The kitchen is always used a lot in a house, an office, or in a cafe, as it is the area with the highest demand and most prone to aging. While the redesign of the kitchen is sometimes done by an interior architect, sometimes the individual decides to do it himself because of the low budget. Being bored with their old kitchens, not being comfortable in the kitchen, and the desire to make big changes with simple innovations can generate this desire to redesign the kitchen. 

When redesigning the kitchen, it is important to consider things related to its users such as how much time is spent in it, how space is used, and things related to its existing components like dimensions, materials, installations, and electrical systems.

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1. Working Triangle | Kitchen Details

A certain axis looks like a triangle is used in the kitchen when cooking a meal or washing the dishes. It is important that the axis is created as functional and with maximum comfort as possible in the kitchen. The order and distance between some objects such as a sink, oven, and refrigerator are very important. 

For example, the sink and oven should not be placed side by side. Because an extra working space is needed in between. Sometimes, there can be differences in these axes even for right-handed and left-handed users. It is also useful to think about this. It is necessary to plan a suitable working axis according to the dimensions of it and its users. 

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2. Countertop Materials

While the countertop is being renewed, attention is generally paid to subjects such as being stylish, spacious, and harmonious of colors. However, the most important thing to consider is the material of the counter and also it is the most important factor in the budget you allocate while redesigning your kitchen. 

The countertop material must be durable, not easily corroded, tolerant of extreme heat and cold, does not wear out quickly, and of course easy to maintain. Granite, marble, soapstone, ceramic, and solid-surface materials are generally preferred as countertop materials, while the choice should be made by paying attention to the pros and cons and also according to the budget.

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3. Lighting | Kitchen Details

The kitchen is one of the spaces that usually need different lighting points besides the main lighting systems. Different lighting locations should also be considered in order to avoid dark spots related to the location of the countertops and working areas. LED or fluorescent lights are used inside the cabinets or on the counter. 

Additional lighting may be needed above the stove. The lack of lighting can be determined by the size, shape, and use of the working area of it. When choosing the lighting element, it is important to choose more efficiently and with less strain to the eyes.

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4. Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

When designing kitchen cabinets and cupboards, besides the priorities such as using durable and light materials, the layout and content of the cabinets are also important. Attention should be paid to issues such as being accessible and providing comfortable use. As wide spaces are needed to create in-door cabinets, sometimes shelf systems are needed. Drawer compartments are also indispensable for kitchen cabinets. 

Although the width and usefulness of the cabinets are sometimes neglected, they will make the user happy in the long term with the advantage of more storage space and easy use. Well-designed kitchen cabinets will prevent various materials and tools from occupying extra space on the counter and the rest of the kitchen and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

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5. Working Space Dimensions | Kitchen Details

The width of the kitchen dimensions affects the different designs that can be created while changing the existing shape of the kitchen. The distance between the kitchen cabinets has a significant impact on the cleanliness and hygiene of the area as well as user convenience. If there is enough space in the kitchen, adding a kitchen island will make the area more functional. 

Again, depending on the size of the kitchen, built-in cabinets, separator systems and their relationship with the dining area can be evaluated. Sometimes the user might require an open kitchen and would like to make the small kitchen larger. At this point, possibilities such as the collapse of some walls can be considered. You can decide which kitchen style will be better by paying attention to the size and location of your own kitchen in the house or other existing spaces.

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6. Smart Systems 

In the kitchen cabinets, preferring the systems that close slowly by themselves, as well as it is important to consider the ergonomics of the cabinet handles. cabinet handles that will be used continuously and are more likely to be abraded so its shape, material, and location on the cabinets are also important. 

Apart from that, you can make your kitchens much safer and more efficient with today’s smart systems. Technological additions using wifi and bluetooth connected systems can be used, as well as systems such as water-saving sinks, recycling, and garbage separators are worth exploring.

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7. Sockets and Electrical System

In the kitchen, appliances such as the oven, toaster, coffee machine need many sockets. Of course, plug points should be provided as much as possible, and it is necessary to try to make the working area as comfortable as possible while providing these points. You will witness that various small details such as the embedded sockets in the cabinets and cable storage areas make a big difference during use.

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8. Color | Kitchen Details

When considering the color of kitchen cabinets, countertops, and walls, attention should be paid to the width of the space, the need for lighting, and the presence of glass, as well as the user’s request. Choosing dark colors in kitchens in more narrow and cramped areas will make the space dense. 

Generally, the use of light colors worries the user for cleaning, while materials that offer the advantage of easy cleaning in color selection and light colors can be used easily. Combining different colors can provide a more fun and energetic atmosphere.

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9. Tiles of Kitchen Walls

Choosing wall tiles for the kitchen is not an easy task. There is a wide variety of wall tiles. Generally, kitchen countertop material is expected to return to the wall. However, the use of skirting is required in cases where the countertop material does not turn on demand. In addition, the use of tile on kitchen walls looks stylish as well as effective in terms of use. The tiles should be chosen correctly, taking into account issues such as being more durable and easy to clean.

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10. Flooring Material | Kitchen Details

The choice of floor material seems difficult again due to its variety. However, it is important to be durable, easy to clean, and in visual harmony with the general kitchen. It is expected that it is not easily corroded as it is in constant use and an area where there is the movement of heavy items like a refrigerator. Since it is a place where meals are made and used a lot, its hygiene is also important, so it should be easy to maintain. 

Also, if it’s an apartment, extra sound, and heat insulation may be required. While evaluating the material options such as wood, ceramic, and vinyl, which are generally preferred, the decision can be made by paying attention to the budget and the harmony of the kitchen design.

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