21) Craftsman 

A craftsman bathroom design uses the simple elegance within a cosy atmosphere. The craftsman style bathroom is natural in a refined way and also simple without being minimal. It uses natural wood and requires quality labour. This bathroom has shaker-style vanity, handcrafted tile along with natural stone counters, floors and wall treatments. It also has medium to dark wood tones.

The craftsman-style bathroom consists of warm neutral colours with vibrant and rich earth tones that harmonise natural wood. It also has artful stained glass with warm lighting in rectangular and square shapes with geometric details.

Craftsman - Sheet1
Craftsman - Sheet2
Craftsman - Sheet3

22) Farmhouse

The farmhouse-style bathrooms comprise simplistic elements while creating a balance between the rustic design, rural heritage, and modern sensibilities. The farmhouse bathroom design allows thinking simple, honest and rustic. The features of this bathroom are a shaker-style vanity, barn lighting and wall panelling. 

The Farmhouse bathroom designs have simple and natural colour tones. Popularly used are the white shades with crisp black trim. For a nature-inspired design and richer hues neutral or classic colours are considered. It also consists of a claw-foot bathtub with sliding barn doors and trough sink.

Farmhouse - Sheet1
Farmhouse Style Bathroom_©pinterest.com
Farmhouse - Sheet2
Farmhouse Style Bathroom_©houzz.com
Farmhouse - Sheet3
Farmhouse Style Bathroom_©greigedesign.com
Farmhouse - Sheet4
Farmhouse Style Bathroom_©blog.homestars.com

23) Beach Style

The beach style bathroom has bold tiles with spacious shower space. It also consists of textured elements like weathered wood, mother-of-pearl and pebble tile. There are also wall panellings, statement wallpapers and accents in breezy coastal colours. Beach themed bathrooms are relaxed, light, airy and casual, focussing on natural materials and coast-inspired colours.

The beach-style is similar to the traditional and contemporary bath spaces. Inspired by sand, sky and sea, the beach bathrooms have colours like crisp white paired with seaside blue or leafy greens and bold corals inspired by the tropics. Additions like accessories in the beach themed bath lighten the mood and offer a more relaxed approach.

Beach Style - Sheet1
Beach style_©Dan Forer
Beach Style - Sheet2
Beach style_©thedesignfiles.net

24) Dramatic

A dramatic bathroom design involves creating an element of focus in the space. This effect of drama in bath space is with wallpapers, patterned tiles or using colours and lights. It creates an eye-catching ambience. Artworks, murals or other accessories add vibrance to the bathroom. The use of dark colour with task lights adds drama and nightclub-like appeal to any room.

Adding a splash of greenery in the humid bathroom and balancing it with natural materials like wood or slate makes the room relaxing. Using a forest, beach, or any other theme dramatic bathroom style elevates the space. Using exposed bricks with sleek, elegant fixtures creates a base for an industrial look in a contemporary or rustic design.

Dramatic - Sheet1
Drama_©Igor Sirotov
Dramatic - Sheet2
Drama_©Maria Guminilovych
Dramatic - Sheet3

25) Bringing Outside Indoors

Bring greenery and outside landscape indoors is a newer technique. Having greenery around in the bathroom is the ultimate luxury, and adds warmth, comfort, and a relaxing vibe. 

The natural elements like plants, wood, water features, gravel, rocks, pebbles, earthy tones and textures, etc., can make the bathroom very tranquil. Using rustic metal fixtures made up of copper or brass compliment the greenery and give a more natural vibe to the bath space.

Some plants are not used only for their visual appeal but because they improve the air quality like peace lilies. They also reduce the moisture in the room that causes mould converting the stale, stuffy environment to fresh and fragrant. Adding natural light with large windows or skylights can add a visual and aural appeal to the bathroom.

Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet1
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Martin Krizan


Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet2
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Alexander Barchan
Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet3
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©housebeautiful.com.jpg
Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet4
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Amr Abdeen
Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet5
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Studio Saxe
Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet6
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Pavel Mihalenok
Bringing Outside Indoors - Sheet7
Bringing Outiside Indoors_©Mia Design Studio

26) Colours

Colours affect psychology and soothe the psyche of the people inside any room. Using complementary, contrasting, pastel neutral shades of colours creates varied impacts. Mixing various colours with lighting, materials, and textures make a statement and add interest to bathroom design. The colour schemes that reflect and uplift the mood or personality of the people.

