As intriguing as the word “Architecture Student/ Architect” sounds, the process is quite the opposite and it’s not that I am complaining or anything, this could be completely subjective and this is what my experience sounds like.

I saw and remember myself when I came to my college in 1st year and then I see myself now, after five years and I see two people alone in myself. And not just me, even my parents like to give much credit to my college for the novel changes that they see in me every time I visit home. 

Studying in an architecture college, not just teaches you how to be an architect, but also the little changes in the personality, time management, constructive criticism, and whatnot.  

So here’s a bit of how my experience went by of which I’m low-key proud of : 

Time Management and Finding the Right Balance 

My architecture college taught me the value of time management and balancing. When you get into an architecture college, finding an apt balance between the submissions and your personal life could be quite tricky. 

What else I learnt except planning in these five years - Sheet1
Time management_

Every night you pulled an all-nighter and the next day when you have a date or meeting your family, your eyes are almost drowsy or you probably suffer from a headache. Life could seem labyrinth at that moment of time, but survival is what we thrive in this entire course. 

As for me in the beginning, it was quite a task to get used to it, but now I’m okay with this fact, and so much, that I pass on this wisdom to my juniors as well. I usually get very cranky and had certain moods if such a situation did occur like staying totally quiet even in my own viva. But then, now I know that it’s nothing new and you just have to make it. 

Confidence and agility

I am naturally a lazy person, but only at home. I sometimes really surprise myself when I am in my hostel, or in my college. As awkward, introverted, and uncomfortable as I was in the first year of my college, I guess I am much more confident, comfortable, and thick-skinned now. I am really proud of the process that I went through architecture and all these five years. 

What else I learnt except planning in these five years - Sheet2
Confidence and Agility_

Maybe some people wouldn’t want to continue their career in architecture but the process would definitely make you a new person, and a better version of yourself, you did not expect but surely going to like. The case studies, the market surveys, and the practical studies do add up to your personality and also give you an idea of dealing with certain people ranging from business tycoons to a person who operates a welding machine. So, all of this obviously adds up to your confidence level. 

Learning Team Spirit

Working in a team is literally a task in itself and in our entire course; we are made to understand the work ethics and the importance of working as a team and respecting and sharing ideas and opinions. 

I have mostly had issues finding a good partner or as we millennial say it, “design mate” in my college life, but it took me a while to figure out that finding a middle ground with your partner’s or team’s thought process might be a tricky one, but once you do, it also might get easier. 

Finding mutuality betwixt the group members and amalgamating the ideas is itself a task but establishing that sort of understanding is also necessary. 

To Criticize and to be criticized 

I wasn’t really a person who would actually believe in good criticism or even would be ready to get criticized. Being defensive came in my blood and so did my ego, but after getting into architecture, I have realized that being always appreciated might not be right and you always need to know your flaws and work on them accordingly. Constructive criticism is one thing that could keep one grounded and also make them aware of their mistakes so that one can work on them. 

What else I learnt except planning in these five years - Sheet3
Good or Bad Criticism_

Sometimes teachers/advisors might criticize in a way that might hurt the intention of the student, but that is also one thing that we learn in an architecture college and that is taking in the good points which might actually help you grow and letting go of all of the extra comments and judgment in the air, in vain. 

Learning to find middle grounds 

An Architecture College teaches you to be practical and creative at the same time and when it comes to designing especially, it gives you the choice of expanding your horizon, exploring the creativity by creating spaces, forms, facades, etc. 

But, it also gives you a sense of practicality and lets you add a structural or a practical sense to your design. This actually connects back to some psychological concepts where imagination and practicality finds a common column and reflects your thought process. 

Communication skills 

Being in architecture taught me one of the most basic but important traits that I believe every individual should inculcate in their self and that is, Selling your product and the use of your communication skills, which is one primary adroitness that is actually an asset in architecture. 

What else I learnt except planning in these five years - Sheet4
Communication skills_

I learned about the usage of good communication skills and tried implementing those in my daily life with a sense of professionalism, which again is sort of a mandate trait in the field of architecture. I see myself evolving every day and the altered disposition that I put forth. Right from my dressing sense to the way that I carry myself has evolved in these five years. 

 If I’m being honest, I don’t really know if I would continue Architecture as my main profession or not, but I can say that this profession surely evolved me as an individual and I learned things I don’t think anyone teaches you, it just comes your way and we learn to get used to it and take it in a way that changes your persona. 

People learn every day and believe it or not every experience that we witness adds up to our personality and maybe it could not be well enough, but it would surely bring some positive changes in the personality, as a resultant. 


Kavya is an enthusiast who believes and dreams and stay true to them. She is a dedicated person, who always tries to explore her limits by experimenting. She is a great negotiator with good communication skills verbally and in written. She is a dancer, content writer, currently an architecture student and is experimenting her interests in interior design and journalism. Being stretched out in so many directions, multi tasking and management becomes one of her strong pursuits.