Kolkata-based designer Ajay Arya’s A Square Designs is one of the most sought-after among the city’s elite for its richly detailed, art-filled luxe interiors. They present an ultra-luxury living room steeped in elegant opulence.

Project Name: Luxurious Living Room
Studio Name: Square Designs

Luxurious Living Room by Square Designs - Sht2
©Square Designs

The living room abounds with modern regal interiors. The space has been divided into two clusters of seating. In the living area, the wall behind the sofa is done up with a pashmina panel featuring a hand-embroidered paisley pattern. The centre table is embellished with intricate mother-of-pearl inlay, enhancing the overall grandeur of the décor.

Luxurious Living Room by Square Designs - Sht3
©Square Designs

A screen made of anodised aluminium with inserts of malachite and glass separates the family lounge and living area. The lounge space features a leather sofa, a huge TV panel with shelving for books, décor pieces, and storage for alcohol. The painting is by Prangopal Ghosh.

The furniture is customised in-house at Ochre at Home accentuating the luxe character of the space.  Muted colours of the furnishings and rugs further enhance the play of refined finishes and textures, multiplying the luxury quotient of the living room.

©Square Designs

The urban setting of the space dictates its modern vibe with lots of natural light seeping into the interiors. The light colour palette complements the brightly lit space and the green exteriors. The home is designed to keep the high moisture levels of the city using marble.

About A Square Designs:

Established in 1999, Kolkata-based A Square Designs specializes in interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Founder Ajay Arya has conjured up delightfully modern and contemporary interiors for various properties. Transforming urban spaces into visually stunning creations has been his forte. Creative by nature and an interior design consultant by profession, Ajay has an unparalleled passion for creating space perfection.

The studio designs and implements interior jobs from scratch to totality. Planning spaces, detailed designing, and execution are all endeavored perfectly with fine workmanship. Intimate attention to detail and high taste has made Ajay create exquisite interior and furniture designs. His broad range of experience encompasses interior design for luxurious residential premises, commercial buildings and offices not only locally, but also nationwide.


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