The Josmo Studio, founded by Anjali Mody, is based in the heart of contemporary Mumbai and Goa. The studio revolves around the vision of forming a connection between the tangible and the intangible. The essence of the studio lies in designing products bounded by its functionality that also acts as an expression of everyday life. 

“Thoughts become things” is what the sole idea has been behind the establishment of Josmo Studio. 

The 10 products designed by Josmo Studio are as follows: 

1. Pixa Side Table

The table is designed inspired by stacked logs of wood, made up of recycled teak and walnut wood that has been manually-picked, and stacked non-uniformly on top of each other. The product adds depth to the interior. 

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Pixa side table ©

2. Strip Study Table

Line is a primary concept of design for the product. The elements are simple yet sleek. The minimal use of the component creates a sense of spatial availability in the interiors. The table infuses a sense of openness for the user than compact. Lines of different line weights have been kept in mind while composing the design creating a link where “geometry meets poetry.”

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet2
Strip study table ©

3. Cosmos Cluster Center Table

The rhythmic design of the table draws attention even when the look is modern and minimal. It is made up of a naturally carved wooden circular base in a concentric fashion. The circular discs of different sizes are stacked one on top of the other in the hierarchy. The material used for the tabletop is black glass and brass. 

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet3
Cosmos center table ©

4. Lasso Chair

A simple wooden frame with a seat cushion, draping over the entire frame of the chair. The material used for the frame is solid wood to which a contrasting colored upholstery is added to enhance the design of the space. The red oak wood in a natural oil finished is used. The seat is tied in a rope around the frame.

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Lasso Chair ©

5. Wrap-Tye-Olive Ottoman

The frame of the Ottoman is wooden and internally embedded with a fully upholstered seat that is covered with a cushion that is strapped to the upholstered frame with a leather belt. The product is comfortable and efficient in functionality. It adds value to an industrial interior style with its minimal design and aesthetics.

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet5
Wrap-Tye-Olive Ottoman ©

6. Roti Pendant Light

The pendant light is shaped into a puffed disk adding to the tropical vibes into a particular spatial arrangement. A metal disk frame weaved like a basket with a vibrant palette of artificial bougainvillea flowers on the inside.

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Roti Pendant Light ©

7. Treble Coffee Table

Musical notations act as a source of inspiration for the design of the product. The idea of a positive of a negative led to the final output of design. A square inscribed circle denotes a treble to the bass. White ash wood is used as a material for the product, in a natural oil finish. The legs of the table use black metal and brass for the shoe. The wooden fluting details adds to the glamour of the product. 

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Treble Coffee Table ©

8. Sapphire Lounge Chair

The chair is inspired by the vintage style. The element of luxury is quite evident. Internally, a wooden frame stabilizes the structure of the chair. The velvet adds to the extravagance of the style. The product is a statement of class and grandeur that reminds of the time of the 1920s.

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
Sapphire Lounge Chair ©

9. Scaffold Bookshelf

The bookshelf is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the client. The concept of the product is the scaffolding technique used in building construction. The bookshelf is adjustable and stackable according to the spatial and user requirements. Natural wood veneer is used for the horizontal elements whereas the vertical elements comprise black metal frames. The sleek and modular design is perfect for a modern minimal interior setting. 

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet9
Scaffold Bookshelf ©

10. Gatsby Ottoman

The Gatsby Ottoman is a piece inspired by the setting in the novel, “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The novel, based in the 1920s in the age where vintage style was popular. The furniture style of the 1920s was jazzed up concerning modern style, keeping intact the elements of the vintage style. The wooden frame was upholstered in velvet fabric with a detailed handcrafted brass frame. The velvet texture enhances the lavishness of the object. The color adds to the grandeur of the interiors.

Josmo Studio- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet10
Gatsby Ottomanf ©

The studio uses basic elements that can be observed daily. The elements help in generating the design concept which further leads to the final product. Josmo Studio creates products that are a statement piece when added to a spatial arrangement, speaking volumes about style and class. 



Dania Irshad, a prefinal year student, pursuing B.Arch from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, focuses her intent as an architect with a social conscience who not only wishes to design only for the users for also in consideration of the environment. She is a voracious reader as well has her passion in writing.

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