Product Design Competitions origin date back to 1955. It aims to choose the best products designed and produced every year. This international competition sets a goal that all designers and companies pursue. Designers and designer candidates from all over the world present their ideas to an international expert jury. 

List of winners: Red Dot Awards-Product Design 2020 - Sheet1
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Red Dot Awards – Product Design – Best of the Bests

The Red Dot award helps to motivate a future-oriented design dream and at the same time helps participants find suitable collaborations that will turn their ideas into reality.

All of the categories of designs submitted to the competition are Bathroom, Home Needs, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Furniture, Green Design, Habitat, Lighting, Interaction and Communication, Decoration Accessories, Health Appliances, Transportation, Personal Support Equipment, Safety, and Recreation.

All award-winning designs are displayed at the Red-Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

1. Lounge Chair | Red Dot Awards


List of winners: Red Dot Awards-Product Design 2020 - Sheet2
Lounge Chair ©

The poetry of the design | Red Dot Awards

In the 1830s, Michael Thonet’s wood bent artistically. It was the beginning of transforming this new technical material into new shapes. Upon this event, the Vienna armchair and the Viennese coffee chair have become popular designs of the era. The name of this lounge chair is inspired by Thonet’s giving the seats increasing numbers. 

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the opening of Thonet’s first joinery workshop, the number 200 is used in the name. The designer was inspired by Thonet for a shape that combines the traditional design elements of the Viennese legends with the elements of the lounge chair. 

This timeless and stylish design has emerged. It has managed to establish a timeless connection with the past. The use of Viennese weaving cane and twisted wood has been adapted in an innovative approach. Its fold provides an ergonomically comfortable fit.

2. Window Covering

NM – SmartDrape Shades

List of winners: Red Dot Awards-Product Design 2020 - Sheet3
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Shadowed by Grace

Curtains are a divider between indoor and outdoor spaces and are also a permeable element. It provides comfort and sun shading to space. SmartDrape is specially designed for large windows and sliding doors. 

Wings made of fabrics, a wide variety of different patterns that create a floating effect and light-filtering fine fabrics are used. It works wirelessly, which eliminates security risks. Every detail is well thought out and applied with very good workmanship.

3. Seating Collection | Red Dot Awards


List of winners: Red Dot Awards-Product Design 2020 - Sheet4
Seating Collection ©

The magic of the building | Red Dot Awards

Telar seating collection is solid garden furniture as well as an inviting and emotional expression. It consists of a chair with armrests and a fulcrum, a chaise lounge, a lounge chair, and a matching pouf. 

The aesthetics of the furniture are largely characterized by the specially woven double surface. It reflects a view defined by an empty and permeable volume created with elastic bands of different sizes. The surfaces are made of durable high-quality yarn. 

With this elastic pattern, the Telar collection offers ergonomic seating comfort. The stainless steel construction is available in 20 bright colors and the straps in more than 300 colors. For this reason, it is a timeless design.

4. Acoustic Panels


Acoustic Panels ©

Aesthetic silence | Red Dot Awards

A quiet environment in office spaces is essential for productive and creative work. For this reason, efforts are made to reduce noise in offices and spaces. Silentum was designed as a type of noise protection technique. These acoustic panels are designed to have very good noise reduction as a result of extensive research in this field. 

Panels can be installed in any office space to improve overall acoustics by squeezing unwanted noise into the corner. It is designed as independent audio columns. It is also very stylish, minimalist, and contemporary in design. One pillar contains 18 custom handmade Jasper panels made by Acustio, forming a 195 cm high structure. 

Since it is made of natural wool and high-quality synthetic felt, it has a wide range of flooring. It can be produced in many color and fabric combinations. Besides, Silentum is produced from recycled raw materials in an environmentally friendly way.

5. Outdoor Lamp Range 


List of winners: Red Dot Awards-Product Design 2020 - Sheet6
Outdoor Lamp Range ©

Harmoniously integrated | Red Dot Awards

Since consistency plays an important role in the design, lighting elements have become an indispensable element in outdoor planning today. When designing the NYE lighting range, which included a pouf, a wall lamp, and a father lamp, the focus was on creating a simple but noticeable design. These outdoor lamps aim to blend easily into many urban environments. 

However, it aims to enrich the designs around it. Besides, these designs, which have a style based on the highest levels of Scandinavian design, fit well with contemporary architecture. In this design, the fact of light pollution was taken into account. 

Lamps respond to this problem by adopting a structure that exhibits two wedges of light. This allows the light to come out of the light body from both sides. Weatherproof steel is highly functional and easy to maintain. Designed with a sustainable design, the lamps are produced in such a way that they break down easily at the end of their life and all parts can be well recycled.


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