With the ever-changing requirements and needs of humankind, technology has been in a process of continuous evolution ever since. Hotels have been a defining form of architecture in the modern era. As we make our way towards technological advancement, it will be interesting to see what the potential of a hotel is in the future. 

1. Dubai Creek Tower

A hyper-tall structure to be located in Dubai at a waterfront near Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary. The speculated height of the tower is between 928-1400 meters. Santiago Calatrava, the brain behind the world’s first rotating tower under construction in Dubai has put in his intellect for this design which encapsulates observation decks or sky gardens, a major part of the tower around 20 floors to be dedicated to hotels and restaurants encompassing the residential spaces as well. 

The most particular element of Dubai Creek Tower is those link clusters, which were roused by the ribbing of lily leaves. These tough links associate the pinnacle to the anchors that spread on the ground on different sides of the pinnacle, making the construction steadier and securely to be worked to more than 1300 meters. 

Dubai Creek Tower - Sheet1
Creek Tower Dubai- Comparison of Size_https://in.pinterest.com/ 
Dubai Creek Tower - Sheet2
Dubai Creek Tower- Aerial View_https://in.pinterest.com/
Dubai Creek Tower - Sheet3
Dubai Creek Tower Front View_https://in.pinterest.com/

2. Svart Hotel

A futuristic concept hotel whose foundation lies in sustainability and energy consumption. The design is to be developed within the arctic circle. Inspired by the traditional Norwegian fishing structures, the hotels rest on the foundation that has been dug deep in against water in the soil and the overall building exhibits a ring shape. 

The standard layouts a necessity for the structure to in addition to the fact that energy be positive, create more environmentally friendly power over 60-years than the aggregate sum of energy that would be needed to both support everyday activities and to assemble, produce materials, and crush the structure.

Svart Hotel - Sheet1
Svart Hotel’s Bird’s Eye_https://www.archdaily.com/888965/snohetta-designs-energy-positive-lakeside-hotel-in-the-arctic-circle
Svart Hotel - Sheet2
Svart Hotel_https://www.archdaily.com/888965/snohetta-designs-energy-positive-lakeside-hotel-in-the-arctic-circle

3. Shimao Wonderland

The structure idea holds its unique ‘ ground scrubber’ character with just 2 of the structure’s levels over the ground and 16 levels, falling down the rough quarry precipice face. The 2 most reduced levels are submerged with one level used as visitor rooms and public territories like cafés, confronting submerged aquarium, along these lines making another novel part of this inn resort. 

The lodging additionally includes a huge meeting/dance hall focus along with water-based relaxation offices and pools on the quarry base water level. Remotely, there are widely arranged guest offices, for example, an open-air themed amusement park and cantilevered glass floor ignore walkway.

Shimao Wonderland - Sheet1
Shimao Wonderland_https://archello.com/story/58948/attachments/photos-videos 
Shimao Wonderland - Sheet2
Shimao Wonderland_https://archello.com/story/58948/attachments/photos-videos 
Shimao Wonderland - Sheet3
Shimao Wonderland_https://archello.com/story/58948/attachments/photos-videos 

4. Bodmin Jail

The 18th-century prison presently in a ruined state in Cornwall, England is thought to be developed as a hotel to serve the place as a tourist attraction by Twelve Architects. The multimillion-pound task will see the Grade-II recorded structure re-established and transformed into a 63-room inn and guest fascination. 

The visitors will be able to use the former cells for sleeping but will have a much more comfortable night than the prisoners back then had. The overall perspective of the prison hotel would be a contemporary idea incarnated with the originality of the space.

Bodmin Jail - Sheet1
Bodmin Jail Corridor-1_https://www.dezeen.com/2018/05/01/twelve-architects-are-turning-ruins-of-bodmin-jail-into-a-hotel/ 
Bodmin Jail - Sheet2
Bodmin Jail Corridor-2 https://www.dezeen.com/2018/05/01/twelve-architects-are-turning-ruins-of-bodmin-jail-into-a-hotel/ 
Bodmin Jail - Sheet3
Bodmin Jail Interior https://www.dezeen.com/2018/05/01/twelve-architects-are-turning-ruins-of-bodmin-jail-into-a-hotel/ 

5. Aurora Station

With more and more advancements in space and aeronautics, we are marching towards settling humankind on Mars but even if in near future it turns to be a reality, the journey will be time-consuming. The Aurora Station is a concept hotel that will be in space. The lodging will be about the size of a huge personal luxury plane lodge. 

Estimating 13.3 by 4.3 meters, with a compressed volume of 160 cubic meters, Aurora is charged as a comfortable yet agreeable space for visitors, obviously could not hope to compare to the International Space Station, which is 109 meters in length and has an inward compressed volume of 916 cubic meters.

