11. Hot Tub Cinema | Luxurious theater

Hopping across locations throughout the world, Hot Tub Cinema provides one of the most unique movie going experiences. Patrons get to lounge on small tubs placed on rooftops as they enjoy their favorite flicks on the big screen!

20 Luxurious theater designs for movie nights - Sheet11

12. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood studios provide the perfect movie watching experience with one’s family, often running famous animated flicks and the seating customized to replicate vintage cars. 

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13. Urania National Film Theater, Budapest, Hungary | Luxurious theater

The Urania in Budapest has been in the business of screening films since the early 1900’s, and has repeatedly updated the technology used without affecting the original building. Its highly detailed Moorish architecture makes watching a movie feel like being IN a movie!

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14. Le Grand Rex, Paris

Le Grand Rex in Paris is one of the largest cinema halls in Paris, and boasts of ornate decorations and typical art deco architecture. The façade is lit up in typical large neon signs, and the cinema attracts throngs of visitors each year.

20 Luxurious theater designs for movie nights - Sheet14

15. Elgin and Winter Garden Theater Center | Luxurious theater

One of the last double decker cinema halls in the world, the Elgin and Winter Garden is located in Toronto, Canada. It is built to remind one of country gardens, with murals of plants and trellises adorning the walls and ceiling.


16. IPIC Theatres, New York

The IPIC theatres have opened several branches, but the one in NYC promises a unique cinematic experience, owing to their pad-like seats and table service with snacks and drinks.


17. Ciné de Chef, Séoul

This ultra-luxurious theatre in Seoul only admits thirty patrons at once, and offers world class meals with one’s favorite movies- an incredible combination of movies and dining in one! 


18. BFI Max, London | Luxurious theater

One of the biggest screens in London, the BFI uses state of the art IMAX technology and sound systems. Due to an underground train line right below, the architects made the cinema hall highly insulated and sound proof.


19. Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Los Angeles

Considered to be a historic landmark in the city of LA, the Grauman is located on the widely popular Hollywood Walk of Fame, and hosts red carpet premieres of movies as they release. The façade has a giant red pagoda from traditional Chinese architecture.


20. Floating Archipelago Cinema, Thailand | Luxurious theater

What could be better than watching a movie in the middle of calm waters stretching to the horizon? The cinema is one of the most unique experiences in the world as it boasts of a floating screen and seats, and food being served at regular intervals.

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