This 100 m2 flat is located in the historical centre of Vienna. The design studio was tasked with developing and implementing an interior design for a family.  The challenge was that the entrance hall, dining area as well as the living room are passageways.

Studio Name:  Anastasia Reicher Interior Design & Decoration
Area: Vienna 1 district.
Year: 2022
Location: Austria
Photography Credits: Oksana Guzenko
Other Credits: Art Wallphotography Sergey Afanasiev.
Built in furniture: Pachner Ihr Tischler.

Apartment Weihburggasse 100 m2 1010 Vienna by Anastasia Reicher Interior Design & Decoration - Sheet3
©Oksana Guzenko

Therefore the designers zoned the space with built-in furniture, separating the dining area from the hallway.  The refrigerator, microwave and coffee machines were moved out of the small kitchen and into the dining area, blending in with the overall concept of the room. The living room has many functions.

Apartment Weihburggasse 100 m2 1010 Vienna by Anastasia Reicher Interior Design & Decoration - Sheet7
©Oksana Guzenko

It is both a sleeping place, and an office, and a place for the whole family to relax. For this reason, the sleeping area (double bed) is integrated into the large storage system, and the desk is also integrated into the room. To get rid of the feeling of a connected room, the door to the adjoining room (the teenage room) is hidden in the wardrobe.  The designers have tried to maintain the spirit of the historic building, while at the same time adding a mix of modern and functional furniture. The old door and doorways were left, repainted black. The walls of the flat are decorated with the photographer’s artwork Sergey Afanasiev .  The teenager’s room has been designed so that when the youngster moves into his own accommodation, the room will become a full-fledged bedroom.


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