Urban Design sites are mainly public spaces, designed to please the users aesthetically and functionally. Dubai is a metro city that is moving at a fast pace and the city is considered as a favorite tourist destination for many people. The sleek, modern and urban emirate has developed a series of urban sites that the tourists and residents of Dubai can visit and hang out for recreational purposes.

Most Popular urban design sites situated in Dubai are usually mixed purpose sites featuring retail stores, restaurants, entertainment centers etcetera.

These leisure urban spots were developed in Dubai with the assistance of real estate developers like Meraas among many others. Here is a list of 10 Popular Urban Design sites in Dubai.

1. CityWalk | Sites in Dubai

The CityWalk developed by the Meraas can be defined as an innovative and fun mixed-use site, comprising retail stores, healthcare centers, restaurants, spas, and residential units. This urban site provides the user with a modern, sleek recreational spot. Citywalk offers leisure activities such as dining, hospitality, shopping from high-end brands and designers to its visitors. The futuristic style architecture the urban site displays feature colorful LED displays and lights etcetera.

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2. BoxPark

The Boxpark is another mixed purpose hip and happening urban site that features dining spaces, retail stores, hospitality centers, etc. The Boxpark exhibits 20 cafés and restaurants that provide local and international flavors to its customers. It features fun and quirky buildings that are colorful with an industrial structure like quality. The modern landscape design in the Boxpark consists of concrete material and Dubai’s beloved Palm trees. 

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3. Last Exit | Sites in Dubai

The Last Exit is an innovative industrial themed food truck concept urban site that provides people with a variety of delicious gourmet street food in a fun and convenient environment. This urban site offers an ambiance of a carnival fair to people making it all the more popular. The Last Exit urban site is located in 4 different spots in the city of Dubai to enable all the residents of Dubai to conveniently experience the ambiance the site has to provide. Each one also provides unique factors for the people to experience like lakes and various other sceneries. The last exit tries to emulate a post-apocalyptic scenario with its own fun 1950s truck food stop twist.

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4. La Mer

La Mer is a Beach Front Development open to the public and it features fun rides, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hospitality centers etcetera. It is a part of the beach district, developed in Dubai by Meraas. The luxurious beachfront project, located in the posh area of Jumeirah neighborhood, exhibits an unconventional and contemporary design with stores, restaurants, cafés, leisure, and entertainment along 2.5 kilometers of the beach shore.

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5. Al Seef | Sites in Dubai

Al Seef, established in the year 2017, is located along the banks of the historic creek side of Dubai with a fantastic view of traditional shows, and the old-world architecture of Dubai paired with modern comforts. Al Seef symbolizes Dubai’s perfect transition from the old Dubai to the new Dubai with a pleasant atmosphere that resounds throughout its distinct heritage building that comprises the wind tower topped buildings and the contemporary structures that surround it. 

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6. Bluewaters

Bluewaters, an island project, was initiated in the year 2013 and it acts as a good nightlife destination displaying high-end residential, retail, hospitality, and entertainment centers. The offshore project with restaurants & amusement centers includes the landmark Ain Dubai, the largest observation wheel that overlooks the ocean.

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7. Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue, an industrial complex, hosts various warehouses, offices, and studios and is located in the industrial zone of Al Quoz, in Dubai. Recently the Alserkal avenue has been considered as an arts and culture district of the emirate Dubai featuring a variety of galleries, facilities and platforms, and residencies for local and international artists.  

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8. The Outlet Village | Sites in Dubai

The Outlet Village, a one-stop-shop for designer brand shopping, is situated in a faux medieval-themed Italian town setting. The Outlet Village in Dubai is an indoor shopping mall with more than 100 high-end stores that sell fashion apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items for affordable prices. The Indoor retail project was developed by Meraas.

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9. Jumeirah Central

Developed by Dubai Holdings in the Year 2017, Jumeirah Central development combines the public transit system of Dubai and is enhanced by a walkable public path.

The architects, ASPECT Studios, developed the Public Realm Masterplan by collaborating with US-based architecture firm, 5+ Design. The Jumeirah Central concentrates on maintaining the human scale that is witnessed in the project’s high level of permeability and it also features universal public design.

Jumeirah Central is a contemporary mixed-use, transit-oriented project that will establish new connections in a variety of ways. Designed to blend and evolve naturally with its surroundings, the urban site will reinforce Dubai’s outlook as a city of the future.

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10. Kite Beach | Sites in Dubai

Kite Beach is the ultimate outdoor location and the beach features large stretches of soft white sand, and the uplifting sights, sounds, and scents of the sea that invite people to let loose and have fun. The target group of users for Kite Beach is sporty and athletic people who are looking for large areas to workout and play in. The Beach also consists of many cafes and restaurants and many play and entertainment stores.

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