Highlighting a single colour or merging a few colours produces different ambience. Bright colours create a vivid, vibrant and energised room while light colours calm the environment and shades of grey have a cocooning effect. Balancing and harmonising the colour scheme with fittings is also very crucial. 

Colours - Sheet1
Colours_©Björn Wallander
Colours - Sheet2
Colours_©Nika Vorotyntseva
Colours - Sheet3
Colourful_©Ekaterina Domracheva
Colours - Sheet4
Pastel Pinkl_©Angelica Andreichenko
Colours - Sheet5
Colours - Sheet6

27) Lighting

Lighting, just like colour, can change the mood and impact of the bathroom. There are different lighting fixtures required for vanity, tub and shower areas, keeping the overall bathroom lighting design stylish and cohesive. Side-mounted sconces or pendant lights can be an elegant option for the vanity and can function as ambient or accent lighting. 

In the bath space, various LEDs and mood lights are used to create an ambience. Using backlighting behind the mirror or around a step in the flooring gives a floating effect to the room.

Accessories made out of brass or chrome complement the decor of the bathroom design because of their versatility. The size of the fixtures should be according to the volume of the bathroom. The lighting of the bath space should come with dimmers for all seasons. 

Lighting - Sheet1
Floating effect with lighting_©Muhammed Ali Jouhar


Lighting - Sheet2
Lighting - Sheet3
Perimeter Lighting_©Andrey Korniychuk

28) Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles in the bathroom have become a trend, which is not only eye-catching but also quite fabulous and downright decadent. There can be patchwork prints, graphic tiles, metallic finishes, neutral patterns, mosaic tiles and textural tiled finished. Subway tiles can also be used to create designs and add pizzazz to the bathroom.

The patterns or tiles can also be custom made, and handmade tiles are also used. Geometric tiled patterns on walls, floors or other decor become a perfect backdrop for the bath space. The variety of tiles available can add variation, colour depth, and surface interest in the design.

Patterned Tiles - Sheet1
Patterned Tiles_©Max Burkhalter
Patterned Tiles - Sheet2
Patterned Tiles_©Roger Davies
Patterned Tiles - Sheet3
Patterned Tiles_©housebeautiful.com.jpg
Patterned Tiles - Sheet4
Patterned Tiles_©Gabriela Krawczyk
Patterned Tiles - Sheet5
Patterned Tiles_©Tatyana Ryltsova
Patterned Tiles - Sheet6
Patterned Tiles_©Tatyana Ryltsova

29) Eclectic Vision

The eclectic vision of the bathroom design has become quite popular. In this, diverse elements combine to form a visually appealing bathroom. Varied styles unite the single space of the bathroom. Complementary and contrasting designs create an attractive and elegant space. Eclectic vision is an approach to express and experiment with a variety of bathrooms without any rules.

Addition of rustic or traditional elements to a contemporary bathroom design can help achieve an eclectic vision. Decor facilities and accessories from different eras, design movements and decorating styles can be used such as artwork, photography, painting, drawing of portraits to flora-fauna. 

Eclectic Vision - Sheet1
Eclectic Vision_©Vanilla Studio
Eclectic Vision - Sheet2
Eclectic Vision_©architectureartdesigns.com
Eclectic Vision - Sheet3
Eclectic Vision_©homestolove.com.au

30) Textures

Texture plays a crucial role in the bathroom design by providing a spa-like appeal. While designing, various forms or materials can be mix-matched with the flooring, walls and decoration. The colour scheme of the textured material should either blend in or stand out boldly. Texture adds a layer of definition and depth to the bathroom design. 

There are numerous ways to incorporate texture in the bathroom, like using rugs, embossed wavy tiles, blinds, curtains and drapes. In the walls, 3D wallpapers, textured paints or patterns such as lines, dots and coloured stripes, can be used. In the flooring, lamination, carpets or patterned tiles, can be considered. Metal fixtures with fancy lights highlight the bathroom.


Textures - Sheet1
Textures_©Stanislav Kaminskyi
Textures - Sheet
Textures_©S.Hotvianskyi _ М.Temnikov
Textures - Sheet3
Textures_©Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Textures - Sheet4
Textures_©Alexandra Kruzanovskaya
Textures - Sheet5
Textures_©Echo and Earl
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