A bathroom is a room meant for personal hygiene, but many people also use it for catching up on their reading, checking a glimpse of themselves or simply relaxing. It is a very private and intimate space that should accommodate all the needs of the users. Bathrooms have endless design potential with numerous configurations of materials, colours, shapes, enclosures, lights, fixtures that can help us create an attractive, warm and dynamic room. 

A bathroom space tells a story, and within a building, it is a vital room that allows architects to explore different ways of its design. It is a welcoming room with an atmosphere that evokes cosiness or spa-level styles and relaxation at home.

The bathroom designs that involve new technology, high-quality materials and fittings are gaining popularity among users. People spend a lot of time in a bath space, so they should have a comfortable, as well as a beautiful environment. 

The use of sleek vanity or storage units, unique bathtubs, chic dispensers, stylish mirrors or artworks, are a few essential facilities and accessories while designing the bathroom space. Using emphatic colours and ample natural or artificial light helps in changing the mood of a bathroom retreat.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Bathroom Illustration_©frankiepenwillprint.com

Whether you are looking for a renovation or designing a bathroom from scratch, you will always be able to find a style that complements the rest of the building and expresses your personal aesthetic preferences. Additions like a seating or a cosy fireplace make the space extra luxury and sophisticated. There is also a diverse range of bathroom designs one can opt for, varying from small powder rooms to magnificent master baths.

Investing in a bathroom design can be tricky with myriads of styles, colours, fittings or facilities to choose from, which is why we have compiled 30 smart design ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams:

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in

1) Modern | Bathroom Designs

Modern bathroom style began in the early 20th century but became popular after the Second World War. Use of carved high-quality wooden benches or chairs with lighting accessories adds a striking and of-the-moment touch to the overall design. The main element of the bath space is the use of simple, sleek and strong horizontal lines. 

When it comes to choosing materials for your modern bathroom design, wood, stone, slate, glass and ceramic materials, are used in the look but what matters is how they are displayed to define the modern bath. They also have minimalist faucets, streamlined lightings and frameless mirrors. 

One can also use contrasting base colours like whites and blacks or greys, and stainless steel with natural wood or other contrasting materials in pairs. The bathroom also includes a floating vanity, a glass shower enclosure and a freestanding bathtub.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Style_©Petrenko Arsentiy
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Laci Lacko
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Zrobym
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©ONI Render
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Michael Moran
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Muhammed Ali Jouhar
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Philippe Starck
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Modern Bathroom_©Oleg Kucher

2) Contemporary

In a contemporary style bathroom, the latest technologies, materials and trends, are used with clean lines and minimal adornment. These bath spaces do not have heavy embellishments or traditional shapes, but they incorporate angular corners and flowing curves. The elements of the contemporary bath include a sleek vanity with minimalist faucets and a glass shower enclosure. It also has statement tiles and slim-profile mirrors. 

Contemporary bathrooms have the latest technologies, such as digital shower controls and smart mirrors. Features varied contrasting patterns and textures to create a design that is classic and forward-looking. In contemporary baths, high contrasting colours are used, like a black-and-white palette.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Contemporary_©RUDA Studio
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in

3) Traditional

Traditional style bathroom designs are timeless with classic elegance and decorative details. The bathroom has furniture vanities and antique lightings with elegant stone counters, floors or wall treatments. It has a quite cosy, comfortable look along with high-end materials and gleaming surfaces. 

The traditional bathrooms have wallpaper and decorative moulding with Classic bathtubs such as a claw-foot or pedestal style and Dressing tables. There are soft and relaxing colours used. Wood tones, subtle neutrals, pale shades of blue or green, are used for a rich look. The traditional bath does not get boring, and the cross-handle faucets, claw-foot tubs or pedestal sinks used would look the same as installed years ago.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Traditional Bathroom_©briahammelinteriors.com
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Traditional Style_©briahammelinteriors.com
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in

4) Minimal

In a minimalist style bathroom, grey or white tiles, are used with a lot of natural light, countertops and stainless-steel fixtures. This clean and streamlined approach makes the bath space appear much more generous. Minimalism also allows maximum storage space while tubs become the main focus in the room. If you do not need a bathtub, a seat, is added as a functional and decorative element to the shower area.

