Set up in the progressive city of Atlanta, Ross Piper Architect is among the top architecture firms of the city. With an approach of honoring the time-period and the unique personality of each project, the firm majorly is involved with the renovations of old residences. The firm keeps up with its goal to meet the wishes of each client, while also staying true to the historical relevance and style of each home.

The article describes a few of their very remarkable and innovative projects while discussing their design approach in different cases.

1. Colonial Cottage, Dunwoody

Set in the beautiful and ancient lanes of Dunwoody, this colonial cottage was refurbished to produce a modern farmhouse. With no complex structural changes, the façade was treated with new clad materials to preserve its elementary style. The raw stones at the entrance develop a vernacular, yet contemporary character for the structure, while the minimalistic sloped roof effortlessly adds elegance to the edifice. The graceful grey and white color palette invite a bounty ambiance of light, hence making the space look splendid and radiant. With new materials and slight adjustments, the overall renovation has superseded in affixing life to the antique fabrication.

Colonial Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet1
Front Façade ©
Colonial Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet2
Front View ©
Colonial Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet3
Entrance Details ©
Colonial Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet4
Old Structure ©

2. Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills

This colonial cottage that holds its spot in the lovely area of Brookwood Hills is a tremendous refurbishment of the ancient colonial cottage into a modern farmhouse. Built-in the late 1950s, the cottage underwent an impressive facelift in recent years. The place was redesigned to oust the claustrophobic and closed-off relationship between the family room and the kitchen with the concept of wide-open spaces, by keeping up with the trend of ‘Traditional Exteriors and Modernized Interiors.’ Also, the play of lights with the introduction of more whites and wide-angles makes the ambiance of the apartment fresh, light, and bright.

Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills - Sheet2
Keeping Room ©
Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills - Sheet3
Kitchen ©
Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills - Sheet4
Living Room ©
Colonial Cottage, Brookwood Hills - Sheet5
Side View ©

3. Cottage, Cykoski

With a new included entry and bay windows, this cottage in Cykoski is an eye-catcher. While traditional on the outside, the beautiful cottage is simultaneous in style with its contemporary interiors. The structure initially had a flat roof which was rearranged with a steeper pitched roof, hence providing an attic space, which further made ways to add three more bedrooms and bathrooms to the apartment.  The house emphasizes an extensive kitchen that opens up to a keeping-room and a family room, thus creating a stream that sets a sophisticated appeal with casual ease. The high-quality finishes and the minimalistic designs with distinctive details have made this project a design stimulus.

Cottage, Cykoski - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cottage, Cykoski - Sheet2
Hall and Kitchen ©
Cottage, Cykoski - Sheet3
Bedroom Interior ©
Cottage, Cykoski - Sheet4
Interior ©

4. Cottage, Chastain Park

This age-old cottage at Chastain Park demanded remodeling to present improved living solutions. So, to preserve the natural and traditional character of the house, the postulate material was chosen to be wood; thus, creating an earthy and gracious atmosphere over the interiors. The color scheme is composed of browns that yield a vintage look. Also, the furniture that is set-in is minimalistic, hence creating an aesthetic aspect of the extended range. The old garage has been converted to a screen porch giving it an expression of a traditional carriage house. Welcoming the visitors with the alluring Doric columns, this impressive cottage is undoubtedly a great property.

Cottage, Chastain Park - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cottage, Chastain Park - Sheet2
Moncrieff ©
Cottage, Chastain Park - Sheet3
Hall and library ©
Cottage, Chastain Park - Sheet4
Garage ©

5. Cottage, Dunwoody

This ‘Traditional Exteriors and Modernized Interiors’ style Dunwoody cottage, is a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine attributes. Done-up in a fresh color scheme, the interior floods with natural light. One of the most amazing features of this apartment is the stunning sloped backyard that together with the edifice, adds a spectacular character to the ground floor. The kitchen is designed as a spacious breakout space, hence making it an imperative section of the house. While the mudroom and the bathrooms succeed at gratifying with the bright aesthetics, the living room, on the contrary, is earthy in tone and intimate in essence.  The bearing of arches at casual scopes, adds the flavor of elegance to this astonishing project.

Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet2
Rear-side ©
Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet3
Foyer ©
Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet4
Dunbar and Kitchen ©
Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet5
Mudroom ©
Cottage, Dunwoody - Sheet6
Master Bathroom ©

6. European Farmhouse, Chastain Park

This European Farmhouse holds a blend of classic design and rustic appearance. White-oak floors that add a Belgian flavor and the rough-hewn ceiling beams with barn wood, together add texture and warmth to this transitional space. The house has open floor plans that set up a bright atmospheric vibe, hence welcoming more and more light. For the furniture, accessories, and antiques, the style shifts to traditional. The modern and elegant farmhouse features an alluring porch that overlooks the backyard and pool. With a balanced mix of different styles and moods, the project is a worthy exemplar of fulfilling home interiors.

European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet2
Rear-side ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet3
Living Room ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet4
Foyer ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet5
Kitchen ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet6
Porch ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet7
Front FacadeMaster Bedroom ©
European Farmhouse, Chastain Park - Sheet8
Dining Room  ©

7. Cottage, Brookhaven

Located in the historic city of Brookhaven, this cottage style house is as modern as stated by the Doric columns that hold the house’s porch. The improvement of the apartment sets its conceptual by staying true to the period of the house with updates for today’s lifestyle. Retaining the cottage-like feel of the home and injecting openness to the interior, the renovation was successful in blending the forms with functions. One striking feature of the house is the sloped garden at the backside which makes it stand out from the traditional gardening styles, besides opening up an interesting play area for kids. The fresh yet warm color scheme of the home gives it a somewhat earthy and homely atmospheric vibe; hence the positive energy flows in and around.

Cottage, Brookhaven - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cottage, Brookhaven - Sheet2
Rear-side ©
Cottage, Brookhaven - Sheet3
Living Room ©
Cottage, Brookhaven - Sheet4
Foyer ©

8. Colonial Façade Renovation

Built-in the 1920s, this age-old structure with an expansive façade looks like it is picked from a children’s fairytale. So, when it underwent a facelift in recent years, this old soul was given a new life with the shift in color scheme and cladding style, outwardly disturbing its storybook character. The deep red facade was reinstated with an earthy color palette, hence giving it a more graceful look and balancing its enormous spread. Out of all the changes, the entrance marked the majors. It added a subtle and classic look with the implementation of a unique design. Keeping it traditional yet modern, this improvement is beautifully striking.

Colonial Façade Renovation - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Colonial Façade Renovation - Sheet2
Entrance ©
Colonial Façade Renovation - Sheet3
Entrance View ©

9. Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills

Way too modern, yet traditional and royal, this interior renovation gives one all the feelings of grandeur. The chic look of the apartment, produced with the decently vivid color scheme is absolute refreshment. The royal and minimalist interior sets up an atmosphere of celebration, while the traditional and alluring archways blend in to give it a homely feel. The touch of gold in the color palette adds a rhythmic amount of imperial to the character. The space features incredible details with beautiful doorways and the display of antiques at casual spots. The very feminine spirit of the home brings about a decent and elegant atmospheric vibe.

Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet1
Foyer ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet2
Dining Area ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet3
Kitchen ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet4
Archways ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet5
Side Porch ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet6
Front Porch ©
Interior Renovation, Brookwood Hills - Sheet7
Master Bathroom ©

10. Library, Brookwood Hills

Starred in a beautiful cottage of Brookwood Hills, this library is something that never goes off the trend. The very rustic and warm tone of the design sets in the perfect mood for reading. Space features a comfy seating, a mini pool-inspired coffee table, and a vintage chair. The teakwood finish and elementary linear and geometrical design make it all the more traditional and elegant. Besides a broad opening to the living area, space also features an extensive window that engulfs the space with just the right amount of daylight. The graceful details, lovely nooks, and nostalgic vibes, undoubtedly make it a gem project.

