Few things in life match the excitement of watching your favorite movies on the big screen. The viewing experience is often as good as the atmosphere created- a good sound system, acoustics, the seating, everything plays a role in determining comfort levels that ensure satisfaction. This article therefore tries to curate the best luxurious theaters in the business- from large public cinemas to plush home theatres, advancing technology and good design have meant that the experience can be customized beyond imagination. 

1. Cinema Pathé, Switzerland | Luxurious theater

The Cinema Pathe in Switzerland recently upgraded to a VIP theatre, complete with beds in place of traditional chairs, and a valet service for food and drinks. The theatre design has become widely popular, and for good reason, who wouldn’t like lying down in bed and still having a large screen to watch movies on?

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2. Embassy Diplomat Screens, Bangkok

The Embassy Diplomat Screens in Bangkok boast of lounging sofas with personalized lamps and reading lights. The sofas also come with customizable settings, and a butler on call!

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3. Dark Knight Themed Theater, Connecticut | Luxurious theater

There are fans, and then there are fans. A Batman movie aficionado spent nearly two million dollars in getting a customized home theatre built right out of the DC universe- complete with Batmobile inspired chairs, six life-size Batsuits, and a stainless steel elevator that brings one into this ‘Batcave’. 

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4. Edible Cinema, London

The Edible Cinema in London combines food and movies in a unique gastronomic experience. One of the first to be conceptualized, the theatre provides small snacks/ drinks in boxes that are to be opened at the precise time specified during the movie- each ‘course’ pertains to a relevant scene, making the whole experience a treat for all the senses! 

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5. Amante Beach Club Cinema, Ibiza | Luxurious theater

Outdoor movie theatres have often captured our imaginations, but little comes close to Ibiza’s Amante Beach Club Cinema. With the sea breeze blowing on the beach side, patrons can enjoy comfortable sofas, the big screen and unlimited popcorn at this novel theatre.

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6. Nitehawk Cinema, New York

Not a lot of theatres run independent, niche, indie films- the Nitehawk in New York, however, does exactly this, and couples the experience with tableside food and snacks in a cozy, luxe atmosphere.

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7. Rooftop Cinema Club, San Diego

The Rooftop Cinema Club came to San Diego in 2018, and this movie going experience has come to be really popular for the audience. People can now sit on a rooftop with the city skyline as a backdrop, and watch the sun set as they see their favorite movies.

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8. Lord of the Rings Themed Home Theater | Luxurious theater

If Batman themes were not enough, this Lord of the Rings inspired theatre design brings Tolkein’s masterpiece to life as it gives the perfect homage to the trilogy, complete with medieval themed interiors

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9. Paramount Theater, Oakland, California

Located in California, the Paramount cinema hall is acn impressive art deco building with superior sound quality. It uses the most expensive materials, including Italian marble and oak, making the movie watching experience quite luxurious indeed.

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10. Kipnis Studio Standard | Luxurious theater

Producer Jeremy Kipnis spent a whopping six million dollars on a home theatre, and it consists of the best technology money can buy- state of the art projectors, amplifiers, subwoofers; this home theatre can give the big cinemas a run for their money when it comes to high end equipment. 

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