“Progress” needs “technology’ and ‘technology” requires “creativity with innovations”! Altimus design keeps a track of all these . Altimus design is a product design firm which collabs with other brands and help them in their projects to carry out the business. The approach of Altimus design is based on the background research with the application of their ideas and experiences to create new products . According to Altimus design, product designing should not remain confined to the production only but creating something brand new makes earlier ones obsolete.


Altimus Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
©AVA smart garden@altimuspro

AVA smart garden is a “smart indoor device” that makes use of wireless connections along with virtual assistant technology systems. Altimus design had deeply researched botany and biological clocks of plants,before applying their ideas to make the product succeed ! 

The working of the smart garden follows a well-executed sensory system keeping in mind the requirements of water, light and other environmental conditions for the plant growth.The energy-efficient Led’s makes sure the optimum use of artificial light indoors as per the plant type demand.

The product received “The Good Design Award 2019” for the successful outcome in terms of user experience.

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©Inbuilt camera and leds@altimuspro
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©system of technologies@altimuspro


If you are looking for cigarette substitute, here is the product for you by PODA lifestyle and fitness. The PODA vaporizer is about 8.5 in length with the point of insertion for the pods which are biodegradable in nature so that they can be reused each time . The PODA doesn’t make huge,but a very light cloud of smoke . The user can take the experience of vaping according to their preference of flavors. The system is charged electrically with UCB port and operate at variable temperature range. The temperature can be adjusted between 210 degrees to 180 degrees providing the high temperature, middle temperature and low temperature mode according to the needs of the comfort of the user.

One of the advantage of PODA portable vaporizer is that the body is designed in such a way that the internal parts doesn’t cause overheating of the system.

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©PODA personal vapouriser@altimuspro
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©biodegradable pods @tobacco reporter
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©heat resistance internal system @altimuspro
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©outer body of aluminium@altimuspro


Image 8_©HIKU hand coffee grinder @altimuspro

The HIKU coffee grinder designed for Kanso Coffee in the year 2017 is a perfect day-to-day life brand for coffee lovers! The grinder has a minimalist design with the worlds largest conical burrset, providng easy to use experience. Before reaching the final stage, several researches have been done by Altimus design in terms of grinding sound,quality, and texture of the solid coffee beans.About fifty different options were created for each ring to adapt the best adjustment, providing the fine quality powder.

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©manually driven easy to use grinder @altimuspro
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©different probabilities for best-suited adjustment @altimuspro


A product designed with one year warranty for CADEX electronics by Altimus design helps the client to check on the battery performance of the automobiles like Hyundai , KIA etc.CADEX electronics wanted to develop the instrument with high accuracy and fast reading options.Working on the principle of EIS technology, Spectro CA-12 Battery rapid tester was the “innovated outcome” of the CADEX spectro rapid battery analyser in order to make it more advanced and high tech. Quick fast solution, giving the results within the duration of 15 seconds only, is embedded with RS232 Bluetooth port and diagnose the reserve capacity, internal resistance and CCA of the battery, maintaining 50-100% Soc range.The tool is redesigned to be compact in size as far as possible with the dimensions of 172x275x117 mm and weighs around 1.58 kg.

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©spectro CA -12  battery rapid tester@altimuspro
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©digitall readings@altimuspro
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©easy to use @altimuspro


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©CADEX spectro modular@altimuspro

CADEX electronics keeps on exploring new possibilities in the field of battery diagnostic instruments.But what if the product is designed keeping in mind not only the functionality and high performance but also ease of use . CADEX spectro modular is one such solution,which can be controlled manually to analyse the functioning of the battery with the high tech in built system.The system is provided with the bluetooth and wifi feature  for the purpose of connectivity along with other user interface options , giving a thumbs up to the automobile sector.

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©form development with maximum best possible sleekness@altimuspro
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©development of label designing @altimuspro


The wairco Snapcase is a versatile setup provided for the apple airtags to make the person feel more secure, and comfortable without worrying about the things being lost. The system consists of round shape external case with a hollow cut-out in the center for inserting the airtag. The case can be used for different purposes ranging from being used for materialistic things like key chains, mobiles, and backpacks or keeping track of kids, the elderly or pets.It can be buttoned up to the outfit by simple and easy application, with the button facing one side and the airtag on the opposite side.

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©wairco snapcase front view and side view @amazon
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©method of application @amazon
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©types of users @amazon
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© tracking technology: by installing find my app @amazon


A perfect accessory kit for the musicians and DJ’s consisting of in-built multitrack system.The system is embedded with four modules,each including four tracks,which further comprises other enhancing effects for the audio.One is the main module and the others act as ADD modules.The main module works on the strong iOS processor .Some of the other physical characteristics include 8 RGB push encoders,a DSP expansion slot and a high-resolution screen.

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© DASZ ALEX expandable synthesizer@altimuspro
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© main module and the add modules @amazon.com


An integrated approach by Altimus design towards managing the flow of beverages through the appliance launched for VERO in the year 2020. Altimus design tried to manufacture a product that regulates the flow of the liquid with the help of flow meter,acting as the core for the system. The hardware keeps the venue manager informed about the process at each point of time.Several slots are provided for the sensors which are easy to plug and easy to remove safely.

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©VERO beverage management set up of sensors  @altimuspro
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©conceptual development stage @altimuspro
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©the core of the system@altimuspro


NXP I.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 (Single Core)

If you want a cost effective and fast delivery system for your smart device , here is a solution! NXP I.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 is designed with small footprint containing 32 bit DDR3L processors and expandable memory upto 1 GB.These are also available in “quad core” configuration along with “single core” .

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©Single Core NXP I.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 processor @altimuspro


TI AM33XX Cortex A8 (Up to 1 GHz)

The processors operates in industrial,automobile,commercial sectors as well.TI AM33XX Cortex A8 serves the consumers with up to 512 MB DDR3L and on-board eMMC flash memory upto 1 Ghz.

ARM system on modules has accelerated the market demand by providing with the best equipped “brains” to the hardwares.

©TI AM33XX Cortex A8 processor @altimuspro