John Hill, an architect by training, also blogs and serves as the editor-in-chief of World Architect’s magazine. In 1996, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Kansas State University in Italy. Following graduation, three years later, he started ‘A weekly dose of Architecture’ ((1999-2014), a website still active today. The site encourages reading about architecture by featuring reviews of recently released architecture books, usually once a week. His selection for this volume spans centuries, continents, genres from Le Corbusier to Rem Koolhaas, and some fictional writings. The successors of the blogs are A Daily Dose of Architecture Books from 2019-2021. The books are categorized as manifestos, histories, education, housing, monographs, buildings, exhibitions, building cities, and critiques. Each includes a reproduction of the book’s cover, a few spreads, and Hill’s insightful, engaging, and personal assessment of what makes the book special and essential.

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John Hill _©
In addition to this, he spent ten years working as an architect for several companies until he decided to relocate to New York in 2006. There in New York, he pursued his master’s in Urban Planning at City College of New York. After that, he joined World Architects in 2009 as a writer and publisher, which marked his beginning in the journey of architectural writing. In 2011, along with being a writer, he was also an adjunct assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology, teaching visualization and architecture design. During the same years, he also contributed to Houzz publications focusing on architecture-related articles on residences. The articles range from decoding masterpieces of architects such as Louis I Kahn to debating about modern homes and generating dialogues on contemporary architecture.  

His professional life has shown a strong passion for writing about architecture and working as an author and editor for international architects. His writing for World Architect’s Magazine spans various genres, from critiques of printed materials in blogs and articles to reviews of exhibits and global studio tours. Along with that, he speaks with numerous experts in the subject of architecture for brief interviews and Q&A sessions.

Apart from his editorial duties at World Architect, he is an independent writer and author. His first book, titled “Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture,” was released in 2011, followed by “NYC Walks: Guide to New Architecture,” in 2019. This publication sparked an interest in discovering NYC through architectural tours. Since then for 13 years now, he has been serving as a licensed architectural tour guide. He has developed custom tours around prestigious buildings such as 92Y, Van Alen Institute, Open House New York, Scarsdale Adult School, and aplusnyc. After that, he has been the author of 7 books that have been listed below:

Books by John Hill _©

Buildings in Print: 100 Influential and Inspiring Illustrated Architecture Books

Prestel · Jun 29, 2021

“Buildings in Print: 100 Influential & Inspiring Illustrated Architecture Books,” published by Prestel in June 2021.presents 100 architecture books across nine thematic chapters, from Le Corbusier’s “Towards a New Architecture” to books published within the last few years. He wrote the book descriptions and captions and took photographs of the book covers and interior spreads. 

Link to publication:

 Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-First-Century Architecture

The University of Illinois Press · Jun 8, 2021

The Chicago Architecture Center “Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-First-Century Architecture,” published by the University of Illinois Press in June 2021, features 200 buildings and landscapes in the city and suburbs across 21 chapters, with maps, colour photographs, and sidebars to include even more projects.

Link to publication:

NYC Walks: Guide to New Architecture

Prestel · Mar 12, 2019

“NYC Walks: Guide to New Architecture,” published by Prestel in March 2019, covers ten architectural walking tours that the author has been giving since the publication of his first book on contemporary NYC architecture in 2011. It includes photographs by Pavel Bendov and maps produced by the book’s designer, AHL&CO.

Link to publication:

100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs

Prestel · Oct 10, 2017

“100 Years, 100 Landscape Designs,” published by Prestel in October 2017, features 100 landscape designs from the last 100 years—one project per year from 1917 to 2016.

Link to publication:

How to Build a Skyscraper

Rotovision · Oct 3, 2017

This work-for-hire book collects 46 skyscrapers from around the world, ranging from the Flatiron Building from 1902 to the Lotte World Tower, completed in 2017., accompanied by the author’s understanding followed by photos and specially commissioned drawings, focuses on the history, engineering, and construction of the skyscrapers.

Link to publication:

100 years, 100 Buildings100 Years, 100 Buildings

Prestel · Oct 6, 2016Prestel · Oct 6, 2016

“100 Years, 100 Buildings,” published by Prestel in October 2016, features 100 buildings from the last 100 years—one building per year from 1916 to 2015.

Link to publication:

Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture

  1. W. Norton · Dec 5, 2011

“Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture,” published by W. W. Norton in December 2011, is a collection of over 200 buildings and spaces in all five boroughs completed since 2000.

Link to publication:

John Hill’s critical writings over different genres have contributed significantly to the architecture writing industry. His curious and insightful views on architecture cater to professionals and aspiring students to look at architecture from different lenses and develop a different perspective around it. His combined passion for writing, followed by guided tours, has given him insights through the first person, which is very well reflected in his publications. This invaluable resource will serve as essential writing in architecture, broadening one’s view, exchanging dialogues and providing relevance for years to come.


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Pooja shah a young designer, who believes design is a holistic process which is a culmination of various entities such as responding to context, material detailing, cultural understanding and way of living, through these she strives to tell stories that are unique and true to itself.