A seldom portray of user’s needs.

More consumption, lesser expansion.

In the era of advanced technologies and innovations, everyone wants to utilize more resources but less chaotically. It’s rare to portray variant activities in small spaces. As roaming all around for work needs, switching between gadgets and spaces creates interruptions very frequently. Nowadays, technology has simplified user needs with ‘Do it All’ innovations. The same wave has reached the field of architecture and interior design

Considering current scenarios everyone has gone through, the house or a place in the house became the go-to comfort place where all the members gather to perform differently. But an area created for a particular task can hinder their activities- as a living room bearing an entertainment zone where one cannot study or work. That consideration flooded the designers or architects with the concept of Multifunctional spaces. 

What are multifunctional spaces? 

Any section or room of the house performs various roles to satisfy the occupants despite their generation gap, different thoughts, and activities.

Is this concept suitable for compact spaces? 

It takes a lot of work to make different setups for different needs in smaller areas. The professionals using modern concepts make it possible to create multifunctional spaces.

Evaluate the needs | Multifunctional Room

Understanding the needs of the inhabitants is the most prior aspect to consider when designing or modifying a space. It is necessary to understand the functional and spatial requirements of the room to discuss ways of planning it. As per minimalist needs, the living room is the most usable and common area where all the family members catered to perform different activities. Similarly, in the current scenario, a habitable space gets utilized in such a manner that a bedroom does not acquire only for comfort or resting but is sometimes a workstation, a cozy study, or maybe a game room.

How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet1
Contemporary living room_©Amy A. Alper, Architect https://www.houzz.com/photos/healdsburg-transformation-contemporary-living-room-san-francisco-phvw-vp~6794154

In this picture, it is clear how an architect innovated the elements to fulfill the spatial needs in a compact space. They compiled the living space at the entrance lobby with a kitchen and seating space with a view of the outdoor space as a compilation of various functions.

Design the needs  

It is possible to carry out every space in various ways to make it more efficient. Similarly, to fulfill the extent we can convert a single-use space into a multifunctional space with the following factors – 

Additions to the existing | Multifunctional Room

To extend the spatial function of any space, designers can work on the addition of elements structurally or fabricated furnishings. 

How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet2
Open plan Living space_©IKEA/Lisa Cohen https://www.realhomes.com/design/room-divider-ideas

To provide appropriate use of open-plan living space for multipurpose, one can add levels to the floor areas with wooden decks, carpets of different materials, and within green or acoustical screens.

How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet3
Showcasing open plan multifunctional area including dining, living, and hobby area_©Designcafe https://www.designcafe.com/blog/living-room-interiors/living-room-partition-design-ideas/

Another way to execute the multifunction area is to add a structural partition with variations in materials to define the particular function. As shown above, the rustic wall and concrete look partitions define living, eating, and activity in one place.

Using vertical and horizontal storage spaces  

Every household desires to have plenty of storage while consuming lesser areas. Sometimes fulfilling all the needs together seems more work in compact spaces. Therefore, designers can use extrusion, intrusion, and the addition of storage spaces within structural elements. 


How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet4
A sense of more space, Multifunctional room_©Hipcouch https://www.hipcouch.com/magazine/space-saving-ideas-small-homes

Vertical storage utilizing a loft bed can increase the space within the room to add on other utilities. Such as the room above, with the addition of a loft bed, is composed study desk with vertical wall storage for books and living space to add more value. Even the wooden steps toward the bed provide extra storage space.

How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet5
Apartment interior, Mexico by Cadaval & Solà-Morales_©Imagen Subliminal https://www.archdaily.com/800492/cordoba-flat-cadaval-and-sola-morales

Designing a mezzanine space can add extra area to organize other functional creations in less space. Open well stairs going upward provides a mezzanine gallery that occupies a pantry and wardrobe adjoining a living and dining area.

Installing custom-made furniture | Multifunctional Room

Existing spaces are complex to make changes as per current demands. Rather than renovating structural elements, the most effective way to involve multifunctional spaces is to install custom pieces of furniture that can work per multiple roles. 

How to plan a multifunctional room - Sheet6
The couch-bed_©Design cafe https://thearchitecturedesigns.com/multi-functional-furniture-ideas/

Installing a lift-up bed that turns out as a couch can be a significant element for open-plan habitable spaces. A wardrobe invention for bed cum couch with an adjacent workstation and storage shelf is a go-to multifunction solution for Do it all things.

Space saving furniture_©Design cafe https://www.designcafe.com/blog/home-interiors/multi-purpose-furniture-ideas/

Furniture is the most aesthetic and characteristic element of any house that can affect the mood of any person utilizing it for daily activities. Yet comfortable and aesthetic, the furniture should be a space saver that can excite the users owning small apartments.

While designing furniture, one can keep in mind to install the lesser-used elements as secondary to make space for other primary functions. Like the wardrobe shutter may provide a space for LED and eliminate the extra space required for Tv cabinets.


The design creations and innovations can help the person to compile their requirements and demands by focusing on aesthetical ambiance. Even with fewer resources, architects and interior designers have made it comfortable for people to perform. It is possible to consume less carpet area with the help of multifunctional spaces.

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