Even though we can’t literally be master of all trades, however, an architect can be termed as a person who plays the role of multiple careers on a single platform. As a student, who is on the verge of completing a degree course in Architecture, I would like to say that architecture has not only given me theoretical knowledge about architecture but also enlightened me about diverse fields like arts, history, material science, physics, engineering, maths, priority always being to improve the human living conditions.

With all pleasure, Architects are literally capable of leaving footprints on the earth. We can precisely retain our creativity and build it into reality. It is our daily job. The most fascinating part of this career includes improving the lives of countless people. Shattering all the social barriers we work for the betterment of the human race from all walks of life. 

To upgrade a certain individual’s lifestyle, first and foremost we need to do is understand how that lifestyle functions. Subsequently, we adjust, analyse, and then find possible and viable solutions to upgrade them. The journey to this entire process has its own ups and downs. We travel through all modes of transport and engage with all kinds of people. This is basic learning in every step towards becoming an architect.

The opinion is known to be the medium between knowledge and Ignorance. If we claim to be knowledgeable individuals, then opiating our thoughts becomes a duty. Research and critical thinking are perpetually polished while going through architectural readings. This is when we started having an opinion in the first place. Voicing out the opinions publicly and having confidence in our beliefs followed this practice.

Following the herd is not appreciated by current thinkers and the upcoming generation. Our ancestors fought really hard to give us this freedom of speech and equality. From my own point of view, if we have an opinion then we must voice it out. In our curriculum, we go through various design discussions with the jurors and mentors. Along with defending our thought process we also respect the opinion of the other person and then take a call-in which direction we must lead.

Exploring quick design solutions and problems we have also nurtured ourselves that if a real-life situation arises, we are fit to find a solution to it. Scrutinizing all possibilities and quickly choosing the most viable solution is something Architecture has helped me to develop in my personality.

Most of us experience a cold foot when asked to confront a huge crowd. However, this is what Architecture is all about.  Giving juries and selling our design proposals to strangers in every term has made us overcome this as well. How much ever we dislike it, but there is no escape from this. We need to accept the fact that stage fright is not our thing. Today, we focus more on how to better our presentation, sell our designs, and gain marketing. 

An Architect can never work as a singular entity. Working in a team has obviously its own pros and cons. However, we work with people from distinct disciplines of life and understand their mentality and psychology. We work towards culminating these efforts and focussing them in the right direction to get the work done. This practice transforms us into tomorrow’s leaders. Behaving as an efficient leader and conducting the designated work swiftly is a major learning from this career.

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Management is another aspect of Architectural learning. Work management, public relations management, cost management, and most importantly time management. It is most often said that Architecture is not completely about space but equally about time. Most of us pull an allnighter right before the final submissions. Whatsoever it may be, getting all the stages of work accomplished in a given time frame is what really matters. This proves true in our personal lives too. 

Managing your time well, and not losing yourself in this rigorous curriculum of architecture is the most important thing. Choosing between private life in work is extremely subjective. However, maintaining your passion or a hobby along with leading a determined career life, really makes a mark.

On a concluding note, Architecture has helped me a lot to grow as a person. Academic grading has its own importance but if we look at the lateral takeaways, they are countless. Living with rules and leading an ethical life is what we learn as we follow numerous regulations during our submissions too. How to be empathetic with every individual and not leave anyone out is a major takeaway from all the group activities I have been a part of. How we must never give up despite numerous failed attempts and put up a decent show is the biggest lesson we could be taught. 

These are some basic first-hand learnings and experiences that I have acquired in merely four years of my college. I look forward to what comes next in this immensely long professional journey in near future.


Priyanshi Hiran is a perfectionist who has a confident and persuasive personality. She is an Architecture student currently in 4th Year of B.Arch. Time Management is the key to her work routine that helps her to achieve a balanced lifestyle.