Sweden is regarded as one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable nations. The nation is also noted for having the highest rate of urbanisation in all of Europe. The country looks to its architects to provide the solution in order to balance the progress of urbanisation and sustainability. The country’s policies regarding sustainability encourage its architects to work in the sector. The quest for sustainable architecture began presumably in the 1960s with the modification of an existing township in an effort to address the housing need and improve housing standards.

Over time, more laws have been passed to support residents’ healthy lifestyles and sustainable development. Despite the fact that many Swedish architects have worked in the field to help Sweden achieve its goal of becoming fully sustainable by 2045, only a few Swedish architects and their works are covered here.

  • Kjellander Sjöberg

Stockholm-based Kjellander Sjöberg Architects was founded in 1998. The company recently won the competition for the Nacka port, which is located halfway between Nacka and Stockholm and is based on the idea of “vibrant urban surroundings with an engaging and varied program.” The work methodology used by Kjellander Sjöberg places a strong emphasis on the process itself and is built on open communication and close collaboration with both project teams as well as with customers and partners. Urban quality, innovation, and sustainability are all topics the firm operates on. According to the firm’s website, life, society, fabric, form, and environment are some of the fundamental components of their every design.

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    White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter is one of the most prominent architectural firms in Scandinavia. With the intention of enhancing society, the firm was established in 1951. Their goal is to use the art of architecture to facilitate sustainable living on a global scale. The firm’s goal is to achieve climate neutrality in all of its architecture by the year 2030 through superior design. According to the firm’s website, the individual job has an impact on the lives of many people, both current and future generations, so one should act responsibly by functioning within the ecological limits of the world. The firm contends that they develop environments in which individuals can flourish and develop in harmony with nature.

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Sara Cultural Centre, Skellefteå_https://whitearkitekter.com/project/sara-cultural-centre/
  • Wingårdh arkitektkontor

Wingardh Arkitektkontor is a Swedish architectural firm. Gert Wingardh, the founder, is in charge of the practice. Gert Wingardh, one of Sweden‘s most celebrated living architects, used his whimsical design aesthetic and passion for eye-catching materials to transform Swedish architecture from its International Style heritage into a modern style. His company creates anything from little residential residences to office buildings, shopping malls, and public structures. The crews handle new construction, remodelling work, and additions. The firm has expertise in sustainability and supports long-term societal advancement.

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THE NOBEL SNOWFLAKE_https://divisare.com/projects/256711-wingardhs-the-nobel-snowflake
  • Tengbom

Ivar Tangbom, a Swedish architect, established Tengbom in 1906, making it one of the country’s oldest architectural firms. The firm’s work is to produce architecture that helps build a resilient and climate-neutral society where people feel safe and healthy. In addition to offering high-level expertise and strategic alliances, the company also mentors, involves, and collaborates with customers, users, and the larger world from a sustainability viewpoint. In order to accomplish Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, the group adopted long-term sustainability goals that are integrated with their business strategy and implemented in their daily operations. Additionally, the firm worked on research and development projects and participated in a number of regional programs, including the Uppsala Climate Protocol and the Local Roadmap for a Fossil-Free Malmö 2030.

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    Arlanda Airport_https://en.tengbom.se/project/arlanda-vip-services/


FOJAB Architects was founded in 1971 and is one of Sweden’s major architectural firms. The goal of FOJAB architects is to use design to create a sustainable city where people and organisations may coexist and advance. “Freedom of opinion, Joy in the process, Strength in teamwork, Pride in the result” is the theme of fojab. As a member of the Sweden Green Building Council, FOJAB is accustomed to working on projects that call for environmental certification. For example, Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM, City Lab Action, Svanen, and FEBY passive dwellings are among the environmental certification systems in which FOJAB has qualified environmental building coordinators and specialist knowledge. 

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Lund District Court_©Archdaily Felix Gerlach
  • Marge Arkitekter

Marge Arkitekter was established in 2002 and currently employs 35 people. The office has a thorough and wide range of references, including both private and public projects. It has also won numerous awards and has been featured in both domestic and international media. When designing architecture, Marge Arkitekter puts humans first at all scales. A spatially adventurous architecture that is distinguished by a material-aware and site-specific design is present in all of their projects. Marge Arkitekter is a member of the Sweden Green Building Council and holds quality and environmental certifications in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

On their official website, they state that the research and programme work that forms the foundation of their working methodology allows them to evaluate places and programmes in light of both social and physical elements. Their method results in a building with a personality that is understated but expressive and where the entire is just as significant as the detail. They design structures, cities, and interiors based on intentional stances that incorporate all facets of sustainability. Our projects are more successful when we are responsive and work well together.

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The Pavilion / Röda Huset_https://www.marge.se/projects/the-pavilion?lang=en-US
  • Utopia Arkitekter

Utopia Arkitekter is made up of a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, specialities, and personalities. The firm puts a strong emphasis on sustainability in its work. Their approach to projects is founded on the principle that they should apply as much of the office’s collective expertise and knowledge to each project as is practical.

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  • Kaminsky Arkitektur

An international award-winning architectural studio, Kaminsky Arkitektur has received recognition from organisations, including the World Architecture Festival, MIPIM Awards, and Green Dot Award. They are well known for their prominent positions in sustainability issues, where they actively participate in the current discussion. Instead of viewing architecture as a potent weapon that can enhance our reality, it has for far too long been considered as a surface decoration that may be applied at the conclusion of a process. They want to create structures with a small environmental impact that makes people happy.

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    JORDBRO CENTER_https://www.kaminsky.se/projekt/jordbro-centrum/

    Kanozi Arkitektur

KANOZI Arkitekter is a competition-winning, profitable, and ever-expanding architectural business with approximately 60 workers. This Sweden-based architecture firm has offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. The goal of Kanozi Arkitektur is to create a long-lasting, sustainable society where people are happy, and businesses may prosper. According to the firm’s perspective on sustainability, many additional improvements are based on the climate. They put a lot of emphasis on environmental and climate challenges, but it does not imply they ignore economic and social sustainability issues. Instead, they think that via deliberate design, they may encourage more inclusiveness, security, and social connection. “Everything we do, we do with people in focus – those who will look at and feel, remain in and use what we draw,” is the firm’s philosophy.

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    Circus Santa Central housing in Gothenburg_https://www.kanozi.se/projekt/cirkustomten/

    KAWA Arkitektur

KAWA arkitektur was established in 2003. They operate at the intersection of interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture.

In order to ensure that the client benefits the most from the unique circumstances of the assignment, they strive to produce architecture for each project from an economical and sustainable standpoint. This implies, among other things, that they always begin each project with a detailed review of the current situation, whether it be for new construction or refurbishment. With environmentally friendly materials that can resist modifications and additions over time, they aim to achieve adaptable and sustainable solutions in every project.

Baltic Sea Science Center_https://kawa.se/projekt/


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