out of tiredness. 

There will also be days when you question yourself why I am constantly getting criticised, whether the things I am doing are not enough. I guess the important thing is to try to challenge and improve yourself rather than being enough. Your only race in architectural education is with yourself. This is such a race that although it was challenging and heavy at first, I can say that you really see your progress when you look back afterwards. 

I guess the key here is not to give up no matter what. Continuing drawing, no matter how sufficient it seems to be, being sure to allocate a little more time no matter how much time it took before. That’s when you really get closer to your own architectural peak. More than that you should never forget that the maximum you think you can do will increase gradually. 

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Getting Used to It

Just like you want to go to the sea on a hot summer day, and the coldness of the water at first gives you chills, but then you get used to it and the water feels very nice. Here it looks the same, architecture and sea. It can be said that the following years pass easier. Of course, I mean easy does not mean that we can sleep more and eat healthier. I think the body is getting used to it. Maybe that’s why it sounds easier. Now, when I should have to work till the morning, I can comfort myself that the sun has not risen yet. I can even say that those hours of the morning feel good sometimes. Yes, that was a bit of an exaggeration. Again, the fonts to be used in the layout or the line thickness are still important and you can stress in this regard, but it can be said that you adapt to this style of work. 

Besides, the juries start to come much easier in the following years. I think the first jury has been everyone’s nightmare. My first was not very good either, my model has broken on the way to class, which would never be accepted as an excuse, when I picked it up, my model started trembling like my hands caused the stress of presenting in front of the crowd. All these experiences lead you to a better time planning, much confident presentation of the design revealed, and also taught you to protect the model at the cost of your life.

Studios are indispensable for architecture colleges, where these biggest changes and transformations are experienced, models are sometimes made in tears, the songs have been played all night over and over again, a project partner’s transformed into a friendship is seen, and sometimes the fights of close friendships over a project are witnessed. Although it takes away our sleep, diet and some of our youth, it actually offers us the opportunity to challenge ourselves, improve, and produce continuously. We are actually enjoying it, no matter how stressed and tired we are inside.


Eylul Evyapan, studies architecture that was her childhood dream. She is passionate about illustration, resilient design, future solutions and new challenges in architecture. Writing has been her favorite hobby and she wants to combine her passion for architecture and writing to make people think about various subjects.