We are human beings, who have developed ourselves a lot. From the forest of trees, we are now surviving in the forest of concrete and steel. We have become so advanced that from a room-size computer which only specific people can use, we all are now having a mini-computer which we call a smartphone. So yes, with time we have developed a lot. Now in today’s world, we can see all the development in front of us from food to clothing, from construction to transportation. But are there only good developments? You all will agree that the answer is no. We all have developed but in both the bad and the good ways. And when we come to know that something is bad, the only way left is to make the bad thing right or stop it or just replace it. This is our basic human tendency to save ourselves. And this same thing is happening in the transportation industry as now we got a better option which is electric transportation

Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/ - Sheet1
Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/

So why is electric transportation better ?? The reason is as follows:

1. Electric transportation is good for the environment. 

Today we live in a world where we don’t have fresh air, freshwater, or even fresh soil. Everything around us is spoiled, our whole biosphere is polluted. The greenhouse effect has created lots of problems on this planet, from global warming to the melting of glaciers, or we can say these all are interrelated to each other. And it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that one of the major reasons for this is our transportation system. The hydrocarbon and other harmful gases which are released after burning off fuel like petrol and diesel lead to environmental pollution which causes the greenhouse effect and leaves a harmful effect on our environment. 

Electric transportation is a way to resolve these problems. Nowadays we all are aware of different techniques to generate electricity which does not cause pollution like solar electricity or tidal electricity or electricity generated by wind energy. Electricity can be generated without carbon emission hence; it will reduce air pollution and so it is quite good for the environment. Electric vehicles will provide a better quality of air to breathe.

2. Electric transportation is going to be cheap in upcoming times.

Nobody wants to pay more, right?! Of Course! And if we talk about EVs this question arises, that maybe it’s going to be costly. But from the research, it was found that electric vehicles are going to be the same cost or cheaper than the fossil fuel models. It was said that electric vans are going to be less expensive than diesel vans by 2025. It was said that in the next 5-6 years, electric transportation will cost much less than today’s transportation models. So, it’s really obvious that people will be more attracted to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/ - Sheet2
One of the cheapest electric car_©https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/cheapest-electric-cars-2019

3. Electric vehicles are easy to maintain.

The by-products of petrol and diesel are harmful as it releases carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide with some nitrated hydrocarbons in the air. But sometimes due to incomplete combustion, these fossil fuels leave carbon monoxide, unburnt fuel, and lubricating oil as their by-product as well as black ashes. These things are really difficult to clean and sometimes due to these we have to repair some parts of our vehicles. As in electric vehicles, there is no gas, no oil, no smog tests, it’s really easy to maintain. And obviously, there are no by-products of diesel and other oil so no cleaning. And most of the electric vehicles come with an 8-year/100K mile warranty today, these vehicles will last longer and save money. 

4. No gas station or petrol pump is required.

As electric vehicles are going to be run by rechargeable batteries, these batteries can be charged at home, or in-office areas directly from the grid. So, there is no requirement of going into a station specifically for charging as we used to do with fossil fuel vehicles. This will also save lots of time and it will be really easy for people to recharge their vehicles with the process of private charging. As well as there are public charging areas too to help the people out but as there is an option of private charging, the load will be less in public areas. And with the replacement of petrol, diesel and gas vehicles, petrol pumps and gas stations are no longer required and the risk of accidents with this area will no longer be there.

Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/ - Sheet3
Electric station for recharging cars_©https://www.automotive-iq.com/electrics-electronics/articles/innovation-in-electric-vehicle-charging-stations

5. Electric transportation will provide a noise-free environment.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by pollution and one of them is noise pollution. If you live in a big city, you have faced this issue. With the increasing number of vehicles with air pollution, noise pollution is also a thing of concern. In the studies, it was found that electric vehicles are quieter than any of our vehicles. It was also found that the only noises that electric vehicles will make are the noise caused by their wheels or generated by wind resistance and that only happens at higher speeds. This will provide us with a noise-free environment and help us to live a healthy life.

Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/ - Sheet4
Soundless electric car_©Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty

6. Electric vehicles are soon going to become a status symbol.

With the increased interest in electric vehicles, lots of big enterprises are now more interested in making electric motors. Companies like Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Kia, etc. are launching electric vehicles. Sooner it’s going to be a status sign as people love to buy cars from these companies and maybe people will be ranked among the coolest people when they buy these vehicles. Lots of Indian companies like Tata Motors, hero electrics are also taking initiatives on making electric vehicles.

7. Electric transportation is saving non-renewable energy.

Throughout these years we are using fossil fuel in our vehicles to run it. We all know that fossil fuel is non-renewable energy which means it’s going to completely disappear one day. Sadly, our fossil fuel is on the verge of extinction and it takes lots of years to form again, hence using it is not a good thing. But still, we are using it. Now as we are knowing more about electric transportation which does not need these all things. Electricity can be generated from renewable sources like the sun, wind, etc. So, in a way, it is saving our valuable resources.

Electric vehicle charging in electric station_©https://www.cejn.com/en-in/applications/electric-vehicles/ - Sheet5
Illustration for Electric transportation is saving non-renewable energy_©https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/

8. Electric vehicles have the best user experience. 

Any product is useless if it can satisfy the needs and comfort of the user. The user experience is the most important thing for any product. It was found that the user experience of these electric vehicles is far better than the vehicle we use today. In all aspects, it provides you with a better time with our vehicle.

9. Electric transportation can bring innovation. 

Electric transportation does not only include electric vehicles which run on roads like cars, buses ,or bikes, it also includes trains and other things. With the advancement of technology, we are now dreaming of lots of new things like flying cars and a lot more things. These all-new innovations are also going to be done with the help of electricity and hence electric transportation is somehow supporting these innovations and including it to our new normal.

Flying car_©Terrafugia

10. Now everyone can get a good range with electric transportation.

Whenever we go to buy any vehicle the first thing that comes to our mind is to check the range of the vehicle. A good vehicle with a good range is always expensive and hence everyone isn’t able to get what they want. In a recent introduction in 2017, Chevrolet Bolt EV came up with an all-electric range of more than 200 miles at really affordable prices. Now Tesla and many other companies are working on this to provide the best vehicles to the customers.   

Today more than 2 million electric vehicles are running on roads. More than 50 Electric vehicles models are available today and nearly 140 Electric vehicles models are expected by 2024. In India also people are more interested in using electric transportation. This new thing is gaining popularity very quickly as it has lots of advantages and this is becoming the solution to many problems. But with the advantages, it has a few disadvantages too. But the question is why are we still so excited to use these. The answer is very simple: the advantages are great to all of us and most of the disadvantages can be resolved if we take proper measures. Till now this electric transportation seems to be one of the most effective ways and everyone is looking forward to this. 

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