The project was to design a Children’s clinic. The requirements included a reception, waiting area, Doctor’s consultation room and a day care space with a single bed and seating space for the care taker.

Project Name: Neo
Project type: Interior design of a Children Clinic
Office Name: UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)
Office Website:
Firm Location: Ahmedabad.
Completion Year: 2021
Carpet Area: 40 m2
Project Location: Ahmedabad
Program / Use / Building Function: Healthcare, Clinic
Lead Architects: Krishnakant Parmar
Design Team: Krishnakant Parmar, Parth Mistry, Unnati Gandhi

Photo Credits: 1) Maulik Patel / Inclined Studio
2) Varun Patel / Varun Patel Photography

Neo-Children Clinic By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) - Sheet5
©Maulik Patel / Inclined Studio

We opted for an open plan concept. Partitions act as envelopes in defining spaces. These partitions could be moved, as and when required, thus creating multipurpose space.

Kids are the primary users of the space. The aim was to make it more playful, easy, and fun to be. Doctor’s clinics are generally intimidating for kids. The kids who generally come to visit the Doctor are unwell. Thus, the spaces need to be such that it makes them feel at ease, secure and content. We wanted the space to be warm and welcoming.

Neo-Children Clinic By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) - Sheet6
©Maulik Patel / Inclined Studio

The Clinic is separated into two main spaces, the doctor’s consulting area being one and the reception, waiting, and day care section being the other. For the later space, an enclosure is created to separate the daycare area. This enclosure is designed with two adjacent curves. To achieve a smooth and easy curvilinear form, the corner at which the two curves meet is rounded. To add playfulness to the space, pastel paint is used to cover the entire width of the curve. Glass sliders are used to divide the daycare space when it’s in use. When not in use, the same space is used as an extension of the waiting area.

Neo-Children Clinic By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) - Sheet8
©Maulik Patel / Inclined Studio

Materials in their natural tone make up the primary palette. Envelopes are made from birch plywood in their natural tone. To give the space rhythmic feel birch plywood strips are used in the design. The Birch surface is polished in Dual tones. Pastel tones of pink and grey are used. These pastel tones work well together to create a warm and fun environment for children to be there and be comfortable with their parents.


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