The independent designer brand BIBILEE has launched a 5-month pop-up store for an offline brand experience. The project is located on the 3rd floor of Upper Hills. After BIBILEE took over the location, it was transformed into a brand pop-up store within a month. This minimalist space designed by MOC DESIGN is bringing a new life to the location.

Project Name: BIBILEE at Upper Hills
Design Company: MOC Design Office
Chief Designers: Wu Xiuwei, Liang Ningsen
Design Phase: Dec 2019 – Jan 2020
Completion: Apr 2020
Location: T0329, 3rd Floor, Upper Hills, Futian District, Shenzhen
Area: 110㎡
Main Materials: Stainless steel, oriented strand board
Photography: Nie Xiaocong

©Nie Xiaocong

Fashion and architecture seem to have nothing to compare, but are closely related due to their social attributes for human – fashion expresses the differences between individuals through fabrics, styles and techniques, while architecture is about materials, shapes, and architectural details.

The brand uses pleating technique as its core to create a distinctive style of clothing. When designing the space, MOC DESIGN also sets out with this feature. From materials to the texture and shape, pleats and folds are well fit together, which highly keep the space and brand in consistency.

©Nie Xiaocong

Act according to the site

Due to the temporary nature of the store, MOC DESIGN minimizes decoration as much as possible in the design to amplify the effect with minimal changes. Based on the specific site and the construction period, designers abandoned the conventional excessive display and design in the fashion commercial space, and retained the original texture of the concrete columns and some concrete walls, only with the ceiling painted white. The white oriented strand boards (OSBs) are used to enclose the bottom wall, and set up the central display with stainless steel. The linear light strips establish the order within the space – no redundant surface decoration reflects a kind of restrained experimental aesthetic.

There are no fixed display racks in the space. Instead, the most common metal display racks are adopted in the showroom. The tin foil wrapped on the shelves conveys the core technique of the brand in a low-key manner. The brand color Klein Blue is used to decorate the space, which not only lights up the space, but also effectively improves the rate of customers entering the store, and makes them deeply impressed with the brand.

©Nie Xiaocong

A dialogue between clothing fabrics and space materials

The main materials used are oriented strand boards pressed from broken wood and tin foils commonly seen in kitchens. The OSB is painted with a thin layer of white latex paint, so that under the milky white paint, the original texture can still be revealed, which echoes the clothing fabric.

The tin foil is crumpled and then unrolled. The random handmade texture and metallic nature of the material respond to the techniques and gloss of the fabrics, contrasting with the matte milky OSBs. These materials strengthen people’s perception of the brand’s core fabric and become part of the brand impression.

MOC Design Office

Rational and detail-oriented space is created with mood concern for environment, close observation and creativity for people. MOC Design Office is an independent design firm based in Shenzhen, China to provide all sorts of design services including rational and detail-oriented architecture, interior and product design.

MOC understands how to achieve design value through the truly original solutions, which not just well react to the client’s actual design goals, but also take the uniqueness of the project as the opportunity for better rather than restriction. Therefore, the result of each project is the response to the in-depth relation between the construction conditions and design strategies.


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