TV shows, movies, and documentaries from streaming platforms have become a major source of entertainment when the world shut down due to the pandemic. A Netflix show which won millions of hearts is “Emily in Paris” where a Chicago-based marketing executive moves to Paris for work and explores Paris hustling between work and romance. The ambiance and vibe of Paris are shown in every detail in this rom-com show. The picturesque backdrops of Paris are a sight to see and let us admire the Parisian architecture. Some of the architectural picks which are apt for scenarios in the show are mentioned below.

Jardin du Palais Royale

It is a park that stretches out in front of 17th century Palais Royal with a large fountain in the center. This is where Emily meets her to-be best friend Mindy, babysitting two children. The tree lined walkways with the benches to sit calls for a perfect scene for Emily’s first lunch at work with not-so-friendly coworkers. The fountains where the children play with the elderly sitting around the fountain exhibit a lazy afternoon vibe. The neoclassical arcades enclosing the landscaped grounds add a perfect frame to the scene.

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Jardin du Palais Royal_©

Pont Alexandre III

It’s a deck arch bridge that crosses over the River Seine where Savoir shoots perfume ad for Maison Lavaux. It is lavishly decorated and one of the most ornate bridges in Paris. The Beaux-arts style bridge with the decorative Art Nouveau lamps, the four bronze statues, and nymphs dramatize the grandeur of Paris in a single picture for the perfume ad. The filming location has been chosen to showcase a major landmark of Paris while it telecasts in the United States.

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Pont Alexandre III_©

L’Atelier des Lumières

A digital art museum in Paris where Emily, Camille, and Gabriel hang out while they immerse themselves in the painting projected and music played. The industrial environment with art displayed in large screens spaced in a wide hall and high ceiling with the rhythm of the best music is a treat for the eyes and ears. The main entrance facade has the same industrial look and feel standing out and welcoming with a canopy overhead. The Van Gogh painting, Starry Night, lit by the projectors in the show, was an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale.

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L’Atelier des Lumières_©

Rue de l’Abreuvoir

It is called the “Prettiest Road in Paris” where the Hasten bed campaign was put up by Emily. The oldest and most historic street with cobblestone pavers and the cylindrical bollards that climb up having the familiar La Maison Rose restaurant, Sacré-Coeur Basilica and Place Dalida, is captured in the show’s frame. The picturesque street forms a perfect background for the campaign with the display of a bed at the foot of the street. 

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Rue de l’Abreuvoir_©

Palais Garnier

The Beaux-arts and Baroque Revival architecture style Opera House where Emily heads to ambush Pierre Cadault to accept she is a Ringarde. The facade of the palace poses a grand gesture in its elevation while Emily walks in her black gown towards it. The extravagant stairs that Emily climbs are heavily ornate and rich in character depicting the Baroque style. The VIP box where Pierre stands overlooking the dais was ideally shot to express the magnificence and splendor of the baroque architecture. 

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Palais Garnier_©

Monnaie de Paris

The oldest minting institution where coins and medals of precious metals and legal currency were made while now it functions as a museum. This place had the scene of the Paris fashion event for grey space, where Pierre Cadault and his designs crashed the runway. The Neoclassical rustic facade stretches longest along the Seine River and is highly decorative. The green truck that enters the courtyard through the arched entry in contrast to the rustic architecture is portrayed well enough to wreck the event.

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Monnaie de Paris_©

Fontaine Saint Michel

Fontaine Saint Michel is a fountain situated in Place Saint-Michel and an entrance to the Latin Quarter of Paris. Mindy does her first street performance or busking with her gig with this fountain as a backdrop. The beautiful fountain stands by the Latin Quarter Building as a facade, unlike other fountains which is what makes it unique.

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Fontaine Saint Michel_©Netflix

Palace of Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors in the Royal Palace of Versailles where the designer Gregory Dupree’s runway show was hosted is a dreamy scene. The rich and sumptuous hall with seventeen mirror arches confronting the seventeen windows overlooking the park gave way for the best visuals in the entire show. The dramatic entry with the two designers Pierre and Gregory opposing each other and the grandeur of the baroque style embellished in the Hall with chandeliers dropping down go hand-in-hand and is elegantly outlined.

Palace of Versailles_©IMDb

The entire series with the above locations listed was a delight to watch. The hand-picked architecture of Paris with the plot of the show brought out authenticity and genuineness. The brilliant direction portraying the entire journey of Parisian culture, food, love, and specifically the architecture is appreciable.


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