11. Firm- BIOME, Bengaluru

Not a young architecture firm, yet worth getting inspired by every project they do.

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Biome Environmental Solutions is a Bangalore-based design firm focused on ecology, architecture, and water headed by Ar. Chitra Vishwanath.  The office’s diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad. Constant collaborations with each other via group discussions & exchanges and periodic meetings create an effective architectural practice.

The Atelier by Biome is a center where exploratory learning is encouraged through a permeable design of the interiors – walls of varying heights enclosing curvilinear classrooms and common spaces under a skylight-dotted roof false ceiling of bamboo mat plywood for thermal and sound insulation, which further imparts a sense of warmth.

The Atelier Chitra Vishwanath Architect Biome Architects BengaluruThe Atelier Chitra Vishwanath Architect Biome Architects Bengaluru 2The Atelier Chitra Vishwanath Architect Biome Architects Bengaluru 3

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12. Firm- The Company of Design, Surat

Architect and Interiors India featured The CODE firm in 2019 as ‘Icons of tomorrow’ the IGEN50 of Architects.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

The Company of design is a multifaceted design firm founded by Architect Niel Parekh and Pooja Shah, ideates the use of tangible elements to create a design that would bring out the intangibles like emotion in the end-user of the space.

‘Verandah’ is a two-storeyed, multi-cuisine restaurant located in a commercial complex of Surat. The design evokes a rich sense of timelessness by integrating the restaurant into the ever-evolving fabric of the neighborhood. Space involves minimum intervention in the existing structure but for a reformation in volume by creating a cut out in the slab and adding an elliptical staircase for vertical circulation providing a strong visual connection between the two levels.

Verandah The company of Design Architects SuratVerandah The company of Design Architects Surat 2

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13. Firm- Sealab, Ahmedabad

SEALAB is an architecture organization founded by Anand Sonecha and Mariana Paisana. Born from common interest to design with time, with quality, the studio works reflect on the cultural and social implications of architecture.

Their project- the amphitheater ‘Jai Jagat Theatre’ maintains the ‘spirit’ of this place. From outside, the theatre is just a simple white wall with a modest humane scale. The space is fun, interactive and at the scale of the children.

Jai Jagat Theatre Sealab Architects AhmedabadJai Jagat Theatre Sealab Architects Ahmedabad 2Jai Jagat Theatre Sealab Architects Ahmedabad 3

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14. Firm- Case Design, Mumbai

Based in Mumbai with projects in India, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Case Design founded by Samuel Barclay, is an architecture and design practice committed to exploring the design process through acts of making. They believe that objects and spaces deeply impact our relationship with the world around us and seek to create moments of quality inspired by observations from our daily lives.

Inspired by local and universal examples of academic, domestic, public and sacred spaces, the architecture of Avasara Academy responds to site, program, and climate, addressing the needs of the community to provide a sanctuary for learning.

15 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -7Avasara Academy Case Design Architects Mumbai 2Avasara Academy Case Design Architects Mumbai 3

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15. Firm- Studio Matter, Goa

Architect and Urban Designer, Ruturaj Parikh and Maanasi Hattangadi, Architectural Writer and Curator, founded Studio Matter, an architecture and publication firm. They co-curated three editions of the iconic 361° Conference and directed Content Initiatives in Architecture. The studio culture and design reflect their work ethics and values. They encourage everyone who works with them to establish independent thinking and discover personal passions.

Their project- Aldonha House is a private residence. The ‘greens’ soften the glass of the Aldona house making it completely transparent for the inhabitants to feel amongst nature.

15 YOUNG Architecture FIRMS TO LOOK OUT for -6Aldonha House Studio Matter Architects Goa 2Aldonha House Studio Matter Architects Goa

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