11) Art Deco

Art deco style originated in the 1920s after the First World War in France. It brought a change from eclectic and revivalist styles. The Art Deco bathroom designs are the epitome of glamour, sophistication, and wealth. The elements of the art deco style bathroom were its symmetry and the use of light colour palette. 

The art deco style has a vanity with classic mirrors, marble baskets, large soaking tubs and checks flooring. The corners are ornate with a traditional and geometric look. Using marble and brass with decorative flooring, classic pedestal sinks, claw-foot bathtubs and white or grey tones set the art deco theme to a bathroom.

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12) Rustic

The rustic bathroom design is the one which embraces the natural beauty of the outdoors. The rustic bathrooms create a welcoming space by pairing rugged materials with warm, cosy textiles. 

Many people use natural elements like plants and flowers with unfinished or reclaimed wood for cabinets or furniture. The rustic style baths have wooden vanities with vessel sinks made from stone or copper, natural stone counters, floors and wall treatments, and warm details. 

Rustic style elements include copper bathtub, classic claw-foot or Japanese soaking tub, and hardware in weathered finishes like bronze, brass or copper. For a rich, cosy look, the rustic bathrooms use the hues of natural materials like stone and warm woods with paint colours and accents in similar shades.

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13) Mid-Century Modern

In the mid-century modern bathrooms, lighting is the focus of the entire decor. The light fixtures like globe-shaped, sputnik or dome-shaped fixtures, are used. The use of dark wood with white ceramics creates contrast and adds visual appeal to space.

The use of brass for making faucets, handles, light sconces, doors, even plant hangers was a practice, from the 1960s. The key features of the mid-century bathroom are general minimalism, straight lines and sharp corners. A round mirror, vintage vanity and a splash of greenery to the design accentuate the bath space. The floor, tiles, vanity, and countertops are generally grey making it cool, with a modern and vintage blend.

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14) Mediterranean

The Mediterranean bathroom style is a diverse mixture that developed over many centuries and originated from Greece, Italy, Turkey and Spain. It combines contemporary as well as classic touches. 

The Mediterranean bathrooms span over various cultures include colours inspired by the natural beauty of its local regions. It also features bright, sun-washed hues and deep, warm earth tones including crisp whites, warm yellows, bright, brilliant blues along with browns and rusty reds. 

The bathroom has ornate lightings, colourful tiles with burnished metals such as hammered copper, wrought iron, oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued brass. They also have statement mirrors, with whitewashed walls and vessel sinks in rounded and organic shapes. The calming white walls and natural wood becomes a backdrop for the rich hues inspired by the warm earth and sparkling sea.

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15) Spanish

The Spanish style bathroom, originating from the region bordering the mediterranean sea, is a very comfortable, casual and welcoming design developed through many centuries. The Spanish bathroom is eclectic as well as elegant and soothing yet very lively. The element is the bold use of colour with vibrant colours of the sea, sky, sun and earth.

The Spanish bathrooms are also known for their attractiveness, versatility and utility. The floors, countertops and tabletops, are made of terracotta tiles which are available in various colours. Furniture is similar to the rustic look with bold and bright colours. 

Natural wood brings the outdoors inside. Curving or arched doorways, shower stall entrances, bold patterns and textures hint at the Moorish history of Spain and the entire Mediterranean region.

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16) Victorian

Victorian style bathrooms, inspired by the palaces and estates, have great demand for a lush, romantic and pampered feel for their bath space. The victorian bathrooms have luxurious facilities like benches, chairs or stools, intricately shaped gold or silver finished mirror frames and carved dressing tables. They also have a classic, porcelain claw-footed tub which becomes a grand centrepiece.

They have pedestal sinks, marble or bronze sinks are attractive, efficient space savers. Victorian bathrooms have intricate crown moulds and sculpted metal hardware. They are also brass, gilt-metal styles or sculpted elements like flora and fauna, scrolls designs. 

The bath space has traditional hexagonal, penny or subway tiles available. Soothing, romantic colours used in the bathroom are light, subtle whites, yellows, blues and pinks preferred over bolder shades. 

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17) Tropical

Tropical style bathrooms reflect the paradise of a tropical vacation and have bright, bold design and decors that bring the flowers and plants inside. Colour is the main component of the bath space design with bright whites or light creams, blues and yellows. Contrasting, lively and vibrant colours like natural greens, yellows, blues and oranges, are used with palm trees, seascapes, and various flora and fauna.

The tropical-themed bathroom is like a vacation cottage with tiles and backsplash behind the sink. For a dramatic element, wooden vanity and modern lighting fixtures are used. Large fenestrations to allow natural light and ventilation inside with artificial illumination focus on the decor and design features. The artworks or accessories used are with beach, sea life or maritime themes.

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18) Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style bathroom, distinguished by natural materials, like wood, provides a warm, cosy and comfortable environment. The Scandinavian theme, perfect for relaxation and adds elegance to the decor, making the space seem vibrant and spacious. 

The bathroom design has bright, warm shades of white to have an elegant and soothing atmosphere. Pure forms and straight lines with natural or artificial lighting accentuate the decor.

Apart from wood, materials like ceramic tiles, marble or stone are also used in Scandinavian themed bath space to create a refreshing ambience. Bare minimum use of artworks or accessories with large mirrors used to reflect the lights and brighten the bathroom.

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19) Industrial

Industrial themed bathroom design, inspired by warehouses and factories, is a simple space that finds beauty in functionality rather than surface ornamentation. The industrial bath space comprises raw materials and tough fixtures and finishes that are the centres of attraction. They have a glass-and-steel shower enclosure made up of concrete, stainless steel, brick and cinder block. 

Industrial bathrooms have equipment like trough or basin sinks, white subway tiles, hefty sliding doors, exposed pipes and gear-like hardware and faucets. The industrial bathroom uses raw materials to create a colour palette with an occasional pop of saturated colours.

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20) Royal

The royal bathroom designs consist of luxurious accessories, fixtures, furniture, lighting and facilities. The royal bathroom offers the freedom to tweak the design as per the needs of the users. Creating a tranquil ambience with a neutral colour scheme gives the space a spa-like environment. Using ample natural light and allowing views of the outdoors makes the bathing experience more alfresco than enclosed.

Royally styled bathrooms have marble floors, gold Venetian walls, antique furnishings, travertine-topped vanity and a bathtub alcove. There can also be a fireplace or seating to make the design more lavish. The use of dim lighting with elegant accessories in the bathroom, creating the ultimate bathroom retreat.

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