The bathroom design of a minimal palette uses white tones and teak woods. Sometimes black hexagonal floor tiles are also used to add a character to the bath space. Other than these, raw concrete, zinc walls, brass bowl sink with the lighting, that adds lightness and modern look to the room. A frameless mirror, floating sink and shower space make the minimal look complete.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Minimal_©Roland Halbe
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Minimal Style_©365 Design
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Minimalism_©Nikolas Koenig
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Minimal_©Ezio Manciucca

5) Transitional Style | Bathroom Designs

The Transitional style bathroom seamlessly combines traditional and contemporary styles. They use the like a shaker-style vanity, under-mount sink, light-hued stone counters, floors or wall treatments in materials such as marble and quartz from both eras. The bath spaces also have pedestal bathtub, glass shower enclosures and subway tiles. They have classic lightings like chandeliers and sleek wall sconces and drum pendants.

In a transitional bathroom, you can use cool or warm hues of soft and subtle colours. You can also use blue, brown, grey or wood tones for a rich look. The bathroom design focuses on the decor elements like digital wall clock with vintage artwork or antique apothecary items. When arrayed on a shelf, this is visually appealing and showcases the multiple eras of design.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Transitional Bathroom_©ruemag.com
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Transitional Style_©trehus.biz
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Mix and match_ ©Alexander Muraveiko
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Vintage meets modern_©housebeautiful.com.jpg
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Mix and match_ ©Ahmed Ibrahim
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Mix and match ©Ahmed Ibrahim

6) Spa-Like Ambience

A bathroom relates to the ritual of bathing since ancient times and has been a way to rejuvenate and heal. Everyone dreams to splurge and elevate the bath space with a spa-like experience. Elements like a bath caddy, candles, music, books or magazines help to soothe the senses and relax in the comfort of a home. While designing a bathroom for a spa ambience, a slipper tub or a bathtub used with a comfortable curve and high back. 

Having windows next to the tub with a beautiful view outside can elevate the experience by bringing in the sunshine. Making use of ample natural light and adding dim artificial light becomes a mood-booster. 

Use of aromatic scents like jasmine, lavender, vanilla, etc., along with alluring candles and the dimly illuminated room can release the stress. One can also invest in radiant-heat flooring, greenery, accent chairs and a fireplace to make it a part of the elegant spa experience.

30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©Robert McLeod
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©housebeautiful.com
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©housebeautiful.com.jpg
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©Joana Santos Ferreira
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©pinterest.com
30 Bathroom designs that one can invest in
Spa-Like Ambience_ ©The Idle Hands On Instagram

7) Luxury Fittings

A bathroom design with luxurious fittings and facilities is comforting and elevates the experience. A splendid bathtub, soaker tub or a mini spa becomes an epitome of luxe in a bathroom design. Tubs made up of cast-iron, copper or brass retain the water heat and preferred more over porcelain or acrylic tubs. Luxury fixtures with light decor make the bathroom seem spacious and create finesse.

Sleek shower space with shining shower handles, exquisite finishes like fixtures and tiles is a luxury bath experience. Ample amount of natural or artificial illumination creates the ambience. Dim lights allow people to relax while bright lights add grandeur to the bathroom. Large mirrors with marble flooring add the richness to the design.

Luxury Fittings - Sheet1
Luxury Fittings - Sheet2
Luxury Fixtures_©Mohanad Al Homsi
Luxury Fittings - Sheet3
Luxury Bathroom_©shop.inplosion.com
Luxury Fittings - Sheet4
Luxury Bathroom_©Almaty Vilnius Architects
Luxury Fittings - Sheet5
Luxury Bathroom_©Bartosz Domiczek
Luxury Fittings - Sheet6
Luxury Bathroom_©Haji Guliyev _ Ulker Mirzaliyeva
Luxury Fittings - Sheet7
Luxury Bathroom_©Liuba Kushnir
Luxury Fittings - Sheet8
Luxury Bathroom_©Evgeniy Zhdanov

8) Monochromatic

A monochrome style bathroom design is a decor adventure. Using tones and shades of a single colour throughout the bath gives it either a modern, edgy, glamorous and dramatic element or makes it a serene and soothing space. 

The monochrome colour scheme makes the room very lively. You can not go wrong even if you choose all-black or all-white colours for the bath and complement it using high shine tiles, mirrors and fancy lighting.

Metal fixtures make the space look elegant, which otherwise felt austere. Adding textured materials to the monochrome bathroom does not let the room become boring. Using monochrome tones for bright colours like orange, red, green or pink captures the attention and amplifies with the natural light coming into the room. The neutral palettes like greys make the space feel refreshing and clean.

Monochromatic - Sheet1
Monochrome_©Igor Sirotov
Monochromatic - Sheet2
Monochromatic - Sheet3
Monochromatic - Sheet4
Monochrome_©Mohamed Mousa
Monochromatic - Sheet5
Monochrome_©Peter Clarke

9) Bathroom with a View

A bathroom design with radiant views of the skyline of city, mountains, beach, or other natural features, has become very common. While maintaining the privacy of the users is also crucial, the views help people to relax more. 

In a bathroom with a forest view, you can complement the nature outside by using elements like a branch chandelier, stone wall, and exposed materials. Keeping the design minimal with a contrast of dark vs bright creates a magnificent bath space. Large-sized corner windows or skylights with no panels provide panoramic views, which do not limit the eyes and allow natural light to penetrate.

In a bathroom with a landscaped view, the indoor design is kept very simple, sleek and modern. Marble floors, a bathtub by the window framed in earth tones and wood is the perfect combination for the bathrooms with a view. The openness of the bathroom design communicates directly with the views outside.

Bathroom with a View - Sheet1
Bathroom with the view of skyline_©elledecor.com
Bathroom with a View - Sheet2
Bathroom with a view_©William Waldron
Bathroom with a View - Sheet3
Plant courtyard_©ONLY studio
Bathroom with a View - Sheet4
Bathroom with a view_©housebeautiful.com.jpg
Bathroom with a View - Sheet5
Bathroom with a view_©Mary E. Nichols
Bathroom with a View - Sheet6
Forest View_©Shinichi Ogawa Associates
Bathroom with a View - Sheet7
Bringing outside to the indoors_©Nataliya Yahela
Bathroom with a View - Sheet8
Bringing inside and out together_©VisEngine

10) Bold and Beautiful | Bathroom Designs

A bold bathroom aesthetic is a way to attract using darker, deeper colours, new technology and adventurous shapes, patterns to produce a more immersive environment. There are many ways to go bold in a bath design, and one of them is to pair a traditional bath with contemporary facilities or accessories. 

You can also add a sleek, frameless shower enclosure to a traditional-style or incorporate classic facilities in a modern bath design. Another bold design strategy is to invest in futuristic fixtures.

The use of harmonious colours, with different lighting, the bathroom takes on a more contemporary style. Combining rich, vibrant colours with darker walls, flooring and LED lights, produces a modern design. These practices energise the bathroom design and give it a bold character.

Bold and Beautiful - Sheet1
Bold Style_©dezeen.com
Bold and Beautiful - Sheet2
Bold and Beautiful_©Penint Design Studio
Bold and Beautiful - Sheet3
Bold and Beautiful_©INNOI Design


Bold and Beautiful - Sheet4
Bold and Beautiful_©Jose Hevia
Bold and Beautiful - Sheet5
Bold and Beautiful_©Z.Design architecture
Bold and Beautiful - Sheet6
Bold Style_©dezeen.com
Bold and Beautiful - Sheet7
Bold and Beautiful_©housebeautiful.com.jpg
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