The first woman to get The Pritzker award, the woman who left the world with urban dynamics with her language of fluid architecture and the woman who kept culture intact while performing extraordinary urban advancements, Zaha Hadid died in the year 2016 providing a foundation to many of the most unique structures one could ever imagine yet some were left incomplete or could not proceed further even by the still intact and going firm. 

Some of her projects which are left unbuilt are as follows:

15 Unbuilt structures of Zaha Hadid
Zaha Hadid-©

1. New Dance & Music Centre, The Hague

This performing art centre was a competition entry back in 2010. The proposed four music and dance institutional centres are derived by contradicting the unique dynamics of the surrounding context which has rectangular geometry with fluid horizontal louvres creating a play of light and shadow which furthermore, creates a very inviting entry.

New Dance & Music Centre, The Hague - Sheet1
New Dance & Music Centre, The Hague -©
New Dance & Music Centre, The Hague - Sheet2
New Dance & Music Centre, The Hague- ©

2. Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin

Emphasizing coherent spaces and social interaction, this unbuilt museum is an epitome for structural detailing parading rib patterning in a coherent geometry while respecting its unique context. The structure is based on redefining the structural and technological advancements proposing redundant wastage of materials and usage of very light weighted materials.  

Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin - Sheet1
Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin -©
Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin - Sheet2
Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin-©

3. Danjiang Bridge, Taiwan

Spanning over the Tamsui River in Taiwan, this bridge will be the world’s longest single mast, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge refurbishing northern Taiwan by reducing traffic congestion and enhancing accessibility throughout the neighboring region and the main international airport. Supposed to be constructed by 2024, the bridge is sculpted in a way to not become an obstacle to the surrounding view.

Danjiang Bridge, Taiwan - Sheet1
Danjiang Bridge, Taiwan -©
Danjiang Bridge, Taiwan - Sheet2
Danjiang Bridge, Taiwan-©

4. New London Airport, London

With an objective for London to maintain its position as one of the world’s most important economic, commercial and cultural centres, this airport was designed to resolve the existing aviation crisis in the United Kingdom and contribute to the growth of the British economy. The initiative was taken in 2013 by Zaha Hadid but never reached implementation.

New London Airport, London - Sheet1
New London Airport, London
New London Airport, London - Sheet2

5. Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey

The urban masterplan is a winning competition entry floated by the Greater Istanbul Municipality and Kartal Urban Regeneration Association. A new urban centre was proposed which would lead to the redevelopment of the abandoned industrial area. The planning consists of high-end residences, cultural facilities, resorts and hotels, and so on.

Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey - Sheet1
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey -©
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey - Sheet2
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey -©
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey - Sheet3
Kartal Pendik Masterplan, Turkey – ©

6. BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao

Facing central Bilbao, Spain, this 22-storeys tower bank is a protrusion of two-star shapes overlapping one another with a tilt of 45 degrees with a petal-shaped podium at the base. The structural exoskeleton gives a different view from different angles of vision eliminating the need for interior columns and welcoming illuminance through natural lighting.

BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao - Sheet1
BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao-©
BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao - Sheet2
BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao – ©
BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao - Sheet3
BBK Bank Headquarters, Bilbao -©

7. Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad

Abiding by the motto of the institution i.e., Solidity, Stability, and Sustainability, the 170m high bank tower is proposed on the sloping banks of the Tigris River in Baghdad. The structure being very close to the late Zaha Hadid as it was her birthplace, the façade perfectly spoke her language of curves and dynamics.

Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad - Sheet1
Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad -©
Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad - Sheet2
Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad -©

8. Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia

The institute was designed in the memory of You Chang’s vision of healing and reconnecting the country by bringing together a museum, research centre, graduate school, document archives, and research library. The structure comprises five wooden structures interweaving in an upward spiral ranging from 9m-27m of height while complimenting the vernacular architecture existing there.

Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia - Sheet1
Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia -©
Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia - Sheet2
Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia -©
Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia - Sheet3
Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia -©

9. Cule Nova City Center, Bratislava

The mixed-use masterplan is a set of seven high rise towers laid out in circular and elliptical pattern network constituting residential and commercial buildings with surrounding landscaped area constructed one storey above ground level. Under the landscape, the area sits in the basements parking which receives optimum lighting and also a raised edge while accessing the site.

Cule Nova City Center, Bratislava - Sheet1
Cule Nova City Center, Bratislava
Cule Nova City Center, Bratislava - Sheet2
Cule Nova City Center, Bratislava -©

10. Collins Park Place, Miami

Situated on Miami Beach, this structure is a parking space proposed to help residential mobility in the neighborhood due to excessive rush in the peak time plus lack of parking space. Space has been designed both strategically and creatively by providing tilted floor plates and spiral ramps proving vantage points for wide vision.

Collins Park Place, Miami - Sheet1
Collins Park Place, Miami
Collins Park Place, Miami - Sheet2
Collins Park Place, Miami -©

11. Casa Atlantica, Rio De Janeiro

A residential project on the Copacabana Beach was canceled due to investors pooling out because of delayed initiation of construction. The 30-unit residential project was originally a luxury hotel and flaunted the classic organic curves fitting the modern context of Brazil. The façade was reminiscent of a sea creature’s spiny vertebrae.

Casa Atlantica, Rio De Janeiro -Sheet1
Casa Atlantica, Rio De Janeiro -©
Casa Atlantica, Rio De Janeiro -Sheet2
Casa Atlantica, Rio De Janeiro

12. Mariner’s Cove, Queensland

Planned beside the Gold Coast harbor, the two 44-storey skyscrapers is a tapered high-end hotel with 69 suites as well as residential providing 370 apartments. The tower is sculpted like a curved glass-like-form rising upon a curved podium looking like muscle sinews. Apart from the façade, the internal spaces also provide an experience of the organic flow and reflection through the glass façade.

Mariner’s Cove, Queensland - Sheet1
Mariner’s Cove, Queensland-©
Mariner’s Cove, Queensland - Sheet2
Mariner’s Cove, Queensland-©

13. Chartres Expo Pavilion, France

This compact star-shaped structure having a roof span of 12000 square meters is a tensile structure with null supporting walls complimenting the topography through its fluidity and style. This inviting expo centre was canceled due to a limit in the budget which couldn’t be met by the dynamic offering of the structure.

Chartres Expo Pavilion, France
Chartres Expo Pavilion, France– ©

14. Zorrozaurre, Bilbao

Another urban planning project of a 60-hectare area peninsula over the Nervion river, a former port area. The peninsula will serve both residentially and commercially, providing 15000 new residents and workspace for approximately 6000 people. The peninsula connectivity will also act as the expansion of the city of Bilbao making traveling over the river for local communities a daily sequence.

Zorrozaurre, Bilbao - Sheet1
Zorrozaurre, Bilbao-©
Zorrozaurre, Bilbao - Sheet2
Zorrozaurre, Bilbao -©
Zorrozaurre, Bilbao - Sheet3
Zorrozaurre, Bilbao -©

15. Grace on Coronation, Brisbane

A chain of three towers having 22 and 25 storeys is an urban riverfront development proposal in Brisbane. The base of all the towers has been tapered to reduce the footprint and have more open spaces for the public. This multi-layered glass curtain wall façade comprises 486 apartments, 4 riverfront villas and landscaped public parklands with parking.

Grace on Coronation, Brisbane - Sheet1
Grace on Coronation, Brisbane -©
Grace on Coronation, Brisbane - Sheet2
Grace on Coronation, Brisbane -©

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