Library, Brookwood Hills - Sheet1
Doorway ©
Library, Brookwood Hills - Sheet2
View ©
Library, Brookwood Hills - Sheet3
Finishes ©

11. Cottage Façade Renovation

Like many fabrications of the early 20th century, even this cottage had a classical façade in deep red color. With the remodeling done in recent years, the edifice has endured a complete facelift that has brought about an innovative charming character.

The colonial-style additions and enhancements have brought life to this aging piece.  The new sloped roof and a bright white facade make it look very engaging and appealing. Also, the light color palette triumphantly invites more daylight, hence keeping the space glowing and lively. This refurbishment has radically transformed the older aged character to a new buoyant character.

Cottage Façade Renovation - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cottage Façade Renovation - Sheet2
Old Structure ©
Cottage Façade Renovation - Sheet3
View ©

12. Porch renovation

This stunning porch is the very own personal screen of the architect itself. Done-up in a very natural and vernacular style, the porch manifests a range of earthy tones with a snug atmosphere. Expressly designed for the fall, the fireplace of the room steals all glances. There’s a very traditional style and appealing in nature swing on one edge. The very raw texture scheme of the space makes it blend with the outside views, while the warm look makes it welcoming.

This casual yet elegant porch serves as a perfect breakout at any time of the day.

Porch renovation - Sheet1
Angular View ©
Porch renovation - Sheet2
Fireplace ©
Porch renovation - Sheet3
Swing ©

13. Christmas Interior, Chastain Park

With a consonant palette of blue and white, this apartment in Chastain Park presents the perfect backdrop for an elegant Christmas. The home is excellently layered by the blend of the new with the old. While the lovely interior sets the celebration vibe, the increased use of white brings in a bonus of light, hence making the space flowing and bright. This weekend home is emphasized with fancy art pieces and luxurious texture-schemes that bring about the grandeur. This unique design opens up more channels to the design scheme that can be used to draw inspiration.

Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet1
Kitchen ©
Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet2
Archway ©
Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet3
Study ©
Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet4
Bathroom ©
Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet5
Dresser ©
Christmas Interior, Chastain Park - Sheet6
Porch ©

14. Cape Cod Style Home

With perfect symmetry and a curb appeal, this authentic cottage is a complete justice to the Cape Cod style of architecture. The age-old structure with good bones underwent an impressive facelift to maintain its aura, besides refining the little imperfections with details. The swooped copper roof at the entrance, adds prominence to the cottage, while the white lattice columns put a subtle twist in tradition. The minimalist Juliet balcony serves as an icing on the cake to the embellishment of French doors. Also, the exterior cladding affixed sophistication while keeping up with the quirky charm of the façade.  With basic and neat developments, this project has set standards for smart renovations.

Cape Cod Style Home - Sheet1
Front Facade ©
Cape Cod Style Home - Sheet2
Rear-side ©
Cape Cod Style Home - Sheet3
Entrance Detail ©

15. Carriage House, Brookhaven

The representative of the colonial style, this carriage house is a remarkable model of ‘Beauty in Simplicity.’ This edifice is composed of basic geometrical and symmetrical plans, portraying a related character even on the exterior. Despite a color palette of warm tones, the minimalist breakouts still contrive to create a vivid drama in the appearance of the bungalow. The entrance gate marks a very striking feature of the basic design despite being very low, simple, and elementary. Also, the texture scheme of the house is rather balanced and minimal than being dramatic and ornamental. With easy-going setups and neat detailing, this carriage house attracts enormous nostalgic glances.

Carriage House, Brookhaven - Sheet1
View ©
Carriage House, Brookhaven - Sheet2
Entrance ©
Carriage House, Brookhaven - Sheet3
Front Facade ©

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