The location of the project is at the down hill of the mountain, the Victoria Peak, in which the most famous HK Peak tram is located. Upon its locational value, the place is well resided among the trees and open toward city from the window and balcony.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: Half & Half Circle Residence
Firm Name: TheeAe
Location : Admiralty, Hong Kong
Gross Floor Area : 2000sf
Type : Apartment Interior Design
Status : Unbuilt

Half & Half Circle Residence - sheet12

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Especially the unique feature of this complex is its Art Louvre details with half circled balconies at living room and master bedroom area, those of which become a primary element to be entailed on mood of space design.

Half & Half Circle Residence - sheet14

Overall space design was, in short, to be Futuristic, Simplistic, and Warm. In order to bring these all together, we intended the round element from the half circles to be repeated at ceilings and partially at wall. The materials are mixed with wood and stone to give a sense of the warmth. In order to mix the better color tone, we mixed with black and white as main background. In addition, we added LED lights and nature wood color tone mixed together with all other elements.

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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022