Aurora Station
Aurora Space Station Representation_© Morgan Semler(Hemsworth)

6. Dawang Mountain Resort

The unparalleled space opens to establish a relation between the landscape and architecture. The façade of the pinnacle is an exceptionally planned, profoundly prudent framework giving best-in-class sun concealing, regular ventilation, and a unitized, fast development. 

The basic façade framework offers the most extreme adaptability for the inside room format and makes a homogeneous outside façade. It offers 270 luxury suites all with amazing perspectives to Tongxi Lake, Dawang Mountain, and into the Ice and Snow World. An open focal entryway around the pinnacle center opens up into the help plinth containing a bar and café on level one, adaptable and multifunctional gathering territories on level two, and the wellness, spa, and magnificence offices on level three.

Dawang Mountain Resort - Sheet1
Dawang Mountain Resort_©Coop Himmelb(l)au
Dawang Mountain Resort - Sheet2
Dawang Mountain Resort-Human Eye View_©Coop Himmelb(l)au

7. Wayaland Complex

Waya is an applied venture from Lazzarini Design that is presently crowdfunding its first models by offering financial backers citizenship of Wayaland – the name for the mixture of light stages. Derived from Mayan Architecture, the pyramid structure serves as the concept which floats in the water to create a floating city bearing self-sufficiency. 

The principle pyramids would sit on 3,000-square-meter coasting storm cellar units with a section port for boats, finished off with ten stories that would broaden 30 meters over the waterline. They would have slides and cascades falling down levels and rooms on the upper levels, with visitors shown showing up by drone-copters and helicopters. Other enormous pyramids contain gliding sports pitches while a flotilla of more modest drifting designs would contain room suites and bars.

Wayaland Complex - Sheet1
Wayaland Complex- Floating Resorts ©Dezeen
Wayaland Complex - Sheet2
Wayaland Complex- Floating Resorts ©Dezeen

8. Tetra Hotel

Every 19-meter-high case will highlight various floors with the top putting away an enormous bed set under a lookout window while a shower will be found just beneath it. A third stage will highlight a sofa for engaging, and just underneath it at the lower part of the unit, there will be a separated working zone with a full work area. 

The lodging will likewise incorporate bars, eateries, spaces for business sectors, presentations, and fairs that have been intended to pull in and advance capable originators and creatives from around the world. However, the inn isn’t just about being another pretty façade. With supportability at its center, Tetra Hotel has been designed to be as low energy as conceivable with a perspective on making the structure totally off the framework and free. 

As exhorted by WSP, the inn will utilize nearby ocean water for cooling and sun-powered warm boards for boiling water warming among other green innovations. During the development stage, the units will be pre-created and collected nearby for speed of conveyance and utilize the neighborhood rock as the establishment for the least natural effect.

Tetra Hotel - Sheet1
Tetra Hotel- View_https://www.wsp.com/en-GB/news/2018/tetra-hotel-most-futuristic-hotel 
Tetra Hotel - Sheet2
Tetra Hotel- Interior View_https://www.wsp.com/en-GB/news/2018/tetra-hotel-most-futuristic-hotel 

9. Dynamic Tower

Dynamic Tower is potentially going to be the world’s first rotating skyscraper. The architectural masterpiece of the future is to be located in Dubai. The 420-meter structure consisting of 80 floors all designated of having dynamic character is designed by David Fisher. 

The building is derived from the idea of providing a 360-degree view to the occupant to greet him with the best scenes associated with the surrounding building. Starting in 2021, development has not begun, and there has been no authority declaration of the structure site.

Dynamic Tower
Dynamic Tower- A View of the Tower in Different Positions_https://www.deccanherald.com/content/544594/dubais-rotating-tower-2020.html  

10. Morp Hotel

The spine-like MORP Hotel, planned by designer and engineer Gianluca Santosuosso, takes its motivation from a journey transport, yet as opposed to cruising from direct A toward point B and back once more, it will follow sea flows and meander the globe gradually. The gigantic kilometer-long construction contains interconnected modules, permitting the whole vessel to take various shapes, transforming to accommodate its distinctive docking destinations. 

MORP Hotel will have the entirety of the extravagance conveniences found in hotels ashore, from shops and eateries to nurseries and pools, housed in the huge focal vertebrae. Moving out from this center are the private facilities for visitors, some of which can separate from the inn to investigate the encompassing waters all alone.

Morp Hotel - Sheet1
Spine Like Structure of MORP Hotel https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/floating-morphotel-looks-like-spine 
Morp Hotel - Sheet2
Public Spaces of MORP Hotel https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/floating-morphotel-looks-like-spine 

11. Space Odyssey Hotel

2001: A Space Odyssey, premiered in 1968. A movie of the past, way ahead of its time presented us with what the possible future for space travel would look like. Kubrick’s careful scrupulousness and exactingness are incredible, however strangely the film additionally set new principles in film makingin being one of the initial instances of development through essential item situations. 

As an estimate of our logical reality, 2001: A Space Odyssey is as yet a flat-out wonder and seemingly the best accomplishment of the imaginative individuals.

Space Odyssey Hotel - Sheet1
Still from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’, Astronaut Working Out in a Space Station © MGM https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/2001-a-space-odyssey-prediction-space-travel/ 
Space Odyssey Hotel - Sheet2
Floor Plan_https://www.intjournal.com/0612/2001-a-space-odyssey 

12. Solar Floating Island Concept

Solar Floating Resort (SFR) is a remarkable structure incorporating photovoltaic neighborliness ideas, part home, part yacht, and part submarine, absolutely independent energy generator, non-contaminating, and as one with its characteristic environmental factors. SFR is a friendliness item that will improve the guidelines of front seashore lodgings and island resorts carrying them to a seven stars level! 

SFR has been planned like an extravagance yacht and a lavish inn suite, with a completely lowered perception bulb because most of the individuals are entranced by watching and shooting extraordinary fishes, dolphins, sharks, and marine turtles. SFR arrives at twenty meters long, is intended for six individuals adrift, and is ideal for living in marinas associated with front seashore inns or island resorts.

Solar Floating Island Concept - Sheet1
Solar Floating Resort https://inhabitat.com/solar-powered-floating-island-is-an-off-shore-eco-retreat/solar-floating-resort-by-michele-puzzolante-1/ 
Solar Floating Island Concept - Sheet2
SFR https://inhabitat.com/solar-powered-floating-island-is-an-off-shore-eco-retreat/solar-floating-resort-by-michele-puzzolante-1/ 

13. The Manned Cloud

Manned Cloud will have a cruising rate of 130 km/h and a maximum velocity of 170 km/h. The two-deck lodge will contain conveniences including an eatery, a library, a wellness suite, and a spa. There will likewise be a sun deck on top of the twofold helium-filled envelopes. 

Manned Cloud is an inn with a limit of 40 travelers and set up with 15 people, that on a 3-day journey in 170 km/h licenses man to investigate the world suddenly and completely: to re-experience voyaging, immortality and improve the awareness of the magnificence of the worldand to encounter fantastic and intriguing spots without being meddlesome or shady.

The Manned Cloud - Sheet1
The Manned Cloud https://www.dezeen.com/2008/01/10/manned-cloud-by-jean-marie-massaud/#:~:text=Here’s%20another%20designer%20dirigible%3A%20Manned,a%20range%20of%205%2C000%20km.
The Manned Cloud - Sheet2
The Manned Cloud – Detailed Drawing https://www.dezeen.com/2008/01/10/manned-cloud-by-jean-marie-massaud/#:~:text=Here’s%20another%20designer%20dirigible%3A%20Manned,a%20range%20of%205%2C000%20km.

14. Hydropolis Dubai

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a proposed submerged lodging in Dubai. It is ought to be the first multi-room submerged lodging on the planet. Hydropolis will oblige 250 to 300 suites, just as eateries, a spa, and film. Its design is made out of a focal arch, made of Plexiglas dividers built up with cement and steel, that will be developed ashore and afterward situated onto the seabed. 

Spread over 1.1 million square feet, to be found 20 feet underneath the outside of the Persian Gulf.

Hydropolis Dubai - Sheet1
Hydropolis – View https://mymodernmet.com/modern-architecture-the-2/
Hydropolis Dubai - Sheet2
Hydropolis – Location from Jumeirah Beach_https://mymodernmet.com/modern-architecture-the-2/

15. City Hub, Amsterdam

City Hub is a hotel with 50 modules containing twofold beds, WIFI, sound web-based features, disposition lighting constrained by an application. Furthermore, visitors get given an electronic wristband that can be utilized to open the entryway. 

This innovative concept can turn out to be the new normal of hotels in the future as the covid19 struck the world. The corridor has been outfitted with another glass lighting column over the total rooftop edge, which causes the space to feel light and extensive despite the measure of Hubs.

City Hub, Amsterdam - Sheet1
City Hub © Rien Muelman https://archello.com/project/cityhub-amsterdam
City Hub, Amsterdam - Sheet2
City Hub- Room © Rien Muelman https://archello.com/project/cityhub-amsterdam

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