An Edwardian terrace in Muswell Hill was extended and refurbished to create a comfortable, low energy house. The original structure of the house was revealed, its modest beauty celebrated.

Energy requirements are reduced dramatically by insulating, triple-glazing and improving airtightness. New additions include a rear extension and a loft conversion.

Location: 1 Halliwick Road, London, N10 1AA
Construction cost: £250,000
Tender date: 01/02/2020
Start on the site date: 01/04/2020
Completion date: 01/10/2021
Gross internal floor area: 190m2
Form of contract and/or procurement: JCT Minor Works
Annual co2 emissions: 4600 kgCO2e
Architects: Architecture for London, credit:
Structural engineer: Architecture for London
Services engineer: Green Building Store
Main contractor: Construction Hub

Selected suppliers:
Design Driven / Grassi Pietre
Really Well Made
Reliance Veneers

Photographers: Lorenzo Zandri and Christian Brailey

Low Energy House By Titas Grikevicius - Sheet1
©Lorenzo Zandri and Christian Brailey

As the home of Ben Ridley, Director at Architecture for London, this project aims to be an exemplar for the sustainable refurbishment of a typical terraced home in London, with a constrained budget. Both embodied energy and energy in-use have been considered in depth.

Design features include timber structure, triple glazing, a continuous airtight layer and insulation to the entire building envelope. Walls were insulated externally at the side and rear, and internally at the front with wood fibre. Insulating internally at the front has allowed the original Edwardian facade to be preserved.

Low Energy House By Titas Grikevicius - Sheet4
©Lorenzo Zandri and Christian Brailey

Masonry nib walls were retained at ground floor to avoid energy-intensive steel box frames. Natural materials including stone, timber and lime plaster were used throughout rather than cement-based products.

The rear extension was built in highly insulated 172mm SIPS and all existing building elements achieved a Passivhaus standard U-value of 0.15 or better.

Low Energy House By Titas Grikevicius - Sheet7
©Lorenzo Zandri and Christian Brailey

An MVHR system provides pre-heated fresh air, creating a warm and comfortable home. The system also filters the incoming air, removing pollen, diesel particulates and NOx to create a healthy indoor environment.


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