Criador Labs (formerly Divine Design Factory) founded by Hitesh Devara and co-founded by Abhishek Reddy is a Bangalore based design startup firm.  This firm holds the ideology of creative innovation combined with human-centric concepts to make best-in-class design solutions. The beginning with a 3 member team is now 8 which Criador labs hope to diversify in the coming years and continue offering relevant, innovative, and user-friendly ideas and outcomes to their clientele.  

They believe in empowering and encouraging small enterprises to create their products and develop their brands. Various 3D software and printers allow them to create in house prototypes for real-life testing of any product giving the designers and clients a first-hand experience of the product before mass manufacturing. 

1. Cubby Shaker

Cubby Shaker is the world’s first humidity-free salt shaker. A Queensland-based entrepreneur Sharyn Cook came up to Criador labs with an idea for a product, a humidity-free salt shaker. The client’s vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the user for unrefined salt. But unrefined salt absorbs atmospheric moisture and hence is difficult to store clogging up the traditional shakers and grinders which led to the beginning of this product. 

The design process went through various modifications on its way to achieve the benchmark of strength, less maintenance in daily life, product efficiency, and minimalistic yet aesthetic design. The use of glass was eliminated due to its fragile nature and a new type of plastic in the market called “Eastman Tritan” is used which looks as clear as glass and gives utmost strength. During 2 months of hard work 63 manufactures were contacted to maintain the seamless sleek look with no visible lines.

Cubby Shaker - Sheet1
Left – Designed, Right – finished product ©
Cubby Shaker - Sheet2
Product ideation illustration ©
Cubby Shaker - Sheet3
Final rendered product image ©
Cubby Shaker - Sheet4
Final product photo ©

2. Calm Ecg Sensor 

Calm Ecg Sensor is a sensing and tracking device for a technology-based health and lifestyle company named CALM. The client’s need was to create a device to inform and motivate people to reach their daily health goals. The Calm Ecg Sensor can be worn using a wrist strap or stuck on the body with disposable pads, it collects data from daily physical activity which can be then seen via an app on mobile devices. 

The design addresses issues like stability, casing, sensor alignments with the body, and safety. The product is also designed to be water-resistant to withstand rain or sweat as it can be directly attached to the skin. Simple shapes with curve edges, light colors, and LED indicators make it manufacture-friendly and easily identifiable during night fitness routines.

Calm Ecg Sensor  - Sheet1
Designed render image ©
Calm Ecg Sensor  - Sheet2
Ways to use advertisement ©

3. OMPT Projector

An NGO approached Criador to design and develop a portable projector for teachers and trainers in remote areas. OMPT is a non-profit organization that provides government from all over the world a video technology and equipment for improving reach and impact to the people. The key considerations during design were its size, durability, efficiency, resilient to water, dust, and drops hence, to be used despite rough weather locations.

OMPT Projector - Sheet1
Rendered view ©
OMPT Projector - Sheet2
Rendered view ©

4. Sinfosy Enclosure (Arduino casing)

Sinfosy enclosure is a stackable casing for micro-controllers. The casing aims for its safety, durability, accessibility, and attractive look. An average Arduino microcontroller cost 40USD each and it was a challenge to put all its tiny components within the production cost of 10USD per piece. The team developed multiple sketches to finalize on the bright casing with satisfying the engineering design needs.

Sinfosy Enclosure (Arduino casing) - Sheet1
Complete design of Sinfosy Enclosure ©
Sinfosy Enclosure (Arduino casing) - Sheet2
Axonometric view ©

5. Monoca Blind Wearables

A visionary project called Monoca originated at Locomoc Inc. The aim is to provide communication and information device technology to people with partial or no vision. The idea is to make an easily wearable device that can detect, analyze, and notify its user using artificial intelligence. With connectivity to the phone, it has cameras, Bluetooth, touch sensors, and rechargeable battery with a 12-hour usable cycle.  

The final design is an ergonomically simple and efficient design that is wearable, accessible, and efficient.  

Monoca Blind Wearables - Sheet1
Prototype model with ideation sketches ©
Monoca Blind Wearables - Sheet2
Close-up rendered view ©
Monoca Blind Wearables - Sheet3
Rendered product image ©

6. Market Cruiser 

Market Cruiser is a robust and technologically advanced shopping cart. A perfect example of a product with a blend of information technology and mechanical design with an efficient understanding of multi-utility. The project of the product began with ideation for the concept and then 3D design to visualize its aesthetics and the idea in motion, later it was checked for durability and functionality by stimulating it with a 50kg load test on 3D design. A full-scale prototype was developed which was highly functional and appealing. 

The four-wheel cart is designed with 2 detachable and detachable baskets to carry around in various situations, 360-degree free rotation wheels with simple push handles, easy brakes, and high ground cover for smooth movement on street or shopping mart even during carrying heavyweights. The shopping cart is easily convertible and foldable with a rain shield. Plenty of other features like integrating display screens, non-slippery pads for holding your phones and battery charger, etc. make it extremely mind gripping and user-friendly.

Market Cruiser  - Sheet1
Designed product render images ©
Market Cruiser  - Sheet2
Parts and making of the cart ©

7. The Multi Scope

A doctor (MD) in Texas, USA envisioned a product for medical multi-utility that combines the function of an otoscope, an endoscope, and a nasal scope. He approached the firm to help him design a device now known as Multi Scope. It is a device to be used by ENT doctors for inspection of ears, nose, and throat. The product was an end-to-end design with a stage of design, research, engineering, electronic development, prototyping, app development to be managed by Criador labs which took 15 months. The purpose of the design was to empower people at home to check themselves regularly using Multi Scope. Cost constraints were a challenge as the existing products in the market were not accurate and costly.  

Despite the complexities and multipurpose modes to be switched for the usability of the product the costs had been kept low for the product to be retailed at a profit of 40-50USD. Multi Scope also has a camera smaller than 3mm and chipset for the data and recording to be linked via mobile app sending the results which enable patients to email results to the doctor. The hard work and dedication paid off and was appreciated by the doctor. 

The Multi Scope - Sheet1
Concept Sketches ©
The Multi Scope - Sheet2
The rendered product with final product images ©

8. Herb Grinder

Herb grinder is a human palm-sized small cylindrical device/grinder. Aluminum on the outside for sleek aesthetics with different intensity and sets of blade systems fitted on an electric motor on the inside. It is openable from the top and works with just a press of a button. This grinder was designed for Aurora Cannabis, a quarter-billion-dollar 2nd largest Cannabis Canadian company in the world, a producer of medical marijuana sold to people in need. The grinder makes marijuana grinding quick and simple for the people who seek help for medical marijuana.

After ideation and development, a detailed product design proposal was discussed with the client and made a reality to help the client win the retails customer market. 

Herb Grinder - Sheet1
Concept and ideation sketches ©
Herb Grinder - Sheet2
Product details and illustration ©
Herb Grinder - Sheet3
Final product render image ©

9. Greenstory Food Delivery

Greenstory is an online healthy food delivery store. It curates meals with a balance of nutrition and taste with promoting clean and healthy eating to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle just a click away. It is a brand identity project to build a logo reflecting goals, aims, and philosophy of Greenstory. Later, websites, display ads, e-brochures, social media graphics setups, flyers, merchandise, and apps were developed by Criador. 

Greenstory Food Delivery - Sheet1
Merchandise designed for Greenstory ©
Greenstory Food Delivery - Sheet2
Greenstory philosophy ©

10. Bhumi Garden Sensors

Bhumi is a garden sensor that can measure ambient temperature, air humidity, acidity, and soil moisture. The results can then be obtained on mobile phones by connecting them with Wi-Fi. This garden sensor is made to help gardeners with smart technology which also provides information about thousands of plants, varieties, and growing conditions connected to its cloud database. 

To optimize its existence it is a solar power-operated device with resistance to water, fertilizers, and bright color to be easily identifiable. It helps in expert gardening amidst a busy urban lifestyle.   

Bhumi Garden Sensors - Sheet1
Render View ©
Bhumi Garden Sensors - Sheet2
Render View ©

RuchiKumbhani is currently a final year B. Arch student at PVP College of Architecture, Pune. She is a curious mind & travel enthusiast. With few days of intense binge indoors to days of cycling outdoor, she loves to observeinterrelationship of different settings/spaces and penning her thoughts over it.