Architecture as a course is an overall roller coaster ride, right from the sleepless nights and the coffee drills, to the endless redos with deadline pressures. Architecture school is the place we all rejoice for the community we grow along with but curse the intense hardship. One trait that I’ve found common among all architects/aspiring architects is all of us are dreamers. 

Starting the architecture school with extraordinary dreams to understanding the realities of life we move ahead with architecture. Architecture school takes us through several incidents that shape us into the person we are today. Among the number of events we all have witnessed here are a few relatable ones:

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The Pinky Promise:

There has been a naïve phase in our lives when we used to believe when they said they “too” haven’t done the work yet. We keep at ease for the whole class to bunk a submission due for the next day. It’s an amazing sight to encounter when many sheets roll out of their containers to make our eyes start rolling as well.

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The Dilemma of Concept:

A concept has always been the center of conversation among us. Repeated green architecture concepts, literary statements to a potato there has never been a dearth of any of these in architecture school. While the ideal way to design is a concept first, it has been opposite while submission first becomes the entire mission. The addition of a concept just before the day of the jury is no secret after all.

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The Heap of Stationary:

Imagine yourself receiving a huge bag of stationery you’ve lost in all those years of architecture. Wouldn’t you be the richest person alive? That’s the story of our entire clan. Several times the stationary makes the way out of our bags to never make the way back. The lost and found games are not new to architecture students

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Taking one day at a time- Excuses:

We’re pretty much familiar with the incredible ability of us making excuses exactly before the submission. Right from “there was no electricity”/“a file crash happened” to “there was no sheet left” the never-ending list goes on. Procrastination has been a constant companion through our long journey in architecture.

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Horrors of Theory:

While it’s challenging to make the ends meet in a general scenario it can sometimes get challenging to make the ends meet in architecture school as well. Remember the times when you’ve pulled an all-nighter and almost dozed off in the theory lecture the next day? 

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The Design Studio

A place to find various characters in architecture school right from the ones who are constantly behind marks and attendance, to the ones busy with extracurricular and some in idea stealing business. The diversity has been the only reason for us having fun through all those semesters.

The Jury Day

The word jury can be terrifying at times. It is a day we realize no matter how much of work is done there’s always something more to it. The type of juror we had to deal with and embarrassing moments at times combine to an entire experience. The juror may be the one who never spoke a word during the entire time or the one constantly looking for details, each experience has been equally dreadful.

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We share the same feeling right from being called ‘architecture’ instead of an ‘architect’ to being asked for free plans and design. All of us found it difficult at times to get through but what kept us going is our passion for this field.


A person who is passionate about art defines Rasika Hivrekar precisely, resonating with the meaning of her name. She is a final year architecture student. She believes self-expression is the best gift to mankind and loves exploring new avenues of it. Along with architecture, she is passionate about writing and music as well.