Rat[LAB] is a privately owned research and education firm which focuses on the development of computational design and using parametric design in architecture. The studio is operated as a cloud-based organization and works with computational designers and researchers across the world. The studio and the research cell are located in New Delhi, India where research takes place through collaboration and multidisciplinary functions which gives rise to novel solutions and smart built environments. The studio was founded by Sushant Verma (Alumni of AA London & SSSA, New Delhi) & Pradeep Devadass (Alumni of AA London & RVSA, Bangalore).

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Cellular Morphology Façade by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
The key goals that Rat[LAB] aims for are Sustainability of the project, Design-to-Fabrication Workflow, Geometry Optimization, Material Intelligence, Cost Optimization, and Enhancing Design Experience. Some of the services provided by the studio are Parametric Architecture, Computational Design & Form Development, Facade Design, Advanced Building Modelling, Digital Fabrication, Educational Workshop, Product Design, and Interactive Spaces & Exhibitions.

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ExtraFabrica, 2014 Workshop by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
The research works by Rat[LAB] aims to narrow down the gap between architecture and technology with computational design approaches, material intelligence, and parametric form developments. The projects are of various disciplines are being analyzed and discussed for the scopes and development in cloud-based platforms for collaborating with researchers across the globes which are then produced with computational approaches and evaluated to get the desired output which is then again analyzed unless the desired results are achieved. 

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Research Platforms at Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
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Research Methodology at Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
The research works by the studio are adaptive[skins] (Developing responsive building skin systems which adapt to the environmental fluctuations), adaptive[skins]-2.0_fashion (Developing artificial origami skins which breadths as per the requirement of skin and enabling free body movement without any resistance and discomfort), Sinusoid Table (Development of parametrically designed table based on the mathematics of cosine function), Decoding Complexity (Research-based on the project by Sushant Verma on Plectic Architecture and Super-complexity and pushing the boundaries of conventional research with a focus on data structure and interpretations), and digital [textonics] (dress developed using parametric design techniques to create semi-porous material).

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Adaptive[skins] by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
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adaptive[skins]-2.0_fashion by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
Rat[LAB] have made their mark with projects all over the world. The architectural projects are the Design proposal for Tokyo Shopping Centre (It have a large spanned adaptive roof structure which has hybrid qualities of tensile and grid shell), Alvar Aalto Museum (Organic free-flowing structure which merges with the existing structure and following the philosophy of Alvar Aalto), Tokyo Pop Lab, Symbiotic Dynamic Market, Computational Spatial Analysis for Dakshaa Master Plan, Spatial Analysis of Corporate Office, London, R.A.M. | Robotically Assembled Magneto-Scape, SKY MAZE- Pavilion and Master Plan Analysis of IIT – Hostel Block.

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Tokyo Shopping Centre by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
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Symbiotic Dynamic Market by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
Rat[LAB]EDUCATION is a part of the Rat[LAB] that are responsible for conducting workshops, courses, Smart LAB, Grasshopper plugin development, etc. While Rat[LAB] is a studio by the designers and researchers, Rat[LAB]EDUCATION enables the students from various fields to learn computational design, parametric architecture, and digital fabrication through workshops and courses by the professionals of Rat[LAB]. Smart LAB is a course of 6- months programs on computational design which is open to students and professionals from India and all over the world. This program is conducted each year from 2018 and it includes offline training sessions, online teachings with study materials, guest lectures, and exhibition of works by the students. 

GVS (Global Visiting School) is a part of Rat[LAB]EDUCATION which aims to launch workshops and exhibitions in collaboration with various schools at different geographical locations. In 2020, due to COVID-19, GVS has been conducted offline which enabled the students and professionals across the globe to attend the lectures from their home and it included topics like Computational Design, Grasshopper3D, Environmental Design, Robotics in Architecture, Maya, Creative Coding, C# Coding, etc. It has already been conducted in the UK, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Egypt, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, and India. Some of the advanced topics like Scalable Tectonics & Robotic 3D Printing are inserted in the lecture series and some of the professionals like Praneet Mathur (ARPM Design and Research), Ben Kikkawa (Zaha Hadid Architects, Sci-Arc), Pradeep Devadass (The Bartlett UCL + Design Exchange (B-made)), etc gave lectures on their specializations.

India’s first free to use Grasshopper plugin is developed by Rat[LAB]EDUCATION which was launched at www.food4rhino.com on 1st May 2019, known as [SPIRO]rat. It is the digital interpretation of Spirograph which helps to create infinite patterns of Epitrochoids and Hypotrochoids which can be transformed into special formations. 

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[SPIRO]rat by Rat[LAB] ©www.rat-lab.org
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Shirdi Sai Baba Temple by Shilpa Architects and rat[LAB] Studio ©volzero.com
In recent years, Rat[LAB] appeared in the leading magazines like Architecture Update, Decorama Magazine, Indian Architect & Builder (IA&B), Inside Track, MGS Architecture Magazine, Realty Plus, etc. Rat[LAB] is a computational design, research, and education studio which is trying to have a laboratory culture and collaborate with studios for better design solutions. Rat[LAB] is establishing the true sense of parametric architecture, its uses in architecture, computational designs, and various other modern technology in India. 


Souktik is a creative architecture student with a passion for architectural designs. He loves to research extensively on every field and shares his thoughts through visual illustrations. He is also an honest, kind-hearted person and an all-rounder.