In architecture and design, architects and designers express their creativity through distinctive creations, staying at the forefront of the stage. While journalists play a significant role in delivering these creative manifestations to audiences through acclaim or criticism.

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One such well-known name in architecture and design journalists is Kieran Long. He has over 20 years of experience as a BBC broadcaster, journalist, author, critic, educator, public speaker, and curator in architecture, design, and museums.

He believes that journalist have the unique opportunity to observe the world and share their observations and insights with readers throughout the globe. However, that’s not too unlike what architects do.

Background and Education

Kieran Long is a born in Britain. As a child, Long devoted his time to literature. His passion was for literature, which he pursued at Cardiff University and graduated in 1998 with a degree in english literature. At a time when theoretical comprehension was emphasized in liberal arts education, he claims that this was his path into architecture.

“I’d be lying if I said I had a strong interest in architecture as a teenager.” I most emphatically did not. “Because I had a critical theory background, English literature gave me a way in,” he explained (Long 2012). He believed that the theoretical canon of architecture was explained to him, and he learned about the books that had been included in it. Based on such books, he was certain that his education was much above that of typical architects. They do a lot more than simply theoretical work. 

“I take seriously things that architects are trained not to take very seriously.” – Kieran Long

Long, who had a good theoretical sensibility, had the bravery to join in architectural discussions, and architects immediately took note. “It gave me a good platform to talk to them about and say, ‘Well, maybe you don’t fully understand what someone like Derrida is writing about, or what construction is, or what post-modernism was to me.” (Long 2012)


After completing his education, Kieran Long pursued a job that allowed him to combine his interests in design, architecture, and journalism. He demonstrated his competence and dedication to advancing design quality in several editorial positions in prestigious journals.

He started his journalism career as a deputy editor of Icon magazine (2006-2007). He then became the editor-in-chief of the Architects’ Journal and the Architectural Review (2007-2009). In addition, he was an architectural critic for the Evening Standard. Restoration Home, The House That £100k Built, and The £100k House: Tricks of The Trade (all BBC2) are among his television credits, and he is a regular guest on BBC Radio 3’s Night waves, where he discusses architecture and the city. 

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The House That 100k Built S02E05

Apart from professional field, he has also been involved in academics. Kieran has taught at the Royal College of Art and London Metropolitan University, as well as consulted for Design for London, the Mayor of London’s urban design agency.

At the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, Long served as David Chipperfield’s associate director. Kieran Long was a curator (2013-2017) at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, responsible for making major contributions. While at the V&A, he was responsible for curating several important exhibitions investigating how design, architecture, and culture overlap. His time spent working as a curator gave him great insight into the world of design but also assisted him in developing his editorial vision.

London museum has controversially acquired the world’s first 3D-printed gun._©authorKieran Long interview: “Can these parts go together and kill someone? The answer is yes.” | Dezeen

Long has been director of the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (Arkitektur- och design centrum) in Stockholm since 18 April 2017. His goal is to make ArkDes one of the most important places in Europe where people talk about how design affects public life. “I hope that I can bring an international perspective to the Swedish debate and help ArkDes continue to be an exciting visitor experience, a place of research and study, and a place of discussion about how we will live in the future” said Long. (Long 2017)

Beyond his work as an editor, Long possesses a wide range of knowledge. He is a well-respected writer, and critic in the design community. He is the author of articles and essays published in various journals and delves into a wide range of topics, including design and architecture. His articles frequently demonstrate his excellent observations, insightful critical analysis, and insightful ideas that provoke thought.


Throughout his career, Kieran Long has been recognised for his significant contributions to design and architecture. He is now recognized as a leader in design journalism and design curation as a result of his work. He has made major contributions to promoting design quality and the knowledge of what constitutes excellent design by integrating his expertise in architecture, design, and journalism.

The way he approaches design journalism often reveals a profound respect for how art, culture, and architecture intersect. His editorial approach combines critical analysis with a celebration of innovative design, providing readers with insights into emerging trends, significant projects, and creative minds defining the industry. Moreover, he celebrates inventive design.

Long’s capacity to bridge the gap between academic and popular spheres has also established him as a highly sought-after pundit and speaker. He shared his expertise and his thoughts and opinions on various design-related topics at several conferences, panel discussions, and lectures.

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