Trig is an industrial design firm providing a full service to its consumer in diverse fields ranging from healthcare devices to durables. Full service stands for the customized service for every customer by understanding their needs, designing products, and crafting strategies for the success of their brand. They are known for their curious tinkerers, pragmatic approach, hunger for cool designs, dedication towards brand and always an extra attitude.

Trig ideates their service in 3 steps:

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  1. EXPLORE: Understanding the problem and researching the probable solutions.
  2. PROTOTYPE: Concept development for the design and company. Further preparing mockups and testing the proposed product.
  3. BUILD: Lastly, building the product with all the trial knowledge gained from the prototype stage and coming up with a breathtaking and innovative product or ideas.

The comprehensive service of Trig not only extends the product to the client but also provides the overall guidance for the product branding and development. 

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Digital Presence

The design thinking of Trig works in aligning the ideas of appealing user experience with the defined product goals. No two products of Trig are the same. Their vision to develop an excellent product, an excellent experience, an excellent service, and an excellent brand defines their work motive. Trig works on a virtual platform. Being digitally present for any kind of service is another room unique to this company.

“Conventional wisdom of working with product design firms says that we need to all be in the room together; Trig challenges that convention through their investment in digital collaboration tools and methodologies that drive a more efficient and effective process.  I am very happy with my decision to partner with Trig and give their methodology a try.  The unique ability to ‘test’ Trig versus a traditional firm showed that they are competing at the level of top-tier design groups, that their disruptive business model is highly effective and that Trig’s more digital innovation process can produce a better result.”

— Dax Allen, Marketing Director at Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp.

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Let’s discuss some of the Products by Trig that are next to excellence.

1. Sunscreenr

It is the product idea by a startup company – Voxlight developed and brought into reality by TRIG. When applied sunscreen, the product allows locating the difference in the skin that apprises of which area is not protected from the UV rays. 


When glancing through the product, the skin which is not protected appears white while the protected skin looks dark. This allows the person to detect the area quickly for the application. It is important because harmful UV rays can sometimes cause skin cancer. The product is useful on beaches where maximum skin is exposed to the sun for a longer duration. The sunscreen layer might get worn out from sweating, swimming, or playing with the kids. 

Design detail:

The size of the product is thoughtfully kept at the optimum size. Small and handy to be carried with the sunscreen and not too small to be lost in the vast sandy desert. The bright colors of the product go well with the beachside mood and the rubber material of the product provides grip in the greasy hand while applying sunscreen.

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2. Bicycle Saddle

Ergonomic Fit For Riders Of All Sizes

Trig was asked to develop a product for cycling lovers. The proposal was to design an ergonomic bicycle saddle that would enable the riders to comfortably ride cycles for a farther, faster, and longer duration. The client (Alter Ergo) was a startup cycling company that wanted to capture the most unprecedented experience of riders. After understanding the company’s vision and mission, Trig not only developed the product for it but also took up the service of branding and marketing the product for maximum reach.


The two groups of engineers and designers came up with a phenomenal product after extensive research and three times of prototyping. The biggest pain point noticed in the existing product was that it has to be adjusted as per the person’s fit and ergonomic experience before purchasing the cycle. Trig came up with the solution to resolve it with the flexible and adjustable saddle with a variance of width sizes. The user can adjust the width as per his comfortability at any time he wants.

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Bicycle saddle_©
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3. U-Lock For Bicycles

Lighting The Way To Safety And Security

Two major concerns for every cyclist are security and the visibility of the cycle in the dark. Statistics show that bicycles are one of the most stolen things and many road accidents happen due to the lack of visibility between a cyclist and a motor rider or any other vehicle. The client of Trig (BrightLoc) came up with a thought to design a product that would address the two concerns in one go. They have designed a steel U- lock system to be mount on the handle and seat post, for the security of cycles from thefts. The task for the Trig was to combine a Lighting system with it. Team of Trig came up with a modular 360-degree lighting system of LEDs on the front and rear of the U-lock system. The lighting is detachable and can be used as a separate accessory for example- Lighting the way while walking. The system is chargeable with a separate micro USB.

Design detail:

The challenge to design this product was to merge both the functions in a way that it looks like a ‘whole’. Also, the product should blend with the design of any cycle and not get highlighted separately.  To address this problem, a complementary and symmetrical design element is added on the other side for the aesthetic balance.

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4. Swimsafe Band

Safe Swimming For All

Swinsafe band is a swim monitoring system for children. It is an invaluable product for checking on children swimming and taking care if they are drowned or submerged in water for an extended period of time. It has proved to be reducing accidental drowning to a large extent. The client SEAL releases products in the swimming line. They proposed the idea of a swim safe band and asked Trig to work on its design, adaptability, and material, bringing the product into reality. 


The monitoring system has a wearable band for the neck, a hub to detect the band submerged in water with the help of RF technology, and a charger for neckband charging. 


The neckband needed to be comfortable to wear and exciting for children to try. Therefore extensive research has been done on human-centered design, for the comfortable material that doesn’t inch the wet skin and also the product doesn’t get spoiled or damaged in water. The colors of the band have been kept bright and shiny for children to like them.

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Swimsafe band_©

5. ZEISS C-UVProtect Tablet

Make Invisible UV light visible

This is a screening product that helps in knowing the level of UV radiation protection provided by optical devices. Many people know about the harmful effect of UV rays on the skin but very few know about its effects on the eyes.  There are a lot of adverse effects of UV rays on the eyes. To combat this, Zeiss, a global leader in technology dealing with optical devices, wanted to have a product for their customers to test the optimal devices for UV protection. Hence Trig with the team Zeiss came up with a phenomenal product to judge the lens for UV exposure and aid in the purchasing decision. 


The lens in the tablet appears dark, when there is full protection from the UV rays as per the standard set by the world health organization to 400 nm. The lighter the lens in the tablet, the less UV protection. This device works with the Augmented reality technology combined with an advanced optical array, which lets the purchaser have a visualization of its exposure on a tablet

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UV protect tablet_©
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_UV protect tablet_©

6. Weightlifting gear

Workout gear that doesn’t follow the rule

Trig in collaboration with NoCo., a company developing weightlifting and strength training gear, designed a product for gym enthusiasts and weight lifters. Several issues with the existing weightlifting products are unchanged for many years. The idea was to give the lifter redefined equipment with a holistic experience. The first idea for the redeveloping product is to inculcate more curling positions in ArmBlaster (Bicep isolation brace). Further to refining the designs of lifting gears- the lifting belt, the wrist wrap, the grip strap, and the knee sleeve. All four products are prototyped, tested, and developed with the user experience. Every minute detail as stitching is taken care of. Heavy and cumbersome products are made light and trimmed as required for a comfortable and effective experience.

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6. Eyewear Disinfection 

It is an invaluable product to disinfect optical devices. A simple button on the product lets UV light fall on it for effective disinfecting. It uses 4 germicidal UVC bulbs to throw the light instead of any chemicals or liquid. The product guarantees to kill 99.5% of the germs through its configuration. 

The device consists of the main body covered by a lid, attached with hinges. In order to put 6-10 pairs of eyewear, it needs to be opened completely therefore a 180-degree openable hinge is incorporated.

Having the capacity to disinfect 6-10 optical pairs in a few seconds proves the product to be most useful and invaluable for the eye care professional.

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Eyewear disinfection_©
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Eyewear disinfection_©
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Eyewear disinfection_©

7. Redbud Labs Stage

Trig has no competition when it comes to medical products & technology. Redlabs, a company that develops advanced technology in medicine and diagnostics to boost the assay performance. They tied up with Trig to develop a benchtop device for imaging solutions to function smoother. Trig came up with a device that drives the microfluidic mixing chip to provide thermal control, and flexibility of assembling internal configurations. MXR makes the clinical diagnostic 5x faster and 100x more sensitive. 

Designing of this stage features an organic and sleek product housing that has complete modularity with reconfigurable internal elements so that whenever redbud labs want to customize it for customers, it does not have to revisit for the product development.

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Redbud labs stage_©
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Redbud labs stage_©
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Redbud labs stage_©

8. Hand Dryer

The hand dryers by Trig were designed to compliment the new brand named P+L Systems. These hand dryers were ultra fast dryers that consumed very less energy which makes it ideal for peak washroom times. This visual aesthetic of the product has been aligned with the brand language of P+L new washroom.

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9. LifeFlow Rapid Infuser

Dr. Mark Piehl, a Pediatrician once found himself in a fix while operating a child. He needed to pump a lot of fluid into his patient and with sepsis, it was hard to do it in the ticking clock. This incident made him conceptualise a device that can pump fluids at the rate controllable by doctors.

They eventually came up with a one handed device called “Lifeflow”. The device consists of a pistol with a handle that can pull the required fluids from IV bags and stored in a small box. Further through a sterile tubing set, it is connected to the patient catheter and delivers the fluid.

Trig has been able to customise this device with a capacity to deliver 500 ml fluid in less than 2.5 mins. This enhanced the process during medical emergencies. 

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Lifeflow rapid infuser_©
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Lifeflow rapid infuser_©
Lifeflow rapid infuser_©

Soumya is a recent graduate (2021) in Bachelor of design (Interior design), interested in reading, research and designing empathic spaces. Her curiosity towards new things recently drew her passion to understand deeply, the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, human behaviour, art, and design. Along with this, she is constantly inclined towards the nuances of nature and its effect on various aspects.

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