From polka dots to minimalist pastels, bookshelves to extravagant wallpapers, a nursery is the most suitable space to explore creative ideas. A place to store a baby’s stuff can become as elegant and unique as the kids themselves. Designing a nursery can be stressful but fun at the same time. A room that a kid grows in can shape the personality of the kid in several ways. Textures, headboards, rugs, soft toys, stuffed animals, quilts can help brighten up space. Here are 30 elegant child’s nursery designs ideas:

1. Naturally Chic | Nursery designs ideas

Natural wood and natural tones add a rustic yet completely chic look. Botanical and nature-inspired rooms give a very calm, composed feel and are elegant. It creates a soothing space that is curated for facilitating connection as well as rest. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet1
Naturally chic_

2. Mural paintings

A hand-painted mural can become a striking feature of the toddler’s bedroom and can be an amazing way to add a splash in the baby room. These murals can range from modern to classic, out there to subdues, anything to your liking can become an elegant design.  

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet2
Mural painting_

3. Teepee | Nursery designs ideas

A cozy tepee can be a reading nook that can be a gadget-free zone for the kids as well as the parents. A small teepee with a sheepskin rug with glamorous wallpaper can give an elegant look to the whole nursery. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet3

4. Coloristic nursery

The splashes of colors add a pop of elegance to the nursery and the color philosophy works well for the kids. It makes the room playful as well as quiet, depending on the baby’s parent’s taste. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet4
Coloristic nursery_

5. Statement crib | Nursery designs ideas

A bold black or blue crib can add sophistication to the nursery. The bold furniture can be styled in many ways, from the monochromatic color scheme to cozy design. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet5
Statement crib_

6. Greens

Wall decals, wallpaper, bedding, garlands in different shades of green and foliage-inspired designs are a great way to add soothing and elegance to the nursery. The color is associated with nature and symbolizes health and well-being and also, increases concentration making it ideal for a baby room. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet6

7. Little library

A little library beside the baby’s crib can notch the nursery up. This can be used to display all the kid’s bedtime stories. It can also be used to keep some of the baby’s parent’s favorites so that they can read them while taking care of their kid. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet7
Little library_

8. Gallery wall | Nursery designs ideas

Adding a wall full of pictures in the nursery can give the nursery an elegant look. Photos can add sentimental value to the room too. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet8
Gallery wall_

9. DIY Walls

A stenciled wallpaper or small paintings for whimsical wall coverings can make the nursery feel like a beautiful circus without being visually chaotic. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet9
Diy wall_×712.jpg 

10. Rustic Glam | Nursery designs ideas

The rustic glam can give a shabby chic look which includes swooning spaces that give a dramatic look with a touch of elegance. Reclaimed wood accent walls will this nursery a French vintage look. 

30 Elegant Child's Nursery designs ideas - Sheet10
Rustic glam_
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