Bergmann Associates have been grinding to work since 1984, throughout these years they expanded their works ranging from hospitality to critical transportation signature. 

Their website displays their versatility and iconic work they have pulled off living in Philadelphia, U.S.A. They have two offices that are located in Conshohocken and Philadelphia’s City Center. They’ve expertise in L.E.E.D and few members have been working on the ‘The future city’ competition. 

Recently, The firm has been ranked 12th largest Architectural firm of the capital region.

Some of the iconic projects they built over these years are :

1. University of North Carolina 

Being the first building to be constructed out of the main Suburban campus. It is distinguished by its’ massive iconic mass that was to stand out and become the focal point of the Urban Park. 

It not only serves its users but as well comes up with the lovely urban spaces for the public, an auditorium for 300 people, a bookstore, and a cafeteria. 

It has been given LEED Gold certification. The intriguing feature of the building is the daylight influenced by the rotated volumes, site orientation, and thoughtful placement of the opaque and transparent glass.

University of North Carolina - sheet1
University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina - sheet2
University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina - sheet3
University of North Carolina

2.CSX Castle-ton Bridge 

The Bergmann Associates are known for their versatility and this project highlights their take on civil engineering and rehabilitation evaluation for the Castleton Bridge. 

The 1600 Meter long bridge features two main long-span steel trusses with the spans of 183 meters and 124 meters.The Structure is supported by 25 steel towers of various heights. 

This structure was originally constructed in 1921. 

It took three phases to construct the huge yet beautiful link above the Hudson River for New York City. As it was a rehabilitation project, it involved the assessment of the superstructure, substructure, in-depth, and hands-on inspection. They finally decided to do it without closing this route completely with a few new design interventions.

CSX Castle-ton Bridge- sheet1
CSX Castle-ton Bridge- sheet2
CSX Castle-ton Bridge- sheet3

3.Heidelberg Digital Headquarters

Heidelberg Digital Headquarters was formed in 2000. Bergmann helped renovate the 630,000 sq.ft where 270,000 ft of new space was added. The building was designed for the staff of 1500 people. Bergmann helped in achieving all the requisites from the plan to the interior layout.

New HVAC systems and renovating the facade of the building were also included which made it into one of the integral compositions for them.

Heidelberg Digital Headquarters- sheet1
Heidelberg Digital Headquarters
Heidelberg Digital Headquarters- sheet2
Heidelberg Digital Headquarters
Heidelberg Digital Headquarters- sheet3
Heidelberg Digital Headquarters

4.Hayes Hall Restoration

It is an award-winning project for Bergmann Associates. The challenge was to create an atmosphere that coordinated with the modern era with the details and techniques persisting for the 1800s.

To create both formal and informal seating spaces and the ventilation and natural light penetrating enough to make the hall a bright space for students to attend the class/seminars was the main goal. 

Architecturally, It became more important because it belonged to the next generation of Architects, to nourish these creative minds, and yet to keep their criticism in mind was the main objective to be achieved.

Hayes Hall Restoration- sheet1
Hayes Hall Restoration
Hayes Hall Restoration- sheet2
Hayes Hall Restoration
Hayes Hall Restoration- sheet3
Hayes Hall Restoration

5.German-town Mixed-Use Development 

For this particular project, Bergmann Associates provided their services for retail shops, Condos, and The Fresh Market in Pennsylvania. It was contemporary design, varied from the architecture of Pennsylvania. 

It had 20 units of housing units, Parking, retail, and a new Fresh Market of 20,000 sq.ft. Residential condos have open plans bringing a change to the conventional plans that have served the people of Pennsylvania. It had balconies and outdoor decks. 

Though the architecture style was changed, the Bergmann Architects wanted it to sync with the neighborhood and maintain a sense of scale.

German-town Mixed-Use Development - sheet1
German-town Mixed-Use Development
German-town Mixed-Use Development - sheet2
German-town Mixed-Use Development
German-town Mixed-Use Development - sheet3
German-town Mixed-Use Development

6.TD Banks’ first net-zero energy Branch in the U.S 

TD Bank, Fort Lauder-dale, has installed Solar Panels that have allowed the building to increase the production than use, thus, regenerating. 

The LEED Platinum-certified branch is the first one to be a Net-zero Branch. Other banks have also followed the same route since this branch was inaugurated. The amount of park added to the grid power for 4.5 houses for a month. 

TD Banks’ first net-zero energy Branch in the U.S- sheet1
TD Banks’ ©
TD Banks’ first net-zero energy Branch in the U.S- sheet2
TD Banks’ ©
TD Banks’ first net-zero energy Branch in the U.S- sheet3
TD Banks’ ©

7.East Rochester Fire Station 

East Rochester Fire Station was a challenge due to its context. The context of the city was taken into account to make it into one of the most relatable builts where they paid attention to the use of material on the facade. It adds the character to the building without adding any additional costs.

It was a 21,000 sq.ft project and involved the interiors as well.

East Rochester Fire Station - sheet1
East Rochester Fire Station
East Rochester Fire Station - sheet2
East Rochester Fire Station
East Rochester Fire Station - sheet3
East Rochester Fire Station

8.North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration 

To take pride in the well-being of the environment is our first role as an architect, though, it has vanished inside the ecosystem of firms and studios, Bergmann Architects continued to play their role towards the environment through various Projects of Net-Zero, Sustainable and Ecosystem/ Lake Restoration Projects. They prepared the final Design, Detail Design Review, Engineering considerations for aquatic ecosystem Restoration Programs. The main highlight of the project was Wetland Creation, Coir Logs, and Plantings to stabilize the shoreline. 

North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration - sheet1
North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration
North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration - sheet2
North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration
North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration - sheet3
North Park Lake Ecosystem Restoration

9.Bergmann Albany Office 

Bergmann Associates have made it clear with their intentions that they would develop and change the course of the era for Interactive office spaces. They have continuously tried to revolutionize the spaces even during the COVID 19 pandemic, as evident on their Linked In profile. So, they took a similar initiative to build various interactive spaces for staff and clients on the 8,400 sq. Ft. Office layout. The main feature is the beaming sunlight throughout the office and comfortable working spaces for the staff. They’ve not left behind the digital interventions for the advancement of office space.

Bergmann Albany Office - sheet1
Bergmann Albany Office
Bergmann Albany Office - sheet2
Bergmann Albany Office
Bergmann Albany Office - sheet3
Bergmann Albany Office

10.Red House Lake: Dam and Bridge 

The Red House Lake is located in Allegany State Park in the Town of Red House, Cattaraugus County, NY. The dam and the arched bridge was constructed to create a lake for recreational purposes.

As Bergmann specializes in various aspects and fields, this was one of the engineering and innovation projects. It wasn’t just about the construction but the rehabilitation of the ecosystem and the greenery around the dam that had to be reserved and restricted the liberty but those limitations opened the door for sustainability around the Dam.

Red House Lake: Dam and Bridge - sheet1
Red House Lake
Red House Lake: Dam and Bridge - sheet2
Red House Lake
Red House Lake: Dam and Bridge - sheet3
Red House Lake

It will only be justified to say that Bergmann Associates have put in all of their power in the work they do with affection, mindfulness, and experience. They set the record to the versatility and go to the extent to prove the worth of their work while they work on their techniques, architecture, spatial experience, and user experience. 

The determination counts with the effort they put into growing their office into a more splendid environment even after the COVID 19 has plunged to remote working.  


Ayushi is an architect and an enthusiastic reader and writer. She aspires to step a foot into the world of connecting architecture with writing, initiating with small steps. As said, there is no correct way to follow the dreams, she believes in the process and hustle throughout the journey.

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