Our homes are the places where we eat, relish whale of a time with family and friends, decorate and own them. Moreover, in the present day, with the advent of COVID-19, working from home is constantly encountered and are the places one spends most of their time. Plants are true mates that make a difference by maintaining calm and creating a lively environment indoorsThese are some of the best interior plants that are desirable because of their ornamental value and air purifying properties and that you can buy them at a florist calgary. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Snake Plant | Interior Plants

Dracaena trifasciata, which belongs to the family of Asparagaceae, is commonly known as Snake Plant. It is a species of flowering plant native to Asia and Africa. Snake plants are one of the most popular interior plants used for decor. 

In ancient Asian traditions, the snake plant was believed as the ideal plant in conflict against evil spirits and negative Chi.

Placing Snake Plants near a sunny window

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It’s an evergreen perennial plant with sword-shaped leaves, dense foliage. They enhance the spaces with their colours and upright growth pattern. The verticality of the leaves of the snake plant simulates grandeur in a space.

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Induces Vibrant Spaces

Besides creating alluring spaces, they maintain air quality. Snake Plant is one of the very few plants that can convert carbon dioxide into useful oxygen during night times. 

Natural Air Purifier

Carcinogenic chemicals such as Benzene and Formaldehyde can be eliminated from the air with the help of these natural air purifiers. This peculiar property makes it a mental health booster that can enhance mood, productivity.

2. African violet

Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia, which is known as African Violets, is a perennial flowering plant. They are one of the charming interior plants one can have in their office spaces and houses. 

African Violets in various colours

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African Violets are found in vibrant shades such as red, blue, pink, white, indigo and create lively interiors with their flowers. They are small species that can be contained in small pots.


10 interior plants for your Interiors - Sheet4

Mood Enhancers

One of the researchers also stated that gazing at these violets helps to calm down by the release of adrenaline. The bright colours of these flowers lighten the mood and enhance efficiency. They require bright, indirect sunlight, unlike other plants, which require more sunlight. Over- and under-watering African violets can lead to its demise. These tiny species are not toxic to pets and toddlers.

3. Dragon Tree | Interior Plants

Dracaena marginata, commonly referred to as Dragon Tree, is found in many diversities in leaf colours and sizes. It has sword-shaped leaves justifying its name which means female dragon. It has Air-purifying properties, which benefit health, change the aesthetics of a space.

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Natural Air Cleanser

It eliminates pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide, which can be generated due to the furnishings, paints, clothing and improves its quality. This further enhances one’s overall health by making breathing easier, fighting colds.

Elegant Interiors

Its long straight leaves create interest in the living spaces by adding bright colour and texture. Subsequently, they mitigate stress, anxiety and sharpen focus.

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Elegant Interiors https://www.thespruce.com/grow-dracaena-marginata-indoors-1902749

4. Chinese Evergreen Plants

Chinese Evergreen plants, scientifically known as Red Aglaonema, are indoor plants that are believed to be lucky, as a bringer of fortune as per Feng Shui. Its Air-cleansing properties and outlook create livable indoor spaces.


They have light pink and green foliage, which can spotlight any corner of the house. The striking colours of this plant also have a therapeutic effect on the mental and physical health of us humans. It needs low light and water and is easy to grow indoors.

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Toxicants  Eliminator

Chinese Evergreen plants absorb pollutants and toxins in the indoor air and improve air quality. This indirectly enhances health and happiness. 

Natural Air Cleanser

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5. Wax Plant | Interior Plants

Wax plant or Porcelain flower, scientifically known as Hoya carnosa, is an indoor flowering plant native to Eastern Asia and Australia

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It has a charming appearance with waxy foliage and aromatized light pink flowers, which can grow in pots and hanging baskets. The Light pink colour of the flowers evokes tranquillity and grounds hyperness. Its ornamental value enhances the ambience of living spaces.

Air Purifying properties

This non-toxic indoor plant requires low maintenance and has excellent air-purifying properties. They prefer bright light and an optimal temperature of 16–29 °C.

6. Christmas cactus

Schlumbergera, commonly known as Christmas Cactus, belongs to the Cactaceae family. It is also called Thanksgiving cactus, Crab cactus, and Holiday cactus.


It has hanging stems that resemble life-like pad structures connecting other stems and rosy flowers. These hanging branches are flat, glossy green segments that can grow about 3 feet long. It produces tubular flowers in pink or lilac colours.

Great ornamental value

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Perfect indoor plant

It is an ideal plant for indoors by virtue of its property of converting carbon dioxide to oxygen even at night times. You can place them in bedrooms or living areas wherever you spend most of your time. Moreover, the colourful flowers and the bright green colour of the stem positively impact one’s thinking, physical health, mood, and productivity.

7. Devil’s Ivy

Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as golden pothos or pothos, Devil’s eye, is native to the Solomon Islands. These tropical evergreen plants have a longer life and stay green even in the dark.

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Its trailing stems and distinguished markings on the leaves are visually evident. It has heart-shaped satiny leaves, which are quite distinct from other indoor plants.

Prime Decor Element


Air purifying Properties

In addition to an attractive outlook, it offers various health benefits. It is capable of eliminating toxicants such as formaldehyde and other dust particles. Exceptionally, it benefits patients suffering from Asthma and breathing problems. These low-maintenance, affordable plants improve the air quality indoors and lighten the mood.

8. English ivy | Interior Plants

English Ivy, scientifically known as Hedera Helix, is an evergreen creeper vine native to most of Western Asia and Europe. It has excellent ornamental value and can grow in pots and hanging pots. Owing to it being creepers, they are widely used for landscaping outdoors.



Improves Air Quality

English Ivy can return the love by cleansing the air. It is popular for its efficiency in eliminating benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, and certain toxicants from the air and improves air quality. Its dual roles of maintaining air quality and beautifying spaces make it preferable.

9. Chinese Money Plant

Pilea Peperomioides, commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant or missionary plant, is all the rage considering low maintenance, air filtration, and symbolism. This plant, which is native to southern China, belongs to a flowering plant species.


It has clingy stems and imitates dense foliage. It is attained due to the geometry of the shiny, dark green leaves, which are peltate-circular. It can be grown in smaller pots and placed on tables in the living areas.

Elegant Appearance


Since it resembles a coin, it is also believed to be lucky to have in homes and hence the name Chinese money plant. 

Air cleansing properties

This indoor plant has excellent air-cleansing properties, which help in removing formaldehyde from the air and adding more oxygen content to the air.

10. Amazon Lily | Interior Plants

Amazon Lily, scientifically known as Eucharis, is an evergreen flowering plant is native to Central and South America. These plants have an excellent ornamental value which can add beauty to any corner of the home or office.


It has white ornate flowers and widespread glossy leaves. Besides being one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, it brightens the interiors with star-shaped white flowers. The white colour of the flowers also establishes a peaceful and calm environment.


Amazon Lily Flowers


It is one of the desirable indoor plants for its great ornamental value and its air-purifying properties. Its added fragrance can enhance the mood and productivity of the people indoors.


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