Design Context 

We had the structure available to use beforehand..we had a few idea of making a bigger entertainment area by combing the dining area, but decided against it as a sit down dining was needed. We had a free hand in terms of design, though 3d renders were shared and approved from the client. He loved the initial renders and told us to go ahead with our vision even if certain changes were to be made. We envisaged a cool, welcoming ambience with a lot of visual elements. Truth be told we did not hold ourselves back to be being subtle and understated.

Location: Greater Kailash, New Delhi.
Area: The total area is 9500 sq. ft.
Configuration: It’s a penthouse with a terrace
Photography: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Pamposh Penthouse by Design Deconstruct - Sheet8
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

Client Brief

Our vision based on the client brief was of a party pad. Something different from what we usually do. Involving a lot of art deco elements…and to keep the styling and a look young and vibrant.

We had the flooring available to use when we got hold of the project. The ceilings required some thought as the height were not substantial, which is why we decided to go ahead by using some neat coves and only using drops where necessary for the air conditioning and other conduiting, we have also used steel accents on the ceiling of the entertainment lounge, to add a more visible detail. All the exposed surfaces are in marble and semi precious stone, this adds a lot of class and of course they age much better than other surfaces. For the upholstery on the furniture we have primarily used high quality velvets and leather. Most of the light fixtures have been curated locally since we had only 2 months for the design and build of the project. Another important trick was to make sure that the layout of space was such that it looks completed but still have a lot of movement space.

Pamposh Penthouse by Design Deconstruct - Sheet9
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

We have been thoughtful about the space planning. This is a penthouse which will primarily be used for hosting small gatherings of close friends and family like watching the cricket matches or for unwinding over the weekend. The terrace has a beautiful pool with a lounge next to it. All the spaces are more about the quality of design rather than the number of people that it can entertain. At any given point any common area of the space can entertain a max of 7-8 people.

Challenges Faced

Only one…getting everything done in 2 months, including the site work and the production of furniture, as well as sourcing of other materials.

Show-stopping element

The bar, it is inspired from a small accessory we saw in London this year…it shows a shelve of books in the front in hues of blue…

©Atul Pratap Chauhan


The project has a separate access with a separate lift designator, which goes straight to the penthouse. On the ground floor, we have our entrance lobby, which is just like a welcome area here to greet the guests or in case someone is supposed to wait for that. Then once we head upstairs, we enter into the lift lobby, which has access to the residential parts, that is, the bedrooms and the kitchen and the dining and the entertainment area. Apart from this, we also have a terrace, which 4s has an outdoor pool, an outdoor sitting area, an outdoor bar, as well as 2s another lounge on the terrace with a private spa. 2s Now coming to the entertainment room. The entertainment room is majorly designed around watching television, especially football games, cricket, et cetera, all of that, along with special emphasis on the bar, since the client, he likes to have a drink from time to time, along with his friends. 3s We had a lot of focus on 1s the television on the bar, and it was supposed to be a very comfortable area where you can just relax and chill out for longer duration, especially during the night. Right next to it, we have a dining area, which has a dining table for eight people. Other than that, we have a private lounge, which is right amongst the three bedrooms, and one of which is the master bedroom. The other two are actually guest rooms. Then we have an internal staircase which leads to the terrace.


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