For years, products have been about functionality and longevity with little or no focus on these products’ design aspects. Still, times are changing with designers like Vivek Amberkar bringing about a shift in perspective as they explain the role that design plays in creating a product.

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Vivek Amberkar is a mechanical engineer who did his masters in product design from NID. He started his firm “Vivek Amberkar Product design” in 2009 and has since worked on various projects ranging from medical equipment to transportation. This versatility is possible through the core values seen in his company, which consists of designers, engineers, communication designers, and more. This versatility is further reinforced with their collaborations with professions not related to design, such as Doctors, as they genuinely strive for “Change by Design.” Their design process of Immerse, Ideate, and Implementation is an ideal example of how theirs is an end to end process. In this process, they involve all the commodities in the process that is product design, from engineers, designers, manufacturers to the users who are the most important contributors to the process. With this approach, they strive to create products that are well designed, practical, and cost-efficient.

Here are a few of his iconic designs:

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1) Mangeshikar’s MIST

The Mangeshikar’s MIST is a minimally invasive surgery trainer. This product was co-created by Abhishek Mangeshikar along with Vivek Amberkar. It is an excellent example of Vivek and his team’s collaborative efforts as they design this tool to help gynecologists practice and master laparoscopy procedures before they do it on a patient. The product’s design has been done in a highly user-friendly way with features like using a tablet or a phone camera to negate the need for an external camera and monitor to proceed with the simulated surgery. The portability and compactness of the design help in allowing doctors to even practice at home. 

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Mangeshikar’s MIST ©

2) Wireman 

The wireman is a creation by Vivek to solve a problem that is universal, Tangled wires. The product’s design helps to hold the wires together in place and, in turn, keep them neat. It is an extraordinarily simplistic and minimalistic design that can easily tie up the cables and untie them. The product “hugs” the wires together using its “Arms” and “Legs.” And by providing a “head” to the design, the product’s usability is also increased.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet2
Wireman ©

3) Pen Stand

The Pen stand was a Gift Set designed for SVK global, one of India’s leading Pen exporters. Vivek developed the product to suit the taste of the elite users. Vivek smartly integrates two functions into one product hence making for a unique gift. The Pen stand also acts as a music enhancer for smartphones that can be placed into the Stand’s niche. The choice of transparent material gives the product a sleek look, which further caters to the “Elite Users.”

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Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet3
Pen Stand ©

4) Sandwich Toaster

Designed for Nirali cookwares, it is a comparatively simple product. Initially, the owners wanted to change the existing products’ aesthetics, but Vivek convinced them that they needed many more changes. He went with an unconventional design for a conventional product that makes the product look more modern, hence raising its appeal. The design’s idea seemed to be to keep the product’s functionality just as simple as before while increasing the quality of the product, keeping in mind the experience that the product will provide.

The product won the team an honorable mention at the red dot awards, One of the firm’s earliest recognitions.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Sandwich Toaster ©

5) Exercyse

The design of exercyse was done keeping in mind the common man, who wants to exercise, plans to exercise but does not have the time to go to the gym. The product was made to replace the conventional exercising equipment used at homes. Vivek explains as to how the standard types of equipment are large and take up a lot of space. Exercyse is a Compact product that could easily be hidden when not needed by simply pulling a plug and pushing it under the sofa. The portability and ease of use also make the product ideal for old aged people who can not use the more tedious equipment. It allows you to use it while sitting on a chair or a sofa, which is highly convenient for users.

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Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Exercyse ©

6) Truss

“TRUSS” is a manufacturing unit of a mechanical company that makes parts for the truss. Vivek and his team designed the company’s logo and branding to give it a more trusting and appealing look. Vivek very ingeniously designed the logo showcasing a truss and how it cantilevers over the other letters. The simple yet effective logo would be easy to remember and recognize, which is the most crucial quality that a logo should possess.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
truss ©

7) Digital Ophthalmoscope

The Digital Ophthalmoscope is a design proposal to simplify the current design models in the market. The unit hopes to identify conditions like glaucoma through the image taken and AI software through this product. Vivek and his teams strived to create the product contrasting the complex options present in the market, making it easier and possible for the product to be used in clinics. They designed this product for Vasoptic Medical Inc, once again showing the collaborative efforts of his firm.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Digital Ophthalmoscope ©

8) Nirali All-day

Under the Brand Nirali all-day, Vivek designed a range of water bottles available in different sizes and colors. Through this product, they wanted to establish identity. Wrestling through manufacturing constraints of creating a water bottle, He designed a vacuum insulated bottle that created its own niche and potentially acted as inspiration for other brands in the same market.

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Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Nirali All day ©

9) Eggsoskeleton

The eggsokeleton is a concept devised by Vivek during his days in NID. Although looking like part of an astronomer’s suit, the product actually means Coal mine workers. He realized that the working conditions of these coal miners are appalling. Through his design, he hoped to bring about a change in these coal miners’ quality of life, hoping to enhance it. Realizing the hot and humid conditions, they work in the product strived to achieve a micro-climate inside the headgear, which could enhance the coal miners’ experience.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Eggoskeleton ©

10) Amber 1NE

With an attempt to revolutionize the Motorcycle industry, Vivek Amberkar Product Design was associated with the Amber 1NE Motorcycle design. The Motorcycle was to be an electric motorcycle. Vivek and his team came up with a sleek design and once again showcased their collaborations efforts through their creations. The final product displayed an electric Motorcycle that looked sustainable from the outside and from the inside.

Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet10
Amber 1NE ©
Vivek Amberkar Product Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet11
Amber 1NE ©

Harshvardhan Jhaveri is an aspiring architect studying at the Academy of Architecture. He believes that being inquisitive is an essential aspect of learning and growing in any field. His inclination towards research and the curiosity to learn motivates him to voice Architecture through the mediums of design and writing.

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