People have their perspectives and vision to capture things, and it changes from person to person. When is talked about architecture, different people perceive different things. Some will look towards its form, while some will do other things. 

Before recalling the whole architecture, one would just look at space, move it freely, and experience it without thinking much about it. After gaining this knowledge, people will understand the value of simple to hardest things around them. Architecture is a way of living more than the perspective of people. People will take a measure of a small line going in perspective to the huge curvature building. Everything around them is meaningful. People start understanding the meaning and importance of concepts in architecture in real life.

A normal person will look towards the sky and a golden plate of the matrimandir located in Auroville, also a prominent place for tourists to visit in Auroville. The mixture of the golden sky and The golden plate is the first perspective of the people, but people who understand architecture will look towards the form and the joinery of the golden plate and the petals around it. The lush green sky enhances the architecture of the globe. Here the centre of all things comes to the globe and later of the other things. The concept, material, purpose of the building, and other architectural things supporting it plays an important role in understanding any structure. Even the perspective after gaining knowledge of the architecture of people varies. Some will look towards the concept at first sight, and some on design and carry on from person to person.

How architecture changes your outlook - Sheet1
(matrimandir,the soul of auroville)_©

Every designer and artist has evolved from the historical period and has come up with fresh perspective technology and solution to many things. Many art movements and civilisations have changed throughout history, and architecture has also changed. These happened just because of the positive outlook of the designer, and hence new architecture started with the change of time.

From a small place to a larger place, the perspective of the same place changes from person to person. Place serving the same need still seems different for many people. Change can be observed in how people use the place and talk about it. To support more on these things, let’s think of a public place and how people perceive that place.

Public place

The emoji film city in Hyderabad is where many films are filmed and is a tourist place worldwide. In the general film, the city is a public place to engage tourists in different kinds of activity. Still, in the architectural sense, many places are temporary structures, and many are permanent structures only the architectural eyes can look towards them. 

Every public place should be a mixture of a better community place and a comfortable social activity for all users. A successful public place is a place that engages people in different kinds of activity during different periods and keeps in mind all age groups.

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(Ramoji film city)_©

Ramoji film city can be the best example to showcase a public place where different kinds of activity run parallel for different age groups users. The material of these places is unique for architecture while it’s not in other people’s minds. These places are complex and organic, and design is what makes a public place a successful place. Public places should always be a good project because it engages different kinds of people.


When one looks at the skyscraper, the thought which comes to mind is the long building and surrounding nearby it. The view from the top of the building. It is always more than the view and long building. It reflects the different kinds of activity relayed to geographic and economic. It even serves as a landmark in between the urban context of a small building near it.

It even helps to create the city’s skyline by giving its identity to the place. It leaves the urban footprint in the context. There is always a good and bad significance of the skyscraper in the urban context depending on the architecture of the building, but it is noticeable from just the eye of architecture.

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(MahaNakhon-the tallest building in thailand)_©

Religious place

A place to worship for people but a place of the story for a different person. It’s always rich in culture and heritage. One can understand the religious place y looking from a different perspective from normal people.

It is said by Frank Gehry,” Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn from timelessness”. Religious places are a perfect example of this saying. The play of light and shadow, the use of material that keeps the temperature cooler than outside, and many small construction details, including the beautiful carving and style of architecture, are what an architect seeks in their observation. Different religious places have different kinds of architecture depending on the time it’s constructed, but its a just a place for normal people to worship god and see the beauty of it on look.

(ekambareswarar temple)_©

Architecture has always changed the perspective of people and made them extraordinary. Architecture is always a narrative space that speaks for itself more than anyone else would.  To every individual, the journey from a blank space to a narrative space is different and unique. The space adds value, social purpose, and, most importantly, a very good design to serve the people. There is always a good design in everything around us, but the eyes are always different to perceive, and the result is different. 

Nature is also a good example of architecture normal people observe it as nature, but it is an inspiration for many spaces. No architecture is good or bad. It’s just how different people talk and perceive it.


She patel an architecture student studying is Raman bhakta school of architecture who is always excited to explore new things daily. She likes to explore new cultures, art, and tradition. She is a cultural person. Her action always looks towards contributing to society to make it better and that even helps her to grow in life.