‘Piccolo Bar’ is a small wine-bar [as the name suggests] born on the ashes of a historic spot in the city which has now been closed for several years, with the proposal of the international brand IE Italian Exellence di Dall’Ava. With only 28 square meters of administration under the arcades of Palazzo D’Aronco in the center of Udine, ‘Piccolo Bar’ is a place dedicated to the enhancement of local wines accompanied by tapas and a selection of the best prosciutto by Dall ‘Ava.

Project Name: PICCOLO BAR
Studio Name: VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company

Piccolo Bar at: Rialto street, 2/I, 33100 Udine (UD), Italy
Interior design project by: Visual Display S.r.l. [interior, identity, stories] – Udine, Italy.

Visual Display is a creative company specializing in space branding and interior design for retail, hospitality, bar & restaurant, exhibition, and workplace. With some special interior projects dedicated to private homes or villas. The mission of Visual Display is not only to design beautiful interiors but places where people feel good and fully enjoy the space that surrounds them. [https://www.visualdisplay.it/en

Photography: Camilla Bach
Press Contact: Giorgio Di Bernardo

PICCOLO BAR By VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet7
©Camilla Bach

The interior design is informal but refined, with more than one level of perception of the space – between the old and the new – and a lot of details to be discovered little by little; it’s characterized by the use of the aqua-green color block that covers all surfaces, leaving traces of the past visible.

PICCOLO BAR By VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet1
©Camilla Bach

A concept focused on removing rather than adding: removing all the unnecessary walls, the stratification of the interventions carried out over time and the original heights of the room were brought to light. Using, according to a purely functional logic, all the niches and the resulting spaces. The floor, an original terrazzo from the past, has also been restored and maintained.

Large rattan chandeliers – a material that also characterizes some other furnishing elements – float and entirely fill the ceiling allowing a glimpse of the wide height of the space that continues beyond them, with the original skylight that lets the sunlight through.

PICCOLO BAR By VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet12
©Camilla Bach

The countertop – made by assembling wooden blocks obtained from a single exotic wood trunk – is conceived as a puzzle to take full advantage of space and functionality.

The large bottle rack that occupies the entire wall facing the counter is a raw iron tubular structure with leather and wood details and displays the refined selection of mainly regional wines also offering some niches for on-site drinks.

Indoor and outdoor are one, with a big freestanding tapas showcase at the center, facing towards the convivial tables under the arcade.


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