A lot of young architecture firms are trying out stuff that is creative and inspiring for fellow architects around the globe.

Wow! What building! What a well-thought, well-designed space! Look at the details…intricate! Who’s the designer? Which architect built it?… Oh! I have never heard of him! Definitely worth studying their works and flash more light to my knowledge and curiosity. These are the few expressions we might have when we visit ‘places that are designed GOOD’. Let me introduce you to the 15 young Indian Architects and their works that not only inspire but also motivate you to follow the path of change-maker in architecture.

1. Architecture Firm- d6thd, Ahmedabad

D6thd- the sixth dimension…” to feel good”.

The firm will receive the “Best Architecture firm of the year 2020” Gujarat Award under the ‘Resorts Projects and Vernacular Architecture category on 1st February 2020 at the Award Ceremony in Bengaluru. A proud moment isn’t it!

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020The Founder and Principal Architect of the firm- Ar. Himanshu Patel focuses on Vernacular Architecture, which to him, is a little known and less explored field that is concerned with cost-effective, ecologically sensitive and culturally relevant architecture.

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

“I think he is changing the definition of modern vernacular architecture”, in conversation with Ar. Deeksha Singh, an architect from Sehore, MP.

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

One of his projects- the Eco-resort has been designed using locally available materials, located amidst the forest land near Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Follow him on Instagram- @the6thd

2. Architects- Fadd Studio, Bengaluru

The duo, that believes in revisiting older trends that were set decades ago and reinterpreting them in a fresh and contemporary way. FADD is an acronym for Farah and Dhaval Design, Ar. Farah Ahmed and Ar. Dhaval Shellugar being the Founders and Principal Architects of the budding firm of Bengaluru.


One of their projects- The Holiday Home on the outskirts of Bengaluru, acts as an escape from the urban chaos.  The clients wanted a place that had bold and dramatic appeal, with a feel of warm and tranquil space.

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

Follow them on Instagram- @faddstudio

3. Firm- Architecture BRIO, Mumbai

The team of young Architects and Designers at Architecture BRIO engages actively in the creation of contextually appropriate, sustainable design solutions within an increasingly changing world.

Creative and the First Prize winner at the Go Green Award for the Etania School!

The Etania Green School in Vietnam forms the playscape for the students, instilling in them a sense of adventure and curiosity while bolstering their creativity and companionship. This is a prototype by billion bricks and BRIO designed as a part of a larger scheme of building 30 schools across Sabah.

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 202015 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 202015 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

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4. Firm- Busride Design Studio, Mumbai

Now, let us meet the trendsetters! Brothers Ayaz Basrai, the Industrial Designer and Zameer Basrai, the Architect of The Busride Design Studio have designed some of India’s trendiest restaurants and residences. Bold use of materials and techniques is what one sees in their works.

The team, recently won a competition organized by the MCGM and Bandra Collective, to redesign a street in Vikhroli, Mumbai. Urban moments!

Their project- The Folly House in Pune is a good example of ‘exteriority’ within the interior space. The overall experience of the house transformed from ‘living in rooms’ to ‘living amongst objects’

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

©Kunal Bhatia

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

©Kunal Bhatia

15 Young Architecture Firms to lookout for in 2020

©Kunal Bhatia

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5. Architecture Firm- BandukSmithStudio, Ahmedabad

Banduksmithstudio is an architecture practice based in Ahmedabad, India, founded by architects Sachin Bandukwala and Melissa Smith, whose practice is a mode through which they explore multiple queries simultaneously. They believe that within each project there is an opportunity to search, discover, answer.

One of their projects- the Tower House, is an experiment in vertical living. The experience of living in a house, despite the stacked nature of the building type, evokes the warmth and connection of shared spaces and creates a diversity of experiences throughout the space.


Follow them on Instagram- @banduksmithstudio

6. Architects- MuseLAB, Mumbai

Partners Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani founded MuseLAB, built on their shared passion for design. Each space and or product designed by them embodies integrity and is created with skill and attention to detail. They create innovatively and focused experiential design.

Creating an experience with a play of patterns and color, the project The Colour Story expresses maximalism, a style that is bold, welcomes diverse aesthetics, excessiveness, decadence, and extravagance by breaking traditional design conventions.

15 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -115 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -2The Colour Story MuseLAB Architects Mumbai 3

Follow them on Instagram- @muse.lab

7. Studio Motley

Studio Motley, founded by the two partners Kajal Gupta and Anand R. Kurudi, is based in Bengaluru. The works of this multi-disciplinary firm reflects involvement of various people and integration of varied forms, shapes and locally available materials into their designs; yet retaining simplicity. 

One of their initial projects- Shah House, was designed keeping in mind the temperate climate of the city while creating spaces that still continues to encourage a culture of outdoor living. This sets an example of climatic responsive architecture. The house is insulated by the use of filler slabs, a technique where the concrete roofs have hollow clay blocks within it. Also, the glass boxed living room surrounded by the water body keeps the space cooled creating a serene environment, for both- indoors and outdoors.

Studio Motley - Sheet1 Studio Motley - Sheet2

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8. Neogenesis+studio0261, Surat

Lead Architect Chinmay Laiwala, Jigar Asarawala, Tarika Asarawala, and their works create an authentic ‘sense of place’ focused on contemporary culture and current technology.

Shortlisted in The Merit List 2018-2019, at Frame Conclave curated by Studio Matter last year at Goa, was a proud moment for the young architecture firm of Surat.

Their project- The MES Auditorium with The Co.De and CAN Architecture, in a small town of Mandvi in Gujarat, sits on a constricted urban site. A public auditorium, designed on a well-resolved plan, the building represents the simplicity and conviction of contemporary architecture to represent quality infrastructure.

15 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -3The MES Auditorium Neogenesis+studio0261 Architects Surat 2The MES Auditorium Neogenesis+studio0261 Architects Surat 3

Follow them on Instagram- @studioneogenesis

9. Young Firm- Andblack, Ahmedabad

Andblack design studio is led by the architects Kanika and Jwalant Mahadevwala. The team believes in designing the process that leads to the ‘solution’. They consider the process to be robust enough to inform all stages of design, from concept to detail.

The House of Courtyards at Bodakdev is a dwelling place for a businessman’s family in Ahmedabad. It was designed with a focus on creating a sense of exploration. Inspired by the traditional pols of the city, this home designed by Modo Designs and associate firm Andblack Design Studio, with interiors by HPA is in its own way the perfect tribute to the vernacular architecture of Ahmedabad.

15 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -3andblack design studio andblack architects ahmedabad 2andblack design studio andblack architects ahmedabad 3

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10. Architecture Firm- Indigo, Ahmedabad

Indigo architects is a collaborative studio practice, headed by Mausami and Uday Andhare, supported by a team of young professionals. The process of drawing for the duo architects is deeply steeped in the way they think about architecture. Their visceral need for sketching and reflecting on design through the medium of the hand is intricately woven with the fine layers of their design process.

Their project- the Koba house is situated on the banks of river Sabarmati, north of Ahmedabad, and part of Koba village. The context and the locally available materials guided the design and generated a clear sense of detail.

the Koba house sabarmati indigo architects ahmedabadthe Koba house sabarmati indigo architects Ahmadabad 2the Koba house sabarmati indigo architects Ahmedabad